Hungry Shark Evolution: Where to Find the Kempy Bass? (Kempy Kill Mission)

Kempy Bass is a mythical creature that has a face of a human and a body of a fish. If you want to find this elusive creature to be able to complete the "Kempy Kill" mission, read on below.

The "Kempy Kill" mission is only available under the Tiger Shark missions set. It is also recommended that you use Tiger Shark or Great White Shark if you want to hunt it.

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Kempy Bass Location: The Kempy Cave

Kempy Cave

     - It is located at the far right side of the whole map. Refer to the edited map above.
     - The entrance is full of Anglers, so it is best to level up your Shark to at least Lvl 7.

Recommended Method

     - Before entering the cave, wait for at least 3 Minutes for it to re-spawn. It will
not appear if you are in the cave earlier than 3 Minutes!
     - Eat and keep your shark's energy bar full while waiting.

     - Go down to the entrance, but stick to the left area, near those rocks to avoid
Submarines and to keep your shark's energy full. You can find lots of creatures here.

     - Next, enter the cave and eat all the creatures along the way. Move to the left
(avoid the 2 deadly Jellyfish), go down, then finally to the left where the Kempy Bass is located.
     - Note: After some test runs, this method is by far the best way to make it
spawn (did and it worked many times in a row).
     - If you have a very bad luck and it's not there, exit the cave then just try again later.

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