Spellborne: Monster Type Chart (Strengths and Weaknesses)

Here are some tips for beginners, on how to identify your Mon's strengths and weaknesses in the monster catching adventure MMORPG browser game - Spellborne.

Use the Monster Type Chart below as reference to help you with your battles! Good luck ^^

Spellborne Type Chart

Monster Types:

Primary and Secondary Types

   - Each monster will get two Types: 1 Primary Type (main) and 1 Secondary Type (sub).
   - Primary Types = Land, Water and Air.
   - Secondary Types = Apocalyptic, FireIce, ElectricPoisonHeavy, and Normal.

Example Type Matchup:


Spellborne Woodot
   - Woodot (Free Starter Mon) = is a Land/Heavy Type Mon.
   - Woodot's Land type moves are strong against Water type Mons, but weak against Air type Mons.
   - Woodot's Normal type moves are neutral so it won't get any Type advantage. Still useful for catching mons using weaker attacks, or when you need other moves aside from Land attacks.


   - Since Land types are weak from Air type moves, you might want to avoid battling against them.
   - Since Heavy types are weak from Fire and Electric type moves, you might want to consider and avoid battling against them as well, unless their Primary Type is Water ~ then you have a chance.

Basic Squad Composition

   - Build a balanced squad with varied types to cover most scenarios (team flexibility when running though a specific area, dungeon, or map, or when hunting a specific Mon). Switch or add them to your squad once needed.

   - For beginners, capture at least x1 Land, x1 Water, and x1 Air Mon for your team, then expand depending on what you need or want to play with.
Spellborne Squad Composition
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Things To Watch Out!

Basic Move Sets and Power

1) You Did Not Edit or Set Your Moves Correctly!

   - Make sure to use correct moves to maximize your Mon's potential. Getting all Normal type moves and ignoring other Types that could make your Mon more versatile in battle is not recommended.

2) You Have The Moves But Power Is Just Too Low.

   - For Example:
   - Your Mon = A Land/Ice Type Mon.
   - Your Opponent's Mon = An Air/Apocalyptic Type Mon.
   - Both Mons will get type advantage because Ice is strong against Apocalyptic and Air is strong against Land.

   - For this match, it is most likely that the Mon with higher Power will win. If your best Ice move can only do 35 Power but your opponent's Air move can do 80 Power, then you'll probably lose! So also consider the Power of your moves even if you have type advantage.

Basic Moves and Stats

1) You Did Not Edit or Set Your Moves Correctly!

   - Like getting all Physical Class moves but your Mon's Attack stat is very low, and you invested all points to Special Attack for example.
   - Unless you are building a Special Attack build Mon but your Mon's early game moves are all Attack Moves (like Dynorat for example), this is OK until you can unlock what you need.  

2) You Have The Best Move Set But You Invested On The Wrong Stats.

   - TIP: Moves and stats goes hand in hand, check the move list of your Mon (including evolved forms) then decide which Move Class and Attribute to focus on. Preferably, focus or invest on your Mon's strongest or most useful moves.
Spellborne Wiki
   - NOTE: How To Check My Mon's Moves List?
   - You can check them by using this useful wiki: Spellborne Wiki

   - TIP: Another way is to check your Mon's Attack and Special Attack stats (Innate Stats from your Mon's stats info and Base Stats from the Book of Knowledge in-game). If for example Attack is way higher than Special Attack = check your Mon's move list if it's ok to focus on Physical attack moves, if it's not competitive enough then try to catch a new Mon with higher Special Attack stat.

   - Attack (ATK): This stat affects how much damage a monster’s Physical moves deal.
   - Special Attack (SP.ATK): This stat affects how much damage a monster’s Special moves deal.

Physical Moves VS Special Moves

   - TIP: In addition to the Type Chart above, it looks like the game favors Special moves more than Physical moves at the moment (might change anytime). Special moves deals more damage (higher type multiplier) compared to a Physical move with same Type and Power.

Abilities (Mon's Passives)

   - Watch out for Abilities that can enhance your Mon's damage or defense (affecting type advantage or disadvantages), these can turn the tides of battle if used correctly!
   - TIP: Abilities are also important when deciding which moves and stats/attributes to focus on.

   - Example early game Mons:

Toadle + Hydrotic Ability

Spellborne Toadle
   - Hydrotic is a rare ability that increases all Water Type moves by 25%.
   - So you might want to focus on high Power Water moves and enhance those with correct stats.

Dynorat + Zealous Flame Ability

Spellborne Dynorat
   - Zealous Flame is a rare ability that increases all Fire type moves by 50% but Water damage received is doubled.
   - Focus on high Power Fire moves and enhance those with correct stats.

Pandoro + High Mass Ability

Spellborne Pandoro
   - High Mass is a rare ability that increases all Heavy type moves by 25% but speed is divided by 2.
   - Focus on Heavy type moves and enhance those with correct stats.

Abilities Quick Info:

   - A passive Ability is possessed by every monster. Each species has 3 Abilities: Common, Uncommon and Rare (60%, 35% and 5% respectively).
   - Players can change the ability of the monster using Mark of Janus item.
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   - NOTE: Gameplay info above or in-game might change anytime depending on game updates, feel free to share some tips below, thanks! ^^

That's it guys, thank you for checking our Tips on Monster Type Chart (Strengths and Weaknesses) for the monster catching adventure MMORPG browser game - Spellborne.

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