Sword Art Online: MD - Changelogs and Updates (Website)

Hello, SAO:MD gamers, we will now post all website changes here for better accessibility. Changelogs and updates like new characters/weapons/armors/accessories, character tier changes, new guides, and more.

Please note that testing and data gathering will take some time, so it might take a while before we can post new updates like new characters.

We are always very grateful to all contributors for your help. ^^

Sword Art Online: MD - Changelogs and Updates (Website)
4-30-17 Changelogs
   - Added Wind Characters under DPS Tier List: Asuna and Yuuki.

   - New Medal Scout unit and Alicization Vol. 2 characters under review.

   - Added Wind Characters: Leafa, Rain, Sinon, and Seven. Asuna and Yuuki are still under review.

   - New Wind Characters under review, another 6 units banner~good luck guys! ^^

4-28-17 Changelogs
   - Added new Armor (Apron Dress) and Accessory (White Hat).

4-27-17 Changelogs
   - DPS Tier List: Added more details and info per character.

4-26-17 Changelogs
   - Added new character list: Notable Tanks and Damage Mitigators

4-24-17 Changelogs
   - Added more reference video links for Onikiri Master+1 Ranking Event.
   - Other Note: Sailor-Suited characters are broken. We are aware that they can continue combos even if they get a clean hit, but we'll consider this as an in-game bug for now because there are no info about this.

4-23-17 Changelogs
   - Some typos fixed.

4-22-17 Changelogs
   - Under review with New Skill Slots: Kirito [Black Swordsman] and Yuuki [Zekken].
   - Review results: Ranks still the same. Kirito [BS]' SS3 Enhance Lvl 2 attack acceleration didn't improve his SS3's duration...unless it's a bug.

   - Added new FAQ Guide: Floor Clearing Event - FAQs and Tips

4-21-17 Changelogs
   - Added more ranking event videos for A Witch To Destroy Fairyland (Master +1)

4-20-17 Changelogs
   - Rank Up: Silica [Foxy Priestess] from  C > B (will scale Lvl 100 Stats instead of Lvl 80).
   - Rank Down: Yuna [AR Idol] from B > C (all free characters will get reviewed again).

4-19-17 Changelogs
   - Removed Burst Damagers Tier List for now, refer to DPS Tier List's (Support Nukers).

4-18-17 Changelogs
   - RANK UP!: Leafa [Storm Mage] = From B > A!
   - Added new Skill Slots: Leafa [Storm Mage] and Leafa [Void Runner].

4-17-17 Changelogs
   - Added new Medal Scout character: Leafa [Swift Fast Heroine]; New Medal Scout Characters' Skill Slots included.

   - New Medal Scout character/s under review.

   - Major Update to out DPS Tier List: Also added new AA Tier List + Support Nukers to make things clearer.

   - Burst Damagers Tier List will get updated soon, we need to polish our DPS Tier List for now.

   - Updated Support Characters List
   - Added Rank D under Rank C DPS Tier List.

4-16-17 Changelogs
   - New ranking event videos for A Witch To Destroy Fairyland (Master +1)

   - Added new Fairyland weapons.

   - Added new Fairyland characters under DPS Tier List.
   - Note: With these new characters, our DPS Tier Lists has increased their Rank Brackets, so some units will Rank Down or Rank Up (will update as we go, check here for updates).

   - Rank Down: Yui [Up-and-Coming Tiny Idol] > from SS > S. Sorry guys looks like the overwhelming scores of the Fairyland characters pushed her down out of their bracket. XD

4-15-17 Changelogs
   - New Fairyland series characters still under review, looks like tier lists will get shaken up because of these girls, especially now that Massive Elemental Damages > Combo Window or even Combos, just saying.... we'll see.

4-14-17 Changelogs
   - New Fairyland series characters under review, wish us luck, another 6 units banner, phew~.

   - Added new guide about combos, to clarify things and to answer questions related to combos: How to Maintain and Avoid Breaking Combos

   - Updated DPS Tier Lists, Finishers can now be considered as Starters because some or most units doesn't have Combo Window to help maintain combos, but they can still be used as Finishers if done right (switching without breaking combos).

4-13-17 Changelogs
   - Moved Yui [Idol] and Philia [Sailor] from Finisher to Starter due to lack of combo window.

   - Added Burst Rank tab under List of Support Units and Tier List

   - Rank Update: Asuna [Idol] Burst Damage from Rank B > A (rank range increased).
   - Added new info guide: Weapon and Item Exchange Shops Info and FAQs under FAQs Section.

4-12-17 Changelogs
   - Added new Aqua Skirt (Armor) and Braeburn (Accessory)

4-11-17 Changelogs
   - Added new info guide for team building: Best Ways To Spend Diamonds (F2P Guide)

4-9-17 Changelogs
   - Added new info guide: How To Find and Calculate MP Gain

   - Added new team run (43 sec Clear Time 2.42M Score) for Pop Star Online Part 2 Ranking Event.
   - Made some major revisions on Burst Damagers Tier List; Also added Sailor-Suited characters.

4-8-17 Changelogs
   - Added new Sailor-Suited characters to DPS Tier List
   - Sailor-Suited Burst Damagers Tier List - will update later.

4-7-17 Changelogs
   - Added new Sailor-Suited Weapons: Sakura Sword, Sakura Mace, and Sakura Rain Bow

   - Added Sailor Suit R4 Armor

   - New "Sailor-Suited" characters under review, tier ranks coming soon.

4-6-17 Changelogs
   - Added new team run (30 sec Clear Time 2.48M Score) for Pop Star Online Part 2 Ranking Event.

   - Added 2 mini guides under "Other FAQs", since we are taking a lot of questions regarding these topics.
   - How to Unlock GGO or Other Story Modes?
   - How to Play SAO: MD on PC?

   - Added in-game notice (announcement and bugs) web view under Changelogs and Links.

4-5-17 Changelogs
   - Created Changelog and Updates Section, you can now view all changes and info here! We'll do our best to keep you guys updated on what is going on with our SAO: MD fan site. ^^
   - Suggested by: "Popular demand"

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