Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG - FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides List

Here's a list of FAQs, tips, and strategy guides for beginners and experienced players in the Idle RPG mobile game app - Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG based on the popular Naver Webtoon, presented by Com2uS.

Available to download from the App Store and Google Play for Android and iOS devices.
Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG - FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides List
Looks like the No. 1 Ranking Warrior reverted back to Lvl 1!? Recruit various characters and help the Warrior become Rank No. 1 again in Lucid Adventure!

Beginner's FAQs, Tips, and Guides

 >  Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guide Part 1
   - Basic Things To Do Early Game.
   - The "Return" Option and Map Selection
   - How To Increase EXP Gain and Team Lvl
   - HOT TIP!: Save all x10 EXP Coupons that are stored to your inventory (ex: Daily Spin Rewards), use them only when you break through Stage 8000+.

 >  Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guide Part 2
   - Unlockable Features Early Game and Tips
   - Create or Join a Guild
   - Game Modes: Nightmare Tower, PVP, and Teto's Castle Abandoned Mine

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG - FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides List

 >  Best Characters To Buy and Leveling Guide
   - Recommended Characters To Buy with Gems
   - Which Characters To Level Up First?
   - Boost Your EXP Gain per Run with EXP Characters!

 >  Character Leveling and Skill Upgrading Guide
   - Part 2 Guide of "Best Characters to Buy and Leveling Guide"
   - HOT TIP!: DO NOT Exceed Stage 6000 to Keep Getting x10 EXP Coupons!

 >  Best Teams for Clearing Stage 6000+ NEW!
   - You Aim: To Reach Stage 8000+ ASAP!
   - Faster Stage Clearing Team and Advance Team

 >  Leveling and Skill Upgrading Guide Part 3 NEW!
   - Part 3 Guide of "Best Characters to Buy and Leveling Guide"
   - Decision Time!

Weapons and Karma Weapons

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG Weapons Guide

 >  Weapons Guide and Weapon Sets Part 1
   - Learn How Equip Effects and Collection Effects Works
   - How To Use Weapon Sets
   - List of Characters with EXP Weapons

 >  Weapons Guide and Weapon Sets Part 2
   - Weapons Sets for PVP, Subjugation Rounds, and Abandoned Mine
   - Weapon Transcendence (Team Lvl 20)
   - How To Get More Power-up Stones
   - Karma Weapons (Team Lvl 60)

Karma Weapons List
Choco Bibi
Drip Soup
Pooh Upooh
Master Swordsman
Heart Heater
Lu Bu (None)
Constant (None)
Armes (None)

   - Recommended "Always Available" Costumes (Tier List)
   - Recommended "Limited Time" Costumes To Buy (Stats)

Subjugation Rounds - Guild Raids

Guild Subjugation Rounds - Boss Raids
Old War Machine Primitive Demon
Watchman Venomous Todish
- More Guides Soon!

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG Game FAQs

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG Game FAQs

It's Taking Too Long to Clear Stages!

   - Try powering up the weapons with "Movement SPD". We also recommend you to power-up the skills related to "Team Movement SPD" among characters skills.
   - Another way to speed up the gameplay is to use "2x Battle SPD" and "3x Battle SPD" using Gems or watching ads.
   - Lastly, don't forget to power-up the "Increase Movement SPD" skill with Gems at God's Blessing.

Do I Have to Keep the Game Running at All Times?

   - The game will keep challenging to reach the MAX stage even when you're offline.
   - Go to God's Blessing > Dacon & Schub's Special Service if you want NPCs to play the game for you while you're offline.

Sleep Mode (Next to Settings Icon)

   - You can use the Sleep Mode option if you want to minimize and play the game on the background.

In Offline Mode, I Can No Longer Break Through Stages After a While

   - You can't clear through stages automatically when you're offline.
   - Go to [Characters] > [Team Info] to check your offline limit stage per map.

How To Use Reserve Return?

   - Similar to the "Return" feature but this time you can pick the Target Stage where your team will automatically use "Return" when that Stage is reached. You can also set which map to go next.
   - Note that the Reserve Return button will only appear if your team's current Stage is lower than the "MAX Reached Stage" (check under your Team Info).
Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG Spatial MarkLucid Adventure: Idle RPG Dragon Snacks
   - Reserve Return requires an item called Spatial Mark.
   - Reserve Dragon Summon = If checked, you'll consume 2000 Dragon Snacks to let the Dragon drop you to a random Stage after automatically using Reserve Return.

Why Can't I Get More Gems From The Golden Goblin?

   - Click/Tap your "Profile Pic", go to the "Team Info" tab, then find the "Today's Golden Goblin Gem earned". If it is already maxed out, you can no longer receive more Gems from the Golden Goblin for the day.

Game FAQs: Account Related FAQs

How to Start as Guest Account?

   - For Android devices, once the game starts (fresh install), do not let the game connect to your Google Account, then for the next window pop-up, just click/tap outside the box to open the "Guest Account" option.

   - Players usually use Guest Accounts to test out the game first, and to easily restart the game when needed, by simply re-installing the game app.

Sync Your Guest Account!

   - NOTE: Make sure to sync your Guest Account via the in-game Setting to save your game to your preferred account once you are happy with your progress.

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