Yokai: Spirits Hunt - How To Complete Daily Quests and Get More Stamina

Here's a guide and tips on how to complete all Daily Quests, how to get more Stamina, and other FAQs, in the RPG mobile game app - Yokai: Spirits Hunt.

Refer below if you need help completing certain quests like how to clear certain game modes, how to get specific items, and more.

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Managing Your Stamina

   - Stamina regenerates at a rate of 1 Stamina per 20 minutes, with a cap of 30.
   - There are 2 time ranges a day of around 3 hours each where you can redeem 10 Free Stamina each. Example: For SA region, you can get 10 Stamina around midnight (12AM~3AM), and during midday (12PM~3PM).
Yokai: Spirits Hunt - How To Complete Daily Quests and Get More Stamina
   - Stamina is limited so it's best to use them first to complete your Daily Quests before anything else.

How To Get More Stamina?

   - Aside from the one-time only rewards from logins and events, here's a list that you can do to get more Stamina everyday.

PVP Endless Challenge

   - The 3 Win Streaks Chest gives 2 Stamina per day.

Add Friends

   - To send/receive free Stamina (feature not fully working at the moment though).

Buy From SHOP (Optional)

   - Surprise Bundle (Limited Offer): (+5 Stamina) for 5 Yokai Souls.
   - Stamina Bundle: (+20 Stamina) for 60 Yokai Souls.
   - Recharge: Weekly/Monthly Pass Bundle (receive +5 Stamina each day + other freebies).

   - TIPYokai Souls: Save them for better items, especially for F2P players, except for the Limited Offer Surprise Bundle.

How To Complete Daily Quests

Why You Need To Complete Daily Quests?

   - Complete what you can, depending on your Player Lvl and team.
   - Click on the fox ("Kyuu-chan" while in the camp screen), to view your Daily Quests.

   - Increase your Daily and Weekly Activeness to open up more rewards, especially for getting the Sekkanto I, used for evolving characters.
Yokai: Spirits Hunt - How To Get More Sekkanto I
   - This is also one of the best ways to quickly level up your Player Lvl to unlock new game features.

Common Daily Quests

Login Related Quests
   - Login Today
   - Weekly/Monthly Login (limited, need to buy Bundles from Shop).

Summon Once/Summon Twice
   - Requires 1 Summon Fu (can be obtained free everyday from events, so use that).
   - Use the Daily Free Summon for the 2nd one.

Clear Any Stage Once/Clear Any Stage 3 Times
   - Go and clear any stages that you like.
   - Example: To continue getting 100% Stage Completion, to farm evolution materials (Abandoned Ancient Temple [Easy] is good for farming evo mats for Sekkanto I evolution units, easy to complete as well), or get any items that you need from Stages.
   - NOTE: Sweeping a Stage does not count as a Stage Clear!

Finish 60 Stamina
   - Just keep using Stamina, but do Daily Quests first.
   - Refer above to learn how to get more Stamina.
   - TIP: Before the server resets, complete all what you need to do then earn 20 Stamina, this way you'll have more Stamina to spend per day for this task.

Enhance Gear Once
   - Open any character's Gear window, and select a gear to enhance (go for weapons).
   - Just use 1 or 2 materials to enhance and to complete this quest.

Devour Once
   - Open any character's Growth window, and select Devour.
   - Choose EXP items if you are not sure yet which stats to Devour for your character.

Identify 1 Chest
   - The easiest way is to buy the Surprise Bundle from Shop with 5 Yokai Souls.
   - Certain event modes also drops them at later stage of the game, better save some of them for this quest.

Complete Formation Contest Once
   - Just go to PVP > Formation and re-adjust team.

Clear Any 3 Floors in 99 Tower
   - Go and use this opportunity to farm gears, evo mats, or gems for example.

Complete Endless Challenge Once
   - Get 10 Win Streaks from PVP Endless Challenge to claim 3rd chest with Summon Fu.
   - Just click on the Gear Settings option > Quit after getting 10 streaks to stop, if you like.

Defeat Any 1 Yokai in Boss Arena
   - Explore stages to unlock hidden Yokai, then go to Boss Arena to defeat 1.
Yokai: Spirits Hunt - Racial Advantage
   - Also consider using characters with a Race that counters the Race of the Boss.

Clear Yokai Invasion to Claim  Reward
   - Difficulty 1: Enemies are Lvl 13~19.
   - Formation used from the start will carry over to the next waves. HP also carries over, so it's best to have Healers here.
   - You don't need to clear all 7 waves, just let it end by letting the enemies kill your characters if you want.

Clear [Stage Name] Hard Once
   - Might be impossible for early game to complete, wait until you can unlock then complete if you can. Optional: If you can dodge well, you can actually avoid enemies/bosses and go straight to the Exit just to complete, and if the stage is too hard for your team.

Defeat Any 1 Demon Lord
   - Available once you reach player Lvl 18.
   - Complete others first, then see if you can let this go.

   - Go for the weakest ones that you can defeat depending on your current team. Learn attack patterns to identify which tiles are safe or best for your long-ranged DPS units and tank Healers for example.
   - Also consider using a DPS units with a Race that counters the Race of the Boss.

Recharge Any Amount
   - Optional for cash users.
Yokai: Spirits Hunt - Daily Quests

Random Daily Quests

   - NOTE: More random quests will appear as you progress though the game.

Break 50 Pots from any stage
   - Should complete itself after clearing 3 Stages (another Daily Quest).

Craft 1 Skill Shard
   - Early Game: Earn skill shards and only craft them to complete this daily quest. Just craft the easiest one: Scroll Fragment A, B, and C.
   - Farm from any Stages [Hard] mode (drops by breaking pots).
   - Optional: You can buy Scroll Fragments (skill shards) from the SHOP using Coins if you need more (5,000 each).

Use Up To 20,000 Coins
   - Always save up Coins for this quest, or try to reach at least 145 Daily Activeness to skip this one if you don't have enough Coins.
   - The quickest way is to buy items from the SHOP with Coins. Buy Gems, Growth items, and Scroll Fragments. Wait and let the Shop refresh, then check again.

Obtain Total of 10,000 Coins
   - Complete this last and do all quests and events to claim Coins.
   - If you need more, farm Coins by clearing the highest Floor that you can complete. Around Floor 25+, you can get 1000+ Coins per 5 Stamina.

Obtain 1 Purple Gear or Better
   - This is luck based, especially for early game. Try your luck by defeating Bosses.
   - Boss Arena: Defeat Shisha [Hard] or higher.
   - Demon Lord/Legendary Yokai (unlocks at Player Lvl 18): Defeat and hope they will drop.
   - Explore Stage: Heluo Ancient Tomb (Hard mode unlocks at Player Lvl 27).

   - If you are lucky, you can buy Purple Gears from the SHOP (10,000 Coins).

Open 8 Hidden Chests From Any Stage
   - These are mysterious chests. Do not use the "Sweep" function here, it won't work.
   - Better refer here for a list of mysterious chests and their locations:
   - Mysterious Chests Locations

Clear Yokai Invasion Once (7 Waves)
   - Just go and complete Difficulty 1, depending on your current team.
   - Some Yokai Invasion (days) are easier to complete than others.
   - TIP: If you quit then re-continue, the current stage will reset with full HP! Only use this if you made a mistake, like falling into a pit hole.

Defeat Any 3 Yokai Spawns From Any Stage
   - Just choose the easy ones depending on your current team.
   - Taibai Temple [Easy] is the fastest stage to complete.

Use Skill Tome To Upgrade Any 1 Skill
   - Better skip this.

25 Straight Win in Endless Challenge
   - Should be easy once you get a decent team.

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