Sword Art Online: MD - Weapons List and Stats for Rods

Here's a list of magic Rods and their stats, weapons that is currently available in the action RPG mobile game - Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag. Rods are for range class units, it can't parry attacks but can do focused fires.


Shopping For Weapons

   - You may only buy up to 4* weapons from the weapon shop. To reach [R5], you need to get 4 copies to upgrade your [R4] weapon (applies only to weapons that can be upgraded to 5*).
   - Chances: [R4] weapons = 4%; [R3] weapons = 25%; [R2] weapons = 71%.
Sword Art Online: MD - Weapons List and Stats for Daggers
- Weapons List: Rods (Sortable Table) -

Weapon R* Max ATK CRIT BS1 BS2 From Evo
Wreath on
R5 R5 2144 (2572) 1385 (1662) Atk+15% Required MP-10%
& Crit Dmg+10%
(Holy Element)
Evolve Yes
R5 R5 2080 (2496) 1240 (1488) Atk+15% Crit+6% Evolve Yes
Nightmare Wand R5 R5 2056 (2467) 1540 (1848) Atk+15% Required MP-10%
(HP Above 80%)
Evolve Yes
Candle Stick R5 R5 1791 (2149) 1737 (2084) Atk+15% Crit+6% Evolve Yes
Wreath on
R4 R5 1577 (1892) 1019 (1222) Atk+10% Required MP-10%
& Crit Dmg+10%
(Holy Element)
Shop No
Soul of Shamrock R5 R5 1555 (1866) 1509 (1810) Atk+6% Crit+6% Evolve Yes
R4 R5 1529 (1834) 0912 (1094) Atk+10% Crit+6% Shop No
Nightmare Wand R4 R5 1511 (1813) 1132 (1358) Atk+10% Required MP-10%
(HP Above 80%)
Shop No
Venus Heart R4 R5 1479 (1774) 0937 (1124) Atk+10% Required MP-5%
(HP Above 50%)
Shop No
Red Wolf
R4 R5 1463 (1755) 0925 (1110) Atk+10% Required MP-5%
(HP Above 50%)
Shop No
Candle Stick R4 R5 1317 (1580) 1277 (1532) Atk+10% Crit+6% Shop No
Yggdrasil Bough R4 R5 1272 (1526) 0834 (1000) Atk+6% Shop No
Soul of Shamrock R4 R5 1143 (1371) 1109 (1330) Atk+6% Shop No
Emerald Rod R4 R4 1071 (1285) 0935 (1122) Atk+3% Crit+3% Evolve Yes
Crystal Wand R4 R4 1050 (1260) 0941 (1192) Atk+3% Crit+3% Evolve Yes
Minos Staff R4 R4 1040 (1248) 0444 (532) --- Required MP-5%
(HP Below 60%)
Market Yes
Tidal Rod R4 R4 1018 (1221) 1151 (1381) Atk+3% Crit+3% Evolve Yes
Emerald Rod R3 R4 0879 (1054) 0678 (813) Atk+3% Shop No
Crystal Wand R3 R4 0862 (1034) 0773 (927) Atk+3% Shop No
Tidal Rod R3 R4 0836 (1003) 0945 (1134) Atk+3% Shop No
Evil Wand R4 R4 0792 (950) 0716 (859) Crit+3% Evolve Yes
Flame Wand R4 R4 0792 (950) 0671 (805) Crit+3% Evolve Yes
Ethereal Staff R4 R4 0777 (932) 0676 (811) Crit+3% Evolve Yes
Flame Wand R3 R4 0644 (772) 0546 (655) Crit+3% Evolve Yes
Evil Wand R3 R4 0643 (771) 0582 (698) Crit+3% Evolve Yes
Ethereal Staff R3 R4 0631 (757) 0550 (660) Crit+3% Evolve Yes
Flame Wand R2 R4 0482 (578) 0409 (490) Shop No
Evil Wand R2 R4 0482 (578) 0436 (523) Shop No
Ethereal Staff R2 R4 0473 (567) 0412 (494) Shop No
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Other Notes:

Weapons List

   - List above will only include weapons that can be upgraded to 4* and 5*. Farmable weapons from the Story Mode are ok, if you don't have any better alternative at the moment.
   - To sort the table, click/tap on the headers.

Same Element Bonus (Blue Numbers)

    - If for example, you equip a Fire element weapon to any character under the Fire element, that character's weapon will get a +20% bonus stats.

Battle Skills

   - BS1 = Can be unlocked once you reach [R3] (note: [R4] for event weapons).
   - BS2 = Can be unlocked once you reach their Max Rarity (except event weapons). Also note that [R2] weapons from shop won't get a BS2 even if you evolve it to [R4].
   - Some featured Gacha Weapons will instantly get 2 BS Skills, refer to R4 weapons above if they already have 2 BS.

Other Weapon Perks

   - For more info, go here: Controls, Elements and Weapon Types

Upgrade and Evolve Your Weapon

   - Equipment that has been upgraded to it's maximum level can be evolved at a smithy by using Col and either equipment with the same name or evolution ingots. Evolving equipment will reset their Lvl, but will increase it's rarity, stats, max level, and more.

Evolve 2* Weapon [R2]

   - Max Lvl 20; Requires 2 Copies (same name) regardless of Lvl.

Evolve 3* Weapon [R3]

   - Max Lvl 30; Requires 3 Copies (same name) regardless of Lvl.

Evolve 4* Weapon [R4]

   - Max Lvl 40; Requires 4 Copies (same name) regardless of Lvl.

Weapon Exchange Shop

   - You can now trade 4 unevolved R4 Weapons to get a Weapon of your choice.
   - Fore more info, refer here: Weapon Exchange Shop Info and FAQs

   - Exchange Market: you can now trade farmable items for limited gears like weapons and accessories. The Market can be accessed via Menu > Exchange Shop.


   - If you have an evolved weapon that came from the Shop, please share their MAX stats and Battle Skill bonus/es here, to help other players as well ~ thanks! ^^
   - Note that you can view the next MAX stats and new BS info of your fully maxed weapon via the "Evolve" option when visiting the smithy.

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