Brawl Stars: How To Survive, Win, and Farm Trophies in Showdown

Here's some quick tips and guide on how to survive, win, and farm Trophies in Solo Showdown event mode in Brawl Stars - a fast-paced multiplayer online battle arena mobile game app for Android and iOS players.

Before anything else, also refer to our guide here for basic info like Unlocking Brawlers, Upgrading, Combat Tips and more: Brawl Stars: Beginner's FAQs, Tips and How To Unlock and Upgrade Brawlers

Event Mode: Showdown

   - Go alone or with a partner to fight in the Showdown Arena! Whoever's still standing at the end wins. Collect Power Cubes to increase your Health and Attack damage. There are posion clouds closing in, so keep moving!
Brawl Stars: How To Survive, Win, and Farm Trophies in Showdown
   - I would highly recommend playing Showdown Event once you learn the mechanics of the game, but before that, practice by playing Gem Grab or Friendly Games first to familiarize yourself on how to use your new characters in combat.

   - PROS:
   - Faster trophy farming if you know what you are doing.
   - Best for players who can't find a decent party, or players who just wants to play solo and rely on their own skill.

   - CONS:
   - Requires player skill and patience.
   - You could also lose trophies really fast, if you lose a lot!

How To Survive Solo Showdown

   - You can get easy trophies here especially at lower Ranks, but you'll eventually play with other characters with better upgrades as you Rank higher, especially for F2P players, so always assume that everyone is stronger than you in terms of stats (unless you can decently upgrade your characters too).
Brawl Stars Trophy Farming Low Lvl
   - Aim: The best way is to survive and at least aim for Top 5. Getting to character Rank 10 is easy by doing this method, and can be pushed up to Rank 15 (300 Trophies) even with low upgrades, more depending on your brawler's advantages and player skill.

   - Note that some Brawlers are better on some Showdown maps than others, and some maps are easier to gain Trophies than others (ex: smaller maps).

Boxes and Power Cubes

   - Only destroy boxes if there are no enemies nearby that could harass you, or if you can destroy them fast enough.
   - If you can't break the Box and get the Power Cube, before someone closes into you, it's better to leave it alone to let them get it, so that you can run away safely.
   - You can also use those boxes as shield from most regular attacks.

   - Quickfire: Will also auto-target boxes so watch out and do manual aiming when near boxes! There are some Brawlers though like Jessie and and Penny that can benefit from shooting these boxes.

   - If you are having trouble learning the mechanics of the game, or getting killed easily, try to upgrade your Brawlers, refer here:
   - Brawl Stars: Beginner's FAQs, Tips and How To Unlock and Upgrade Brawlers

Defensive Mode (Camper+Luck)

   - This is recommended for under leveled Brawlers, squishy, or with low damage output.

Best Map Locations and Movement Tips

   - In general, stay near the corners somewhat close to those poison clouds, it's your best chance of surviving and to avoid getting sandwiched! Most would choose staying at corners even after those poison clouds closes in, usually resulting into a 4 way battle.
   - Be careful though if you are using a long ranged Brawler, because staying near corners would also make you vulnerable from short ranged Brawlers, that can trap and force you to attack at shorter range. To avoid this, make sure to stay hidden inside bushes.
   - Before those poison clouds hits you, quickly move to the nearest bush.

   - Use your attacks to check bushes nearby or before moving in though, and if possible, do this while there are no visible enemies around that might spot your attacks and expose your location.
Brawl Stars: Stay hidden inside bushes.
   - Notes:
   - When you are inside a bush, enemies can see you if you attack or take damage.
   - Enemy quickfires cannot target you while hidden.
   - When you are hidden inside a bush, enemies can still spot you if they come close enough.

Defensive Mode: Quick Combat Tips

   - If an enemy spots you and closes in, either fight if you think you can, try to fend them off using your attacks, or dodge and run towards bushes or obstacles to take cover.
   - Accurately use your attacks and also learn when to replenish your HP while running or dodging attacks.

   - Attack low HP targets, but be careful when approaching enemies with high number of Power Cubes, because they can possibly 1 or 2 hits kill you.
   - If there are only 3 survivors left, try to sneak closer to them while they are battling, then kill them once their HP goes too low. This is your best chance to grab the #1 spot.

   - Note: There are so many strategies that you can do, just learn from experience and mistakes.

Solo Showdown: Aggressive Mode

   - This is recommended only if you are using decently upgraded Brawlers, it might seem easy for the first few character Ranks but once you reach 10+ or 15+, upgrades starts to really matter.

Boxes and Power Cubes

   - First thing that you need to do is to collect Power Cubes from boxes early on and asap (best with brawlers that can destroy them fast). Harass your enemies and steal Power Cubes from those boxes or from other players by defeating them.

   - One strategy that you can do is to wait for them to use all 3 attack bars, then quickly approach to initiate an attack with better DPS, or wait for 2 players to battle then jump in to get them both.
Brawl Stars - Boxes and Power Cubes
   - Most boxes are located at the center of the map. If you can control this area asap and defeat every player who enters your zone, your chances of winning is pretty high!
   - Some maps doesn't have lots of bushes at the center though (ex: Showdown: Double Trouble map).

  - Note: Depending on the map, some characters will get more advantages (ex: lots of bushes = melee Brawlers are great to use here).

   - If you failed to collect Power Cubes early on, better play it safe for now or pick off easy targets to build your way up. It's better to take Rank 2~5 rather than getting killed off and rank way lower and lose Trophies.

Aggressive Mode: Quick Combat Tips

   - Even if you are playing aggressively, still avoid getting sandwiched, this is one of the common mistakes newbies do while playing Showdown. Check where your enemies are going to counter what they are planning.

   - You can harass nearby players to force them to move and disrupt other campers, best for long ranged brawlers, and to get some chargers for their SUPER too.
   - Be careful though and don't over do it, because some players will get frustrated and would attack you non-stop.

   - Once you have a fully charged SUPER, you can actually use it to bluff and scare enemies too!

Combination of Defensive and Aggressive Modes

   - This is probably the most common method that players use. Your aim is to go aggressive during the early stages of the battle to collect Power Cubes or charge up SUPER by harassing other players. Once most of the boxes are gone, players would go and hide inside bushes and play defensively until the number of survivors thins out to around 6 (to avoid getting Rank 8~10 which would hurt your Trophies).
   - Next, continue and play defensively until 3 or 4 is left, or go aggressive if you have enough Power Cