Royal Revolt!: Equinox Bonus Missions Guide - Getting 3 Stars

       Equinox is a set of Bonus Missions that will become available as you progress through the game. A new option will appear at the "Base" section after unlocking it. To unlock all Equinox, upgrade your Mage to Warlock to maximum level.

       You are not allowed to use your Hero or Troops except your Mage. Spells can be used though.

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- Equinox: The Way of The Mage! -

Recommendations Before Taking Them All
     - Upgrade your Mage's level to max (Warlock) to unlock all .
     - Upgrade Sonic Blast and Swordrain to max.
     - Upgrade Avalanche to at least Lvl 6.
     - Some extra Gold for Resurrection.

Tips to Remember
     - To be able to get 3 Stars, you must concentrate on moving forward, do not stop!
     - Run to the sides to avoid direct contacts to your enemies. This is also to avoid
unnecessary stops (mobs can swarm and slow you down) and to avoid getting hits!

Equinox I
     - Just ignore all enemies and concentrate on moving forward.
     - No enemy mobs here so it is not necessary to use Spells.
     - Quickly use your Spells once you reach the "black block" at the end.

Equinox II
     - Ignore scattered or uncompressed enemies.
     - Use any 2 Spells for destroying huge compressed enemy mobs to reduce their fire
power. Do this while moving forward but mind your spell's cooldown for the next step below.
     - Quickly use your Spells once you reach the "black block" at the end.
Equinox III
     - Use Avalanche (short cooldown) and Sonic Blast (long duration/short cooldown).
     - Again, use your Spells for destroying enemy mobs, but make sure that you land
your Sonic Blast once you reach  the "black block" at the end.
     - If you've been killed, check the Star Meter below your Hero's portrait. If you are
near the end and you think you can finish this mission with 3 Stars, then use Resurrect!

Equinox IV
     - Same as above, but this time, you might need to Resurrect twice!

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