Yokai: Spirits Hunt - How to Enhance Gears and Farm Enhance Materials

Here's a quick guide and tips on how to Enhance Gears and farm enhancement materials for your high grade set gears in the RPG mobile game app - Yokai: Spirits Hunt.

To start enhancing a gear, open your main character's "Gear" screen, and choose a gear to enhance. Select enhancement materials until it reaches your desired Lvl then click "Confirm".

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Gear Rarity and Types

   - There are 5 Rarity Types of Gears:
   - Normal > Mystic > Magic > Rare > Legend
Yokai: Spirits Hunt - How to Enhance Gears and Farm Enhance Materials

EXP Gained Per Item

   - If used as enhancement material:

   - Normal Gears = 110 EXP per item
   - Mystic Gears = 150 EXP per item
   - Magic Gears = 200 EXP per item (only if no longer needed, pass to your backup characters)
   - Purple Gears = 260 EXP per item (not recommended to use as enhancement material)

   - Soulstone I = 100 EXP per item
   - Soulstone II = 120 EXP per item
   - Soulstone III = 150 EXP per item
   - Soulstone IV = 200 EXP per item

Farming Enhancement Materials

99 Tower Floors

   - To make things faster, look for a stage that you can complete in 1 turn. Most probably the first 12 Floors, plus Soulstone I and Mystic Gears drops more often than others. Try higher floors once you get stronger too.

Example: Floor 01 or 02

   - Using 5 Stamina (5 Tries): I was able to farm 4 Mystic Gears and 3 Soulstones = that's a total of 900 EXP worth of enhancement materials.
   - If you are able to only get 4 items total, that is still great.

   - Compared to other modes that requires 5 Stamina per run (others also require 1 Boss Fu), the above method is way better if you want to farm enhancement materials.
   - You can also try other Floors if you want, especially if you want to farm certain Gems or Evo materials as well.

Other Game Modes

   - Limited entries or they require Boss Fu, but you can get Enhance materials here and other useful items as well.

   - Boss Arena: Better earn your Boss Fu items for farming Purple Gears here once you reach Player Lvl 23~27. Clear to complete a Dialy Quest.
   - Yokai Invasion: Just clear to complete a Daily Event (requires Yokai Souls to play again).
   - Demon Lords/Legendary Yokai: Only if you are certain that you can defeat them, also clear to complete a Daily Quest.

Explore Stages

Abandoned Ancient Temple [Easy] and Dark lotus Pond [Easy]

   - This isn't bad as well, Bosses drops Normal weapons/accessories and evolution materials for evolving your Sekkanto units.
   - Great if you are also doing Daily Quests that requires you to clear a number of stages.

Taibai Temple [Easy] and Dark lotus Pond [Easy]

   - Defeat those 2 Bosses and 1 Yokai Spawn (Lvl 15~17) to drop Normal gears/accessories for enhancing and other useful materials. The Yokai Spawn also drops a Chest which contains Soulstones and other items.
   - Great if you are doing Daily Quests that requires you to defeat a number of Yokai Spawns for example.

Buy Surprise Bundle From Shop

   - Under Limited Offers (once per day).
   - Surprise Bundle: (+5 Stamina and 1 Surprise Chest) for 5 Yokai Souls.
   - Identify the Surprise Chest to get 5 random items (mostly Soulstones and low grade Gears).
Yokai: Spirits Hunt - Surprise Bundle

Enhancing Gears

When Should I Start Enhancing Gears?

   - Once you are able to get Magic Set Gears (light upgrades) or Rare Set Gears (heavy upgrades) for your main characters. Here's an example:

DPS Characters

   - Magic Set Gears
   -  Only upgrade their weapons to Lvl 10, to give you more fire power for defeating bosses that drops Purple Gears. Include armor and accessory only if they need more survivability.


   - Magic Set Gears
   - Upgrade their accessory to Lvl 10 to increase HP and heal amount. Include Armor if need to tank more, only enhance weapon if need to increase damage.

All Main Characters

Rare Set Gears 

   - This is where you should start focusing on enhancing your gears and embedding them with Gems.
   - Aside from the Set Effects, you should also now consider all those Lvl 10, 20, and 30 bonus stats per gear, check if most of these stats can help enhance the skills or role of your character/s.

Quick Hints If Set Gear is Good For Your Character

   - Atk+: Mostly used by DPS type characters with high grade Attack stats.
   - Crit+%: Mostly used by DPS type characters with high grade CRIT and ATK stats. Crit+% is also good for characters that requires attacks to Crit to activate useful effects.
   - HP+/DEF+: Mostly for tank, healers, or support (buffers/debuffers for example) characters.
   - Optional: Above stats can also be used by all characters to make them more versatile.

   - CDMG+%: For high CRIT characters.
   - Healing+%: Only good for characters that have Healing Skill.
   - Bind/Stun/Sleep/Freeze: Only good for characters that have these certain skills.
   - 2x Combo Chance: Good for characters with Double Strike passive skill.
   - Burn or Poison: Good for characters with Burn or Poison skill.

How To Get Magic and Rare Purple Gears?

   - Refer to our separate guide here:
   - How to Get Magic and Rare Purple Gears Guide

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That's it guys, thank you for checking our How to Enhance Gears and Farm Enhance Materials Guide for the RPG mobile game - Yokai: Spirits Hunt. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).