Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG - Leveling and Skill Upgrading Guide Part 3

Refer here on how to efficiently level up your characters above Lvl 30 and upgrade skills using your hard earned EXP in the idle RPG mobile game Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG.


   - This is the 3rd Part of our "Best Characters To Buy and Leveling Guide", please refer to the 1st and 2nd parts first before following this guide, thanks!

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Decision Time!

If You Go Above Stage 6000

   - Recommended for active players.
   - You can no longer get the x10 EXP Coupon from the Ad Shop, so you need to farm through the stages at least 2 or 3 times a day once you reach Stage 8000+ to farm decent EXP. Note that using x10 EXP Coupons here would yield very high EXP!
   - You no longer need to always check and set your Reserve Returns.

   - Higher Team Lvl would increase your PVP League for more rewards (gems and more free weapons to disassemble or donate), unlocks more upgrades from the Shop > God's Blessing (requires to sepend Gems), and more.
   - You can farm more Karma Items instead of just farming from 5,901~6,000 Stages. For more info, list of Karma Weapons, and how to farm materials, go here:
   -  >  Karma Weapons List
Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG - Best Teams for Clearing Stage 6000+
   - If you want to go beyond Stage 6000, refer to our separate guide here to help you reach Stage 8,000 and 10,000 ASAP!
   -  >  Best Teams for Clearing Stage 6000+

   - NOTE: If you think you are not active enough to play this game, you can still follow this guide while staying below Stage 6001 for now. Keep getting x10 EXP Coupons from the Ad Shop until you think it's time to break through Stage 6000.

Start Focusing On These 2 Stats:

Team Bonus Power-Up and Monster Weakening

   - Aside from EXP, upgrade all Skills, Weapons, God's Blessing > Weaken Monster (MAX always), and buy all Costumes that increases Team Bonus Power-up and Monster Weakening.
   - You aim here now is to advance Stages and clear them fast to gain more EXP per run!

Faster EXP Farming

   - I would also recommend that you focus on Choco Bibi's Warp skill.
   - Lucky Coins = Aim for Mana Focus Amount, Mana Focus Rate, Min/Max Warp Distance, and EXP Buff to get better results! Team Movement Speed is also ok to get.
   - You can get these stats as well by upgrading Choco Bibi's skills and weapons. If you have extra Gems, buy his Costumes from the Costume Shop too.

Character Skill Upgrading (Continuation)

   - After following the previous guide, you should now have Lvl 30 characters and upgraded all skills that are below 8.45b EXP (except for those passive skills with Pink Icons).

Continue Upgrading Skills

   - Upgrade the skills of the following characters next, find and MAX all Team Bonus Power-up and Monster Weakening stats (Blue Icons). Find the cheapest ones first until you can max them all.
   - WarriorLimeMaster SwordsmanArmes, and  Lu Bu.

   - Note: This would boost your team's stage clearing potential later on. For those who went above Stage 6000, reach at least Stage 8000 to start getting decent EXP again, then aim for 10,000.

Level Up Your Characters!

Follow Suggested Order + Skills To Upgrade

   - Level Up Tempest To Lvl 32 = Unlock and max Team Bonus Power-up.
   - Level Up Warrior and Master Swordsman To Lvl 32 = Max all Team Bonus Power-up Skills.

   - Level Up Oz to Lvl 35 = Unlock and max Team Bonus Power-up.
   - Level Up Hohoians to Lvl 35 = Unlock and max Team Bonus Power-up. Also unlock and max out the new EXP Acquisition +% skill at Lvl 34, and all other EXP related passive skills.

   - Level Up Tempest, Warrior, and Master Swordsman To Lvl 35 = Max All Team Bonus Power-up Skills.

Boost Your EXP Characters

   - Level Up Pooh Upooh To Lvl 35 = Unlock and max out the new EXP Acquisition +% skill.
   - Level Up Dark To Lvl 35 = Max all EXP related Skills.

   - Note: You no longer need to level up other EXP characters at this point because their EXP skills are already fully maxed! Just focus on the remaining 3 characters for more EXP Boosts.

Boost Your Other Characters

   - At this point, just level up to Lvl 32~35 all other characters that you use for most game modes or for advancing Stages. Any character will do, you can level up other characters later on.
   - If you want to skip this section and continue on below instead, that's fine too.

Level-up Characters 1 Lvl at a Time

   - From here on, advance 1 Lvl at a time since EXP requirement per Level-up is getting higher. Continue and level-up the characters below, and for other characters not listed, just level up them if needed.

Upgrade Skills Once Your Reach Certain Levels

   - Upgrade their key passive skills listed below until it says MASTERED.

   - Hohoians = Team Bonus Power-up and all EXP related skills.
   - Tempest = Team Bonus Power-up
   - Warrior = Team Bonus Power-up
   - Master Swordsman = Team Bonus Power-up
   - Oz = Team Bonus Power-up
   - Pooh Upooh = EXP Acquisition skill
   - Dark = EXP Acquisition skill

Unlock Key Passive Skills and Keep Leveling

   - Heart Heater = Lvl 36, start upgrading Weaken Monster.
   - Hohoians = Lvl 37, unlock and max the new EXP Acquisition +% skill.
   - Constant = Lvl 38, start upgrading Weaken Monster.
   - Master Swordsman = Lvl 39, start upgrading Weaken Monster.
   - Heart Heater = Lvl 39, start upgrading another Weaken Monster.
   - Pooh Upooh = Lvl 40, start upgrading Weaken Monster.
   - Lu Bu = Lvl 40, start upgrading Team Bonus Power-up.

   - At this point, you'll need Red and Blue Transcendence Seals to advance, use this time to upgrade any character and skills you want while farming Seals. For skills, cap it and only upgrade skills that are 42.8b or lower for now (except for those passive skills with Pink Icons).

   - Dark = Lvl 41, start upgrading EXP Acquisition skill.
   - Master Swordsman = Lvl 42, start upgrading another Weaken Monster.
   - Hohoians = Lvl 42, unlock and max the new EXP Acquisition +% skill.
   - Pooh Upooh = Lvl 45, start upgrading Team Bonus Power-up.
   - Hohoians = Lvl 45, start upgrading Weaken Monster.

   - Once you are done, you can focus on upgrading any character and skills you want. Good Luck! ^^

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