Sword Art Online: MD - New SS3 Add-on Skills: Basic Info and How It Works

SS3 Add-on Skills are new skills for certain and upcoming characters in the mobile game Sword Art Online Memory Defrag. To learn more on how this new skill works, refer below.

After using SS3, some characters can activate a new additional chasing attack or a skill effect, which can help boost a character's damage, combo hits, stats, and more. These skills can be good depending on how they are used.
Sword Art Online: MD - Tracking Circular Skill How It Works

New SS3 Skills Basic Info and Observations:

Tracking Circular (TC Ring) Skill

   - Main Focus: Combo Generation

   - Refer to our separate guide for in-depth review:

Charge Skill

   - Main Focus: Damage Output
SAO MD Charging Skill

Basic Info

   - You can charge up by holding the SS3 icon.
   - There are three levels of charging, charging stops when it reached the highest level.
   - Charging resets once it's interrupted by other skills.
   - If you don't have enough MP, the level stops rising.
   - You can't charge up for a sword skill at character switching.

   - Required MP gets higher but using SS3s with a higher level inflicts higher damage!
   - You can fire SS3 (the level depends on how long you hold) by releasing it.


   - MP Increase Per Level: 100 > 110 > 115 > 120.

   - Example Damage Differences:
   - 100 MP: 5278~5656 = 5467/4.6 = 1188 DPS
   - 110 MP: 6339~6844 = 6591/5.0 = 1318 DPS (+10%)
   - 115 MP: 7737~8264 = 8000/5.3 = 1509 DPS (+25~30%)
   - 120 MP: 10258~10895 = 10576/5.6 = 1888 DPS (+50~60%)

What If a Unit Can Only Do x4 SS3s (100 MP) and the Rest Only 3x?

   - So:
   - 100 MP: x4 = 4752 DPS
   - 110 MP: x3 = 3954 DPS
   - 115 MP: x3 = 4527 DPS
   - 120 MP: x3 = 5664 DPS

   - If 2nd and 3rd Levels can only be used 3 times, better use 100 MP SS3s 4 times or 120 MP 3 times instead.
   - Using x4 100 MP SS3s gives higher Combos as well, thus more damage for the whole team.

   - Can't be used while switching though... only good for combo starters..
   - Note: During fast combination attacks, it might not be possible to use all 3 120MP SS3s.... unless you can switch without attacking which is not ideal.

   - Overall, this skill is best for PvE.

Skills List Quick Info


   - We will only add new Skills introduced from 2019 onwards, that requires some quick in-depth analysis to determine how it works.

   - These skills are SS3 add-ons that affects the performance of the characters.

   - Please note that the numbers used above are just estimates, and are not 100% accurate.

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