Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG - Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guide Part 1

Here's a guide and tips for beginner's on how to start the game with some advantage while learning the mechanics of the game in the Idle RPG mobile game - Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG.

You start the game with a character named Warrior, and as you progress through the game, Dark, Hohoians, and Choco Bibi will join your team. Unlike the other 3, Hohoians is non-combat character and will serve as team support.

Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guide Part 1

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG - Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guide

Basic Things To Do Early Game

Power-up Characters!

   - Click/Tap your character's portraits or do a "long press" , to power-up your characters using Gold.
   - This is the only way to use your Gold, so don't hold back.
   - TIP: One way to power-up all characters, is to almost evenly maintain the Gold requirement for each character (regardless of their current power-up Lvl) including Hohoians. At higher Lvls, you can upgrade Hohoians first until the Gold Acquisition Time is above 1 sec, let him farm Gold then evenly power-up all characters.

What Do the Alphabets per In-game Currency Mean?

   - Add 3 zeros to each letter in the alphabetical order as the following example.
   - 1a = 1,000
   - 1b = 1,000,000
   - 1c = 1,000,000,000

Edit Your Team Name

   - Click/Tap your Avatar (upper left corner) then select "Edit Team Name".
   - You can change the team name for free once. It'll cost you 1,000 Gems afterwards so make sure to choose your team name carefully. Also required to enter PVP and Teto's Castle Abandoned Mine.

Start Getting Free Gems and Other Freebies!

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG Ad Shop
   - SHOP > Ad Shop: Watch ads here to get free gems (available every 3 hours).
   - More free items can be obtained here later on by watching ads, try to get them all!

   - Shop > God's Blessing: Watch ads to increase speed to 2x and Team Upgrade 100 Up (100 then 200) once it becomes available at Team Lvl 3.

Check and Claim Your Rewards

   - Inventory: Battle loots will go here, open to collect them all.
   - Daily Quest: Check and complete them to get various rewards (resets everyday). Watch ads to help you instantly complete certain quests.
   - Achievements and Challenge Mission: Claim rewards here once you are able to reach new milestones.
   - Inbox: Claim all event or limited rewards here.
   - Events: Available after first Return, claim your daily freebies/redeem event items, and more. Example: Lucky Man Event, watch ads to spin, try to get higher multipliers for greater rewards!
   - Hardcore Leveling: Claim after clearing certain stages across the maps.
   - Quiz: Check the Quiz via the "Notice" section (click/tap "Open" to open more posts), enter answer at (Inbox > Quiz Tab) during the designated period and get rewards!

The Return Option and Map Selection

When Can I Return?

   - You must reach Stage 40 in order to "Return", Stage 10 minimum for "The Origin" map.
   - Remember that you can earn EXP by the amount of stages you've cleared only through "Return".
   - Keep clearing stages, level-up your characters with EXP earned from "Return" and learn various skills.

Do I Need To Use Gems When Returning?

   - Using Gems to get more EXP is great because you can boost your EXP gained and level up your characters fast.
Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG x10 EXP Coupon
   - If you have "x10 EXP Coupon", always use Gems to massively increase your bonus EXP!
   - x10 EXP Coupons are available from certain events and from the Ad Shop (below Lvl 60). If you get the chance to roll one from the "Lucky Man Event", aim for at least 3 pieces, re-roll using Gems if needed.
   - TIP: Save all x10 EXP Coupons that are stored to your inventory (ex: Daily Spin Rewards), use them only when you break through Stage 8000+.

How Can I Increase EXP Gain?

   - Aside from clearing and advancing stages, using Gems and x10 EXP Coupons, here are some tips on how to increase your EXP gain per run. 
Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG Lucky Coins

Get EXP Buff From Lucky Coins

   - If you are lucky, you can also get 1 or more "Acquire EXP with Return %" buffs from Lucky Coins.

   - TIP: Once you are able to reach Team Lvl 20+, and get 90% or higher "Acquire EXP with Return" buff (check magnifying glass), it also a good idea to aim for it during the 1st Roll.
   - Example: If you did not get one right away, reach Stage 40 and use "Return" to try again (except if you have an active x10 EXP Coupon). Using Gems to roll again instead is also ok if you have extra Gems, but only for the 1st and 2nd Roll (3rd Roll will get lower chance).
   - NOTE: This tip only works below Team Lvl 50.

