Yokai: Spirits Hunt - FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides List

Here's a list of guides for the manga-style RPG mobile game app - Yokai: Spirits Hunt presented by Cube Magic Interactive.

Available to download from the App Store and Google Play for Android and iOS devices.
Yokai: Spirits Hunt - FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides List
Follow the quests of the young spirit master as he sets foot on an unforgettable journey. Experience exotic environments and authentic ink painting art-style as you explore the world map. Collect over 70 Yokai in Asian folklore to discover their own unusual skills and side stories!

Beginner's FAQs, Tips, and Guides

Yokai: Spirits Hunt - FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides List
   - Mini Walkthrough Guide - Farming Summon Fu Items
   - Guaranteed Free Characters / Recommended SSR and Notable SR Characters

Beginner's Team Building Guide - Types and Races
   - Yokai Types, Races (racial counters), Basic Team Builds, and Team Synergies.
   - Quick Combat Tips

How To Complete Daily Quests and Get More Stamina
   - How To Get More Stamina
   - Common and Random Daily Quests

Yokai/Character Upgrading Guides

Yokai: Spirits Hunt - FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides List
Devour and Evolve, How To Get Sekkanto
   - How To Evolve Yokai: Tiers and Bonuses / Which Characters To Evolve First?
   - How To Farm Evolution Materials and Sekkanto I
   - Devour and How To Farm Growth Items

How to Get Magic and Rare Purple Gears Guide
   - Mini Walkthrough Guide
   - Gear Rarity, Types, and Gear Set Effects
   - How To Farm Magic Blue and Rare Purple Gears

How to Enhance Gears and Farm Enhance Materials
   - EXP Gained Per Item / When To Start Enhancing Gears?
   - Best Way To Farm Enhancement Materials

How To Embed Gears and Farm Gem Shards
   - 99 Tower: Gems Drop List (Farm Gem Shards)
   - How To Embed Gems to Gears / Available Gems Per Gear

Skill Crafting and Enhancing, Combinations Guide NEW!
   - List of Skill Crafting Recipes
   - How to Enhance Skills

*More Guides Coming Soon.

Legendary Yokai/Demon Lords

Refer here for example strategies on how to defeat these Bosses.

Yokai: Spirits Hunt - Legendary Yokai/Demon Lords
*More Guides Coming Soon.

Other FAQs

   - How To Check Progress and How To Complete Tasks
   - Mysterious Chests Map Locations

How to Unlock More Stages?

   - Increase Player Lvl to unlock new Story lines, view them to unlock new Stages to Explore.

Explore Stage: Drops

   - Boss: Coins, Growth items, Gears, and Chapter Pieces [Hard Mode].
   - Minor Demons: Coins, Growth items, and Chapter Pieces [Hard Mode].
   - Pots: Coins, Evolution Materials, Scroll Fragments [Hard Mode], and Chapter Pieces [Hard Mode].
   - Chests: Coins

How To Level Up Fast (Player Lvl)

   - Grind Player EXP by doing your Daily Quests, claiming PVP Tournament Chests, Explore stages that gives high EXP (usually have lots of enemies like Heluo Ancient Tomb [Easy/Hard] and Dark Lotus Pond [Hard]), and doing any battles that gives Player EXP.
   - Use "Sweep" feature to make things faster, just make sure that the Reward Rate is 100%, and the Mode is set to [Easy] or [Hard].

How To Clear Floor 21?

   - You need a Range Type unit (red icon) like Ye Ting Ke, and evolve him to T3 to increase range to a horizontal 3-tiles attack range.

More Guides Coming Soon!

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