Sword Art Online: MD - List of Accessories and Stats

Here's a list of Armors and their stats, items that are currently available in the action RPG mobile game - Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag. Armors can be used by any character, but some of them are exclusive only to Male or Female characters.

Event Based Accessories
   - So far, we can only obtain Accessories through events. Check available events in-game if you can get any of them, if none, then you might need to wait for the next event, or previous events to return.

Sword Art Online: MD - List of Accessories and Stats
- Accessory List (Sortable Table) -

Accessory Name R* Max HP MP ATK DEF CRIT Battle Skill From Evo
Blue Rose Ring NEW! R4 R4
HP&MP+3% (Water-Element Only) Event Yes
Floral Shuriken Earring R4 R4

Atk&Crit+3% (Dark-Element Only) Event Yes
Kanzashi of
Spring Breeze
R4 R4


MP+3% (Wind-Element Only) Event Yes
R4 R4
Atk&Crit+3% (Holy-Element Only) Event Yes
Augma R4 R4 444
Atk&Crit+3% (OS Characters Only) Event Yes
Sapphire Earrings R4 R4 846
HP+3% Event Yes
Diamond Earrings R4 R4 26
MP+3% Event Yes

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Other Notes:
Same Element Bonus (Blue Numbers)
    - If for example, you equip a Water element accessory to any character under the Water element, that character's accessory will get a +20% bonus stats.

Battle Skills
   - BS1 = Can be unlocked once you reach [R4] max evolve.

OS Characters?
   - Based from the SAO Ordinal Scale movie.
   - OS Characters: Kirito [Hero's Return]; Asuna [Heart of Confront]; Silica [Augmented Tamer]; Lizbeth [Efficeint Smith]; and Sinon [Progressive Gunner].
   - Other OS Characters: Yuna [AR Idol]

Upgrade and Evolve Your Accessories
   - Equipment that has been upgraded to it's maximum level can be evolved at a smithy by using Col and either equipment with the same name or evolution ingots. Evolving equipment will reset their Lvl, but will increase it's rarity, stats, max level, and more.

Evolve 2* Accessory [R2]
   - Max Lvl 20; Requires 2 Copies (same name) regardless of Lvl.
Evolve 3* Accessory [R3]
   - Max Lvl 30; Requires 3 Copies (same name) regardless of Lvl.

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