Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG - Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guide Part 2

Here's the part 2 guide and tips for beginner's on how to start the game with some advantage while learning the mechanics of the game in the Idle RPG mobile game - Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG.

As you progress through the game, you'll eventually unlock more in-game features like Guild, Nightmare Tower, PVP, and more, refer below for some quick tips. The Part 1 of this guide can be found here:  >  Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guide Part 1

Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guide Part 2

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG - Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guide Part 2

Unlockable Features (Early Game)

Madness Time! (After 1st Return)

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG Madness Time
   - Click/Tap to activate Madness Time, regenerates overtime (max 3).
   - Best used when you are up against tough enemies like groups of fliers or vs Bosses, to try and clear the stage.

Lucky Coin Buffs (After 1st Return)

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG Lucky Coins Buffs
   - Roll the Lucky Coins to get a random bonus buff.
   - The 2nd Lucky Coin unlocks after reaching your "Offline Limit Stage" (check under Team Info).
   - The 3rd Luck Coin unlocks once you are able to reach the highest stage that you have cleared.

   - Check magnifying glass in-game, to view available buffs.

Shop > God's Blessing Tab

   - NOTE: Only buy Permanent Upgrades here!
Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG God's Blessing
   - Increase EXP AMT = Max this always, check every after using Return!

   - Weaken Monster = Upgrade after getting Heart Heater and Lu Bu, just cap this one first to Lvl 10 (total of 3200 Gems) or Lvl 20 (total 8200 Gems).
   - Note: You'll need another 5000 Gems to add another "100 Monster Weakening" every 10 Lvls. If you need more push to advance through the stages (especially once you break through Stage 6000), consider this deal if you have extra Gems after getting all Costumes you like.

   - Decrease Hohoian's Gold Acquisition Time = Just increase lightly after getting all Characters and Costumes you like. Upgrade to at least Lvl 12 = 60 seconds reduction, upgrade more if you have extra Gems later in the game.

   - Other Permanent Upgrades = Upgrade at later stage of the game if you have extra Gems, get at least Lvl 10 each (upgrades cost flats out to 500 Gems above Lvl 9). Upgrade more if you think it is strongly needed to enhance your style or game progress late game.

   - Costumes Guide = To help you decide which Costumes to buy first, refer to our separate guide here:  >  Best and Recommended Costumes To Buy

Create or Join A Guild (Team Lvl 3)

Do I Have to Join a Guild?

   - Guild is a very important content in Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG. I highly recommend you to join a guild as there's a lot you can benefit from joining one.
   - You can also create your own Guild if you want.

Find Active Guilds

   - Join a Guild that accepts All Areas, Lvl 3 and up (early game), with decent number of members, and active Guild Master and Vice Masters (preferably with last login that is 1 Day or lower, best if it's only within hours).

Gather Guild Ores

   - Work with the guild members to collect as many ores as possible and put them in the pot to combine powerful weapons!

Ore Collection Event (Lasts 7 Days)

   - Ore Collection Period: 4 Days
   - Ore Combination Period: 1 Day
   - Reward Collection and Ore Challenge Registration Period: 2 Days

   - NOTE: You must be a member of the guild before the ore collection period. Click/Tap the [ ? ] in-game (Guild Info) for more details. Rewards will be sent to all guild members that participated based on the sum of the cobalt ores or type and quantity of ores gathered during the ore collection period.

Subjugation Rounds

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG - Subjugation Rounds Guide
   - NOTE: Only the Guild Master and Vice Guild Master can set the difficulty, and start the challenge for the Subjugation Round. Refer to the [Rule Book] in-game for more info, [Battle Status] for example teams your guild mates are using, and the [Timer] to check the remaining time.

Teams Suggestions For Subjugation Bosses

Guild Subjugation Rounds - Boss Raids
Old War Machine Primitive Demon
Watchman Venomous Todish

Guild Search

   - The simplest way to do this is to just focus on the "Refresh Mission" screen.
   - As much as possible send all of your characters on Grade S and A Missions. Use the [Auto Place] option, but make sure that you have the featured "Suggested Member" in that party.
Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG Mission Order Item
   - Use your Mission Order items to refresh the Missions and find higher Grade Missions and/or suitable Missions where you can always include the featured "Suggested Member".

   - Once their Missions are done, click/tap the "Flashing Yellow Icon" at the lower left corner of your Guild Search screen to quickly navigate through your returning parties.
   - Read the Guild Search "Rule Book" for more info.

