Brawl Stars: Best Brawlers to Play for Showdown Hot Maze Map

Here's some quick tips and guide on how to survive and win Brawl Star's Showdown event mode (Hot Maze Map), in the fast-paced multiplayer online battle arena mobile game app for Android and iOS players.

Before anything else, also refer to our guide here for basic info on Showdown, I will no longer explain some of them on this guide. Link here: Brawl Stars: How To Survive, Win, and Farm Trophies in Showdown
Brawl Stars: Best Brawlers to Play for Showdown Hot Maze Map

Solo Showdown Map List:

   - Cavern Churn
   - Dune Drift
   - Hot Maze
   - Skull Creek
   - Stormy Plains

Solo Showdown (Hot Maze Map)

Quick Map Details:

Spawn Points

   - Top and bottom areas will spawn 4 Brawlers (2 each), safe spawn locations.
   - The left and right sides of the map will spawn 3 Brawlers each (6 total). Note: If you are using a squishy and slow moving Brawler and you spawned right at the middle, well good luck because some Brawlers with high move speed like Leon, can chase and kill you right away! This needs some re-balancing in my opinion.

Boxes and Power Cubes

   - Some boxes are scattered within the maze, and most of them can be found at the center area. You can also check the corners of the map, but be careful though because sometimes other Brawlers likes to camp and set ambushes here.
   - Memorize their locations to help you decide where to go early on. Watch the "Map Preview" right from the start to check the locations of the boxes.

Other Map Details

   - Lots of obstacles and bushes but they are too thin so scouting enemies is easier, you can also check enemies hiding within those bushes by walking next to those thin walls.
   - Entrances from the outside of the maze is limited so wither go straight to the center to possibly avoid ambushes, or hide well to ambush others.
   - Watch out for those poison clouds too, because if you can't make it to the center and get trapped, it's over for you, unless you have a Skill that can jump above obstacles.

   - Team-Ups: Team-ups are rampant here which would make the whole match so toxic that it is no longer ideal for solo players. Example: More than 2 Throwers teaming up together~lol. If this happens a lot, better avoid playing this map for now.

Suggested Brawlers for Farming Trophies

   - Getting 10th or 9th place here isn't common unless you are too aggressive and careless. Also, if you find your matches too long because of campers, try to play again after a couple of minutes to reshuffle competing players.

Camper Mode (Fast Breakers and Ambushers)

Brawl Stars - ShellyBrawl Stars - ColtBrawl Stars - BullBrawl Stars - El PrimoBrawl Stars - Leon
   - Examples: Shelly, Colt, Bull, El Primo, Leon, and similar Brawlers.
   - Recommended Power Lvl: At least 6 or 7 for 380+ Trophies.

Your Aim (Quick Tips and Strategies)

   - Grab Power Cubes that you can (also check corners) and try to charge your Super by harassing other Brawlers nearby (better for ranged like Shelly). Check enemy movements, the more Brawlers that goes straight to the center the better.
   - Keep hidden but do not hide near entrances (to the maze or to the center) early on to avoid getting sandwiched or attacked by stronger Brawlers passing through.

   - For melee type Brawlers, camp and wait for enemies to come closer then ambush them (best with low HP).
   - For Ranged Brawlers, it would be better to ambush them right away instead of waiting for them to come closer to your spot.

   - Move away safely while scouting bushes if there are Throwers or stronger Brawlers nearby, unless you can defeat or fend them off. If necessary, go to the center and hide into those corner bushes.
   - TIP: Throwers usually don't go alone to the center.
   - Avoid getting sandwiched or trapped, transfer quickly to a not so crowded area early on if needed.

   - Once those poison clouds closes in, if possible be the last to enter the center area but make sure that no one is standing right next to those entrances that would openly ambush you. Let them fight each other first then sneak in to hide to those corner bushes.
   - Luck is needed from here on depending on how many is left.

   - For melee Brawlers, if possible do not initiate attacks and dodge them unless needed, attack Brawlers that are being attacked.
   - For ranged Brawlers, quickly lower someone else HP to possibly redirect their attacks to that Brawler.
   - Good Luck!

Camper Mode (Range+HP)

Brawl Stars - NitaBrawl Stars - FrankBrawl Stars - Pam
   - Examples: Nita, Frank, Pam, and similar Brawlers.
   - Recommended Power Lvl: At least 6 or 7 for 380+ Trophies.

