Yokai: Spirits Hunt - How To Get 100% Completion: Mysterious Chests Locations

Here's some quick tips and guide on how to get 100% Completion rating when exploring stages in the RPG mobile game - Yokai: Spirits Hunt.

Refer below to learn how to complete certain tasks like where to find hidden chests or mysterious chests.

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How To Get 100% Stage Completion?

Check Your Progress

   - Select Stage then click on "Stage Completion" above the stage info screen to check the list of tasks that you need to do. Tasks that aren't highlighted are the ones that you need to complete.
Yokai: Spirits Hunt - How To Get 100% Completion: Mysterious Chests Locations
   - Also, while exploring, click on the Stage Progress bar at the upper left corner to check your current progress.

Basically, What You Need To Do:

   - Break all pots and find all chests (check behind trees, houses, statues and rocks if needed), defeat all enemies and bosses (except the Yokai Spawn) to get 100% completion.

   - Tasks with "discovered in this Explore" needs to be completed in one run.
   - Tasks with "Total X Discovered", stacks and can be completed by doing multiple runs.
Yokai: Spirits Hunt - How To Get 100% Completion: Mysterious Chests Locations

BOSS Tasks

BOSS First Blood

   - Simply defeat the Boss.

Total BOSS Kills

   - You can only defeat 1 specific Boss per run, so keep replaying the Stage until this task is complete.

Kill BOSS in 5 Rounds

   - You need to defeat the Boss in 5 Rounds.
   - The best way is to use a strong character that has a Race advantage to get +25% damage bonus against the Race of the Boss.
Yokai: Spirits Hunt - Racial Advantage
   - Refer here to learn about Yokai Races and Racial Counter:
   - Beginner's Team Building Guide - Types and Races

Kill BOSS without encountering minor demons:

   - This is tough to do because you need to memorize where the BOSS/es are, and go there right from the start while dodging all minor demons along the way.

   - Other Tips:
   - Learn the movement pattern of these minor demons to get some ideas on how to dodge them properly, especially around narrow spaces. Most of the time, they will run straight at you, so run sideways once they spot you.
   - Lure them to a wider spaces if needed.
   - Find the best or easiest path to the Boss, do it 1 at a time if needed.
   - After defeating all targets, go to the very first map and clear all minor demons and collect all items.

Yokai Spawns Related Tasks

   - Wait until you are able to defeat them, but most stages can be completed 100% without defeating these Yokai Spawns.

Chests and Mysterious Chests

   - These 2 are different things, Chests can be easily seen (check behind trees, houses, statues and rocks if needed) but Mysterious Chests are hidden and would only reveal itself if you are near them.

   - Since Chests are much easier to find, here's an example list of Mysterious Chests and their locations to help you out.

Mysterious Chests Map Locations

   - Note: (1-1) refers to the map number, locate this while exploring then refer to the available info to find these hidden mysterious chests.

   - TIP: You can also use this guide to complete a Daily Quest that requires you to find a number of hidden chests. Pick any stage or go for the one with lots of mysterious chests.
Yokai: Spirits Hunt - Mysterious Chests Map Locations

Abandoned Ancient Temple

   - 3-1 = Near the temple entrance - right side.
   - 3-3 = Just below the exit.

Taibai Temple

   - 4-2 = Inside the Temple near a pot.
   - 4-5 = Behind the "tiger like" Shisha Boss.

Dark Lotus Pond

   - 6-4 = Near the statue's head.

Gusu Cheng Suburb

   - 7-2 = Just below the stairs.
   - 7-4 = Near the portal to the next map, below the stairs.

Hanshan Temple

   - 8-3 = Right side area, before entering the Temple.
   - 8-5 = Near those pots with a street lamp - left side narrow area.

Sakura Pond

   - 9-2 = Go to the red trees directly below the top most exit or portal.
   - 9-7 = Bottom area, go to the yin yang symbol.

Helu Ancient Tomb

   - 1-2 = Directly to the right after entering the map from the ladder.
   - 1-3 = Left side area.
   - 1-7 = Middle area near pots.
   - 1-11 = Behind the Yasha Boss.

*End of example list.

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