Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag FAQ, Tips, and Strategy Guides List

Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag is a side scrolling Action RPG mobile game based from the popular Japanese anime series Sword Art Online. Presented by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., now available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

The greatest moments from the series come to life in the palm of your hand! Simple controls allow you to experience the SAO universe in a whole new way!
Relive the series' most breathtaking scenes as your following the fabulous tale of Kirito and the gang!
Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag FAQ, Tips, and Strategy Guides List
- Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guides -

FAQs, Tips and Re-Rolling Guide
   - Re-rolling Guide and Tips
   - Daily Quests and Event Quests Schedules
   - How To Strengthen Characters
   - Upgrading and Evolving Gears
   - Basic Controls and Battle Tips
   - Offensive and Defensive Maneuvers
   - Elemental Affinities
   - Weapon Characteristics and Weaknesses
Terminologies and Team Building Guide
   - List of common terms used under our Tier List's Quick Notes
   - General Team Composition Guide and Recommended Units
   - List of Speed Perks
   - Why Daggers, Rapier, Dual and Sword Wielders are More Popular?
How to Maintain and Avoid Combo Breaks
   - Reason Why Your Combos are Breaking
   - Top Recommendations on How To Maintain Combos
   - How Weapons and MP Pool Affect MP Gain.
   - When Does MP Gain Starts to Matter?
Best Ways To Spend Diamonds (F2P Guide)
   - Characters and Weapons To Aim For.
   - In-depth Team Building Guide
- List of Characters: Info and Tier List -

Character List: Stats and Info (By Element)

Neutral ElementFire ElementWind ElementEarth ElementWater ElementHoly ElementDark Element

Best Characters (Overall)
4-Stars: Rankings
5-Stars: Rankings 

Ranking Events Tier List (Burst DPS)
4-Stars: Rankings
5-Stars: Rankings

List of Support Characters
   - List of Healers, Buffers, and Debuffers.
   - List of Characters that can help absorb or reduce damages.
   - Excellent alternative units for Floor Clearing Events.
   - Recommended Core, Sub and Support Characters for F2P players.
   - Example Team Composition and Tips

- Advanced Character Upgrading Guides -

Limit Breaking and Paths
   - How to Limit Break Characters
   - How To Obtain More Hacking Crystals
   - Which Stats to Choose: Attack, HP/Defense, or MP Paths
How to Unlock Skill Slots and Stats Per Lvl
   - Requirements for Unlocking Skill Slots.
   - How to Obtain Common and Rare Medallions.
   - Known Skill Slots: Stats and Effects
How to Upgrade to 5 Stars and Other FAQs
   - 5 Stars Combination Skills, Partners, and Leader Skills.
   - Other FAQs About Upgrading 5 Star Characters.
Item and Weapon Exchange Shops - FAQs
   - Item Exchange and Farming Stardust
   - Weapon Exchange Shop Info and FAQs
- Weapons, Armors and Accessories -
SAO MD - Weapons List - Melee

SAO MD - Weapons List - Range

Weapons List: Bows
Weapons List: Guns
Weapons List: Rifles
- List of Ranged Weapons and Stats.

Item List: Accessories
- List of Armors and Accessories with Stats.
- Item Farming Locations -

Shards, Crystals and Holy - Farming Locations
   - Basics: Farm from Daily Quests
   - Recommended Story Mode Farming Locations (guaranteed drops!)
   - Lvl 10 to Lvl 80 Decryption Keys - Farming Locations and Tips.
   - Other Sources To Obtain Keys
   - What Are Special "Event Only" Keys?
- SAO: MD Events: Video Links and Guide -

How to Defeat Ranking Event Bosses (Master+1)
   - Collection of videos to help you defeat or complete Ranking Events.
   - Watch, learn and memorize boss attack patterns!
   - Event Mechanics, General Tips, Notable Units, and Rewards.
New SS3 Add-on Skills: Basic Info and How It Works NEW!
   - New SS3 Skills Basic Info and Observations.
   - How it Works, Observations and Tips, Team Builds and Example Attack Patterns.

- Other FAQs and Links -

How to Unlock GGO or Other Story Modes?
   - Other stuff you can do if not yet available.
   - Use Android Emulator and set up Controls.
   - For new update contents, Rank changes, and more, refer to the link above. ^^

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