Pockie Ninja Tips, Tricks and Info

       Here is list of Pockie Ninja's Tips and Tricks. Refer here to learn the ways of the ninja world. Basis and Advanced Leveling for normal to moderate EXP gain. Tips on how to gain easy money to fulfill your every needs in game.

Important Note:
     - The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja's (PN II Upgrade). All Main Functions
can still be found and are still working. Happy Playing!

- Basic Leveling -
     - Do all your Quests - This will get you started. You can get to level 10 in no time just by completing [Tutorial] Quests.
     - Refer Here to learn How to Use the Quest Navigation Window to track your quests.

     - Do Bounty Quests - At level 11, go to your village and get more quests from the Reward Releaser. You can only complete 10 Bounty Quests daily. Resets at server time.

Demon City
     - Las Noches - to challenge the espadas of Aizen
     - Clear all levels to gain EXP and mystery treasures as you go on to the top floors.
     - Repair your Equipments, Heal up and Set your Skills before going in.
     - You can leave Las Noches temporarily and save your current floor.
     - Continue challenging floors until you think that you can't defeat the next monster
with full health. Claim the rewards to exit or restart Las Noches.

     - Valhalla - to save those heroic souls
     - Challenge levels that suits your current character level.
     - Repair your Equipments, Heal up and Set your Skills before going in.
     - Team up with your friends or Apprentices for easier level completion.
     - If you want to go solo, try lower levels if liked.

Hall Training
     - When you need to log off, you can train at the Hall!
     - Look for a free space from the Hall to begin your training. 
     - To get the best out of it, buy Mark, Seal, or Stamp of Special Training from the
Item Mall to increase your EXP gain. 

Ninja Diary
     - Reach the number of liveliness by doing quests and battles and claim the reward after.

Outdoor Monster Kills
     - They have the least number of experience over time so only do this if you have quests.

- Advanced Leveling -

Demon Proof of Suppression
     - Can be obtained from Explorations or through Synthesis.
     - Demon Proof of Suppression Synthesis Formula:

     - [1s] + [1s] + [1s] = 2s
     - [Anonymous Namecard] + [2s] + [2s] = Grenade
     - [Grenade] + [32 synthesis value] + [32 synthesis value] = Demon Proof of Suppression

     - [1s] = equipment with only 1 stat [22 synthesis value]
     - [2s] = equipment with 2 stats [31 synthesis value]

     - Demon Proof of Suppression is used to challenge boss NPC's outside villages.
You can find them at places where you can do Exploration. They can net high EXP and very useful items depending to your level, so is it best to use your Demon Proofs of Suppression at late game for huge boost.

- Gain More Money (Stones) -

     - Complete Quests and Bounty Quests.

Featured Bounty Quest: How to Synthesize Iron Ore
     - Collect Iron Ore - claim quest from the Reward Releaser (Bounty).
     - Synthesize Iron Ores by doing any of the following Synthesis Formulas:
     - [Any Weapon] + [Weapon Disassembly Scroll] + [Weapon Disassembly Scroll]
     - [Any Armor] + [Armor Disassembly Scroll] + [Armor Disassembly Scroll]
     - [Any Accessory] + [Accessory Disassembly Scroll] + [Accessory Disassembly Scroll]

     - Disassembly Scrolls are purchasable (free) from the Item Shop. Component of
Armor include Helm, Chest Armor, Leg Armor, Gloves and Belt.

More Money Gaining Methods
     - Exploration - You might be able to pick them up randomly if you are lucky. ^^
     - Do Valhalla Runs - Team up with your friends to get easy 5k+ Stones per run.
     - At Lvl 25, you can unlock the Trade Market. Sell items to other players.
     - Do not buy unnecessary items and do not over use "Synthesizing Costs".
     - Stacking costs in-game refreshes at server time so relax.

- More Pockie Ninja Tips -

     - Claim Rewards from the Gift Box or Coupon Tab every time you reach level 10, 20,
30 and 40 to get free equipments. You can also get some early rewards while staying online.

     - Outdoor Exploration - Choose outdoor maps that are suitable for your level to explore! Obtain items, capture pets and gain more special events. Resets at server time.

     - Enter the Hall in your village and click on "Enter Lounge" to Restore your HP, Chakra and Movement Power.You can also buy HP and Chakra potions from the Item Shop's Grocery.

    - Enter Angel City and enter Dice of Fate to get temporary stat bonuses.

     - You can repair your equipments at the Item Shop or from Team Manager NPCs.

     - Never sell your equipments or items to the NPC.
     - You can use them for synthesis or for Iron Ore Quests.

- Pockie Ninja Pets -

     - Pets - Get a pet from the Item Mall or through Exploration.
     - Go to your village and enter the Pet Kennel Building and feed your pet to
discover abilities.

Featured Pet: Vulture Fledgling Pet
     - Vulture Fledgling is the cheapest pet to get and the easiest pet to level.
     - Vulture Pet Synthesis Formula:
     - [Pet with 30 Synthesis value] + [1 to 5 Synthesis value] + [1 to 5 Synthesis value]
     - You can get free items with 1 synthesis value from the Item Shop.
     - Items like:  Disassembly Scrolls

     - Recipe for Pet Leveling:

     - [Vulture +0] + [Vulture +0] + [Vulture +0] = [Vulture +1]
     - [Vulture +1] + [Vulture +0] + [Vulture +0] =  [Vulture +2]
     - and so on...

     - Use the Pet Tracing Building from your village to get free pet foods.
     - It's a mini game. Just aim for the longest line with arrows.

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