Increase EXP AMT (Permanent Upgrade)

   - SHOP > God's Blessing: Spend Gems to MAX this out always, check every after using "Return"!

Upgrade EXP Related Skills and Weapons

   - TIP: This is really important if you want to start the game with an advantage especially for F2P players, because this would let you play with high Lvl characters early on and push or farm more EXP per run.
   -  >  Best Characters To Buy and Leveling Guide

How Do I Raise My Team Level?

   - Your team level is determined upon "Return" based on the stages you've cleared.
   - The higher the team level, the more items you earn from Trophies.

Team Lvl Per Stage Reached

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG Team Lvl Per Stage

My Character's Power-up Lvl Became 1 After Returning

   - Power-Up: Stats your character's gained while battling will reset after Returning, you need to farm Gold during battle to power-up your characters again.

I'd Like to Try Clearing Other Maps!

   - Each map has different minimum level requirement and favorable characters. Please refer to the stage information after using "Return".
Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG Choose Map

Battle Forest

   - Clear stages to get various milestone rewards, and to farm weapons and power-up stones.
   - This is probably the easiest map to clear if you want to farm EXP and increase your Team Lvl.

   - Any characters will do, just make sure you have at least 1 character that can attack flying enemies (all magic type characters can do it, and Tempest early game).

How To Effectively Use Choco Bibi

   - Always use Choco Bibi as a starter to boost your stage clearing progress, replace once you reach your "MAX Warp Stage" (check under Team Info). Note though that if you want to farm weapons and items (especially for certain maps like "The Origin" map), it might be best not to use Choco Bibi (only if Choco Bibi is below Lvl 30).

   - How To ReplaceManage Party > Choco Bibi > Skills Tab > Dismiss then Include another character.
   - Choco Bibi and his Emergency Evasion skill and teleportation are also pretty useful for other modes, so consider using him too.

Near Cobalt Castle

Early Game Physical Team

   - Recommended once you are able to get Sora, Tempest and Lime (Lime is needed for EXP boost early game).
   - Example Team: Warrior, Sora, Tempest, and Lime (replace Lime with a better unit later on).
   - Tempest is recommended for early game here in-case you'll encounter a flying enemy that is also magic immune. Best if you can also get any Legendary weapon for him to equip.
   - TIP: To help Tempest clear those flying enemies faster, you can also add Dark here, replace 1 character for now.

Farm Weapons (Magic Exclusive)

   - Clear stages to get various milestone rewards, and to farm weapons for your Magic type characters.

Old Castle Dandan

Early Game Magic Team

   - Recommended once you are able to get Light, and Pooh Upooh/Oz.
   - Example Team: Warrior, Dark, Light, and Pooh Upooh/Oz.
   - Warrior can tank and also do magic attacks once you reach Lvl 15, replace with Heart Heater later on if you like.

Farm Weapons (Physical Exclusive)

   - Clear stages to get various milestone rewards, and to farm weapons for your Physical type characters.

The Origin

   - Similar to Battle Forest but with very powerful monsters with magic or physical immune!
   - Available at Team Lvl 11, requires Wings to enter. Make sure you have at least 1 Magic Type character and Tempest to counter magic/physical immune flying enemies early game.

   - Clear stages to get various milestone rewards, and to farm Power-up Stones and Blessed Legendary weapons, Dragon Snacks, Wings, and more. I won't recommended using Choco Bibi as a starter here to get higher chance to farm these items (only if Choco Bibi is below Lvl 30).

I'm Stuck in a Stage!

   - We recommend that you to keep "Returning", earn EXP and raise the character level first.
   - Also, try to level-up different Character Skills, including Attack+%Team Attack+%, Team Bonus Power-upWeaken Monsters+ for example, and try different character combinations.

   - Movement SPD and ATK SPD are also useful when you're trying to clear the stage even faster!

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