Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG - Strategy for Venomous Todish Subjugation Boss

Here's a guide, tips, and strategy on how to compose teams with key characters to defeat or deal high damages against the Subjugation Round Guild Boss: Venomous Todish in the idle RPG mobile game Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG.

While building teams, also consider characters that can do buffs to help the team, debuffs to reduce the target's stats, notable unique movements, skills, summons and more.

How To Start Subjugation Rounds:

   - NOTE: Only the Guild Master and Vice Guild Master can set the difficulty, and start the challenge for the Subjugation Round. Refer to the [Rule Book] in-game for more info, [Battle Status] for example teams your guild mates are using, and the [Timer] to check the remaining time.
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Guild Subjugation Rounds - Boss Raids
Old War Machine Primitive Demon
Watchman Venomous Todish

Other Notes: Weapons and Armes

   - Make sure to set your weapons first for Subjugation Rounds, refer here for more info:
   -  >  Weapons Guide and Weapon Sets Part 2

Venomous Todish

If Characters Are Near Lvl of Boss

   - This strategy is for teams with character Lvls which are lower or a bit higher than the Subjugation Boss - Venomous Todish (check Lvl of Boss depending on the Lvl of the Subjugation Round).
Lucid Adventure Idle RPG Venomous Todish Team

Key Characters To Add

   - Warrior (Frontline 1st Slot)= Decreases Defense and Evasion of Boss, great damage output as well.
   - Dark  (Frontline 2nd Slot) = His summon will get targeted most of the time, needed to absorb some nuke attacks.
   - Oz = (Frontline 3rd Slot) = Notable DPS and Team Speed buffs.
   - Sora (Frontline 4th Slot) = Lower damage output but her ATK UP buff is really good for the whole team.
   - Lime (Backline 1st Slot) = Mainly to protect ranged allies with her Magic Immunity skill, and also DPS. Placed at the back to avoid first few attacks of Boss.

Some Suggestions and Characters to Try/Consider

   - TIP: Your high Lvl characters usually are the best ones to add or use against Bosses. Use the [Practice Battle] Mode to check which characters can survive longer and/or give the best damages.

   - Range Units = As long that Lime is alive, your range units are safe, so you can add any strong ranged characters you have especially if your high DPS melee units can't survive long enough. Would recommend LightTempest, or Pooh Upooh.

   - Drip Soup and Master Swordsman = Nice damage output and survivability.
   - 1 Melee Tank (Backline Last Slot) = Your reserve tanker that will join the battle after a few seconds, just in-case your frontline melee units will get taken down. Also try other characters depending on their current Lvl and overall upgrades.

Example Strategy

Lucid Adventure Idle RPG Venomous Todish Battle
   - NOTE: You must activate Lime's skill at the exact time given below to protect your team from single target nukes and strong AoE attacks! Lime MUST survive, but in-case Lime got defeated, spam Oz' attack skills.

   - 1:49 = Before Boss' single target nuke hits one of your range units (probably Dark).
   - 1:32 = Right after Boss nukes Dark's Summon and before his wide AoE fire attack.
   - 1:18 = Before Venom AoE attack!
   - 1:08 = Before Boss' single target nuke hits one of your range units, and to avoid AoE fire attack.

   - 0:52 = Before Boss' single target nuke hits one of your range units.
   - 0:36 = Right after Boss nukes Dark's Summon and before his wide AoE fire attack.
   - 0.22 = Before Venom AoE attack!
   - 0.12 = Before Boss' single target attack nukes Dark's Summon and to avoid AoE fire attack.

   - If done right, all characters should be alive or at least all range units.
   - Recommended Lvl 25~30 characters vs Lvl 27~30 Venomous Todish Boss for example.

If Characters Are Way Above Lvl of Boss

   - For teams and characters that can easily survive throughout the battle.

   - NOTE: You can still follow the above tips, the only difference is that, your team should be able to survive all Boss attacks to reach higher damages.

   - Please note that is not the only way, play [Practice Battle] Mode to find other ways to increase damage output.

Strategy with Karma Weapons

   - Follow similar strategy above but this time, use recommended weapons below once you are able to unlock Karma Weapons at Team Lvl 60. Note that you need to at least upgrade these weapons to +2 to make them more effective.
(Change their positions if you like to test)

Key Support/DPS Characters To Add

   - Warrior (Frontline 1st Slot) = Master Blacksmith's Affection or New Moon
   - Lime (Frontline 2nd slot) = Dragon Hunter
   - Sora (Frontline 3rd Slot) = Taste of Fire
   - Pooh Upooh (Frontline 4th Slot) = Goddess's Foresight - Destruction (must have for CRT DMG support skill, her flying summons will replace Dark's summon this time)
   - Choco Bibi (Backline 1st Slot) = Knights - Trainer (must have for CRT DMG support skill)

Key DPS Characters To Add

   - Oz = (Backline) = Important Secret (still better than her Karma Weapon)
   - Dark  (Backline) = Loophole of Contract (No summon, so Pooh Upooh must have her Karma Weapon above)
   - Drip Soup  (Backline) = Frost Saw Blade

   - Also consider these units if characters above doesn't have Karma Weapons, especially Choco Bibi.
   - Light (Backline) = Divide
   - Tempest (Backline) = Devil's Poison Tooth

Other Characters and Karma Weapons to Equip

   - Master Swordsman = Release
   - Heart Heater Tomahawk or Dragon Knight's Magic Sword
   - Lu Bu = Dragon Eliminating Spear or Zen Stick (no Karma Weapons available at the moment)
   - Constant = Butterfly Mask, use Prom in Ocean if your team needs more survivability (no Karma Weapons available at the moment)
   - ArmesFlame Wings (no Karma Weapons available at the moment)

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