Plants vs. Zombies 2: How To Farm and Level Up Plants

In this new update of Plants vs Zombies 2, you can now enhance the attacks and abilities of your plants through level ups.

Yup, they now added a leveling up or grinding system into the game, in order to complete all of those newly added extra hard stages!

How To Level Up Plants
Step 1: You Need To Be Online!
   - Yep, you can't do this offline because the quests won't show up! yeah it's sad...
Plants vs. Zombies 2: How To Level Up Plants
Step 2: Complete the Featured Quests
   - Go to your Travel Log section and look for limited time quests that you can complete. These quests have a "zombie head icons or piñatas" as rewards.
   - Complete quests then crack open those piñatas to get some seed packets (level up materials) for your plants. It's random but if you have completed an "Ancient Egypt" stage quest for example, it will guarantee you a seed packet drop that is also under the "Ancient Egypt" plant group.

Ancient Egypt Plants:
   - Sunflower and Twin Sunflower
   - Peashooter, Repeater and Snow Pea
   - Wall-nut
   - Potato Mine
   - Bloomerang
   - Cabbage-pult
   - Iceberg Lettuce
   - Grave Buster
   - and Bonk Choy

   - If you want to know where to farm the seed packets for your plant, just go check them from your Almanac. Wait until the featured quest event that you are looking for is up, then start farming.

Step 3: Upgrade Plants
   - If you have completed the required number of seed packet to upgrade one of your plants, then go to your Almanac, locate the plant and level them up.

Step 4: Repeat Steps
   - Yup, they added a grinding system so you need to complete multiple quests in-order to level up your plants.

Step 5: Challenge the Extra Hard Stages
   - Once you have enough high level plants, it's time to complete all of those newly added extra hard stages.
   - Good Luck! ^^

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