Sword Art Online: MD - Best 4-Star Characters Tier List - Rank S

Here's a list of 4-Star Characters that are currently rated under Rank S! Together with their Stats, Skills and Character Info.

Rankings Are Based On:
   - Overall Max Stats: This is a work in progress so ranking might change as we go.
   - Sword Skills: How well it can connect even if you are or the enemy is in an awkward position. DPS, additional effects and drawbacks will also be considered.
   - Survivability and Offensive Performance: How good are they for Solo Missions, Co-Op Matches, and other Modes.

Sword Art Online: MD - Best 4-Star Characters and Tier List - Rank S
Rank [S] Characters
   - Highly recommended characters that can make your gameplay so much easier.
   - Definitely Limit Break/Hack them whenever possible.
   - Powerhouse Stats, Sword Skills with very useful passive effects, and many more ~ nuff said!

Silica [Dragon Tamer]
Silica [Dragon Tamer]
HP MP ATK DEF CRIT Battle Skill 1 Battle Skill 2 Battle Skill 3
10094 208 2806 2178 3291 Critical +3% MP Attack
Dagger - Neutral Element Damage Up 1.5x vs Neutral +6% +10%
Skill Slots: Dagger Skill;  BS1 Transform;  SS3 Enhance (Reduced Required MP)
SS1 MP:50 A sword skill. Rush back and forth, slashing with a dagger quicker than the eye can see.
SS2 MP:45 Slash the enemy quickly four times.
SS3+ MP:80 Summon Pina, whose breath replenishes your HP and temporarily boosts your attack (1.8x). Reduced MP.
Quick Notes Great DPS and survivability. After using SS3, spam SS1 or 2 to defeat enemies. Although she can heal, still dodge attacks that can't be parried.

Lisbeth [Efficient Smith]
Lisbeth [Efficient Smith]
HP MP ATK DEF CRIT Battle Skill 1 Battle Skill 2 Battle Skill 3
15991 239 3397 2665 1980 Damage Up 30+ Combo Attack
Mace - Neutral Element 1.5x vs Neutral Damage +10% +12%
Skill Slots: Mace Skill;  Combo Window Up;  Combo Damage Up
SS1 MP:35 Swing your club with all your might and deal a heavy blow.
SS2 MP:60 Swing your club as you spin around, sending enemies around you flying.
SS3 MP:100 Strike the ground and make an explosion giving successive hits. Increase your attack and auto heals HP.
Quick Notes OS Character: Excellent tank that can heal and buff attack! SS3 and MP gain are a bit shaky but packs a lot of damage if you can home in all hits (can lock down too!). Best used after parrying, or for parry switch tactics.

Sinon [Progressive Gunner]
Sinon [Progressive Gunner]
HP MP ATK DEF CRIT Battle Skill 1 Battle Skill 2 Battle Skill 3
9290 213 3831 2091 2847 Damage Up 30+ Combo MP
Gun - Neutral Element 1.5x vs Neutral Damage +10% +12%
Skill Slots: Gun Skill;  Combo Window Up;  Combo Damage Up
SS1 MP:45 Pull out your fully automatic sidearm and fire multiple shots.
SS2 MP:60 Take an optical gun from your inventory and fire a large laser beam.
SS3 MP:100 Put a electromagnetic bullet in the gun and shoot. Increase your attack and auto heals HP.
Quick Notes OS Character: Her SS3 has good damage with nice buffs, while her SS1 also has a notable DPS and can abuse all of her combo damage bonuses (ex: After Parry+Switch > SS3 > Spam SS1 while dodging). Great support fire unit (best with Rank SS OS characters) and as a finisher.

Other  Notes
Character Rankings: Order List
   - Ordered by Weapon Type > Element

How To Obtain Specific 4* Characters?
   - Mostly from Gacha Scout (check "characters and rates" option under the featured banners for more info). Free 4* characters can be obtained via limited events, check their "Quick Notes" above for more details.

Limited Events: Elemental Bonuses
   - For such events that recommends a specific Element to counter the Element of a Boss enemy for example, consider that character's rank to be higher than the others around his or her current rank.
   - Note that OS Characters and some selected characters have a Battle Skill or Skill Slot that increases their damages against Neutral element enemies.

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