Contaminated Box and Holy Water

Lucid Adventure Idle RPG - Contaminated Box
   - Contaminated Boxes can be found during missions. It is possible to obtain rewards by opening in the contaminated state (from the Inventory), but the chances of getting high quality items are lower.

   - If Holy Water is used to clean the box before opening, treasures can be obtained with higher chance.
   - TIP: Contaminated Box and Holy Water drop chance can also be increased by upgrading Water Witch and Contamination Sensor Device from the Shop > God's Blessing.

Nightmare Tower (Team Lvl 4)

How Often Does the Nightmare Tower Reset?

   - The Nightmare Tower resets itself every 3 weeks.
   - Once the season is reset, you can start from 1F once again. Monster difficulty will increase as you climb higher, so it's best to roll the best weapons!

Aim For 3 Legendary Weapons (x3 Each)

Lucid Adventure Idle RPG Nightmare Tower
   - Any Legendary Weapon will do as long that it's a 3x3, but if you can get Legendary or Heroic Weapons with "Acquire EXP with Return", "Team Bonus Power-up", or "Monster Weakening" stats (depends on featured characters) especially early game, now that's even better!

   - Also take note of the season ending date, if you still have way more than enough time to play, just take your time re-rolling 3x3 weapons, but if you came in a late, better aim for 3x3 or 2x3 Legendary weapons.

   - Blessed Legendary weapons are much harder to get so if you are able to get 2x2 Blessed Legendary Weapons that's ok too!
   - Also refer to the "Rule Book" in-game for more info.

PVP (Team Lvl 5)

How To Start PVP?

   - Select 5 Characters to use in PVP and select Save. Also don't forget to set your PVP weapons to make your team stronger, refer below link for more info (highly recommended to read the Part 1 of the Guide first to better understand how Equip Effect and Collection Effects works):
   -  >  Weapons Guide and Weapon Sets Part 1
Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG - PVP Guide
   - To start a PVP match, just turn Auto-Matching ON, or click/tap the PVP icon (upper right corner while adventuring).
   - NOTE: It's ok to lose early game especially for F2P players, just keep building your team and slowly increase your PVP Points and Rank (increase Team Lvl to access higher tier of rewards, even if your rank is low, it is still better than staying at lower tiers), use this too for the 3x speed!

PVP Characters

   - Mix and match different characters to find the best team that suits your style, make sure you have ground and anti air characters to counter most PVP teams, and also check enemy characters while battling as reference.
   - Commonly used characters early game are Warrior (tank, debuffer, DPS), Oz (AoE stun, DPS, Speed Buff, and she can fly), and Light (DPS, anti air, debuffer, and she can fly too). Simply using your high Lvl characters also works, so try them too.

   - Characters alone will not make your team stronger, you also need to level them up (highly recommended), collect and power-up their weapons, upgrade their skills, and more.

PVP Rewards

   - You can earn Glory Coins just by entering the PVP League, including Gems and Boxes.
   - Use Glory Coins to buy Blessed Legendary weapons (Shop), or Power-up Stones (Shop > Weapon Tab > Weapon Box (View More) > Power Up Stones).
   - Check the "Reward Info" tab for more rewards, "Today's Rank" for the remaining time, and the "Rule Book" for more info. Good luck!

Teto's Castle Abandoned Mine (Team Lvl 15)

Use Auto Play!

   - If you still unsure what to do here, just hit "Auto Play", but there are still some things that you need to do manually like:
   - Appraise Items: Watch ads or use Gems to reveal the items from these boxes, use them wisely. Click/Tap+Hold to check item info (Gold Icons increases Gold gain; Pill Icons are buffs, Potion Icons are debuffs, and Ticket Icons are time related buffs).
   - Use Skills: Activate Character Skills when needed, the number of skills that you can use depends on the number of Purple Bars you currently have (upper left corner).

Example Teams

   - This is similar to the "The Origin" map, but you'll be able to use 6 characters. If you need help forming your team, you can refer to the above screenshot, or check the [Rank] section to view the team of other players.
   - Also check the [Rule Book] for more info. Good luck!

   - Notable Reward: Abandoned Mine is an excellent source of Power-up Stones, try to clear as many waves as possible!
   - TIP: If you like, you can watch video ads from the Shop > God's Blessing to increase the Battle Speed once you enter the Abandoned Mine, good luck!

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That's it guys, thank you for checking our Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guide Part 2 for the Idle RPG mobile game - Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).