   - Same strategy above.
   - Most of the time, the end game would be a 4 or 5 way stand-offs, so having a range and decent HP is an advantage (Upgrades and Power Cubes). They would usually go and kill off low HP Brawlers first.
   - Note: Once those poison clouds are too close to the center, you'll get an advantage over melee type because of the waters at the center, just keep moving around it while attacking, and don't let them come near you.

Camper Mode (Move Speed and Anti-Throwers)

   - Examples: Darryl (best with Star Power), Mortis, and similar Brawlers.
   - Recommended Power Lvl: At least 6 or 7 for 380+ Trophies.

   - Brawlers that can ambush Throwers without relying on charging Super using normal attacks. This map is full of Throwers, and if played right, these 2 can reach top 5 just by eliminating Throwers even against teamers.
   - Same strategy above, but focus more on squishy Brawlers like Throwers.

Aggressive Mode (Fast Breakers and Move Speed)

Brawl Stars - ShellyBrawl Stars - BullBrawl Stars - El PrimoBrawl Stars - Leon
   - Examples: Shelly, Bull, El Primo, Leon, and similar Brawlers.
   - Recommended Power Lvl: At least 6 or 7 for 380+ Trophies.

   - Move speed paired with fast breaking attacks can help you quickly reach the center to grab more Power Cubes.
   - Shelly doesn't have the move speed like the others, but I would include her here because she can take on enemies with higher Power cubes even if she comes late to the center.

Your Aim (Quick Tips and Strategies)

   - Quickly get Power Cubes along the way near your spawn point, then run towards the center, or gather more Power Cubes from nearby areas.
   - Be careful when breaking boxes at the center because it is most likely that you'll get ambushed if there are enemies nearby. Use manual aiming to avoid hitting boxes while attacking ambushers.

   - For Bull, Leon and El Primo, it would be best to run to the center asap to get Power Cubes and control the area. You have the upper hand this time because Shelly for example, doesn't have Super yet.

   - For Shelly, charge up your Super quickly then go to the center, use your Super wisely when fighting (spam tap/click Super button (Yellow) instead of Normal Attacks (Red) to quickly execute).

   - Watch enemy movements to check who are coming inside the center area, ambush them near the entrances if you think you have the upper hand (ex: Shelly with Super ready).
   - If there are lots of Throwers, better hide for while to let them kill the others first then ambush them with your Super if available. Use those corner bushes near the center or dodge their attacks while hiding inside those center bushes

Aggressive Mode (Map or Area Control)

Brawl Stars - BarleyBrawl Stars - Rico
   - This map can also be controlled by Throwers like Barley and Dynamike because of their advantage to throw attacks over obstacles, and most especially because of those team-ups!
   - Rico is also decent to use here because you can easily scout those bushes and harass other Brawlers, forcing them to move away.
   - Recommended Power Lvl: At least 6 or 7 (possible at lower Lvls too) for 380+ Trophies.

Your Aim (Quick Tips and Strategies)

   - Grab Power Cubes that you can and try to charge up your Super early on by harassing other Brawlers near those boxes.

   - Map Control: Control the area you are in to force other Brawlers to move away and disrupt other campers or players. Ambush players to trap them, or attack and sandwich brawlers that are being attacked.

   - Avoid getting sandwiched or trapped, transfer quickly to a not so crowded area if needed. Defeat high HP brawlers if possible because they might pose a threat later on.

   - Throwers: Never use manual aiming to fight moving targets, especially melee Brawlers. Drop your attacks right behind you when being chased.
   - Rico: Throwers can still pose a threat if your attacks can't reach them, so quickly move away and avoid them. If there are too many Throwers, Rico might be a bit challenging to play.
   - If you see or hear a Leon using his Super, start spamming attacks on possible paths he might take to get to you.

   - Once those poison clouds closes in to the center, use your attacks to drive them away. Keep spamming your attacks to force those that are inside those bushes to move and hopefully fight other Brawlers nearby.
   - Closing out matches with Rank #1 is kinda hard for this guys once you reach the center, but they have a good chance of finishing top 5.

Hot Maze Special Events:

Showdown and Healing Mushrooms

   - Healing mushrooms will delay the game even longer but not always.
   - Advantage for high HP Brawlers.
   - Spawns randomly, but most of the time it will spawn near Brawlers which is bad because it would reveal your location.
   - When combined with healing skills like Pam's Super... healing would be massive and could possibly survive even within those poison clouds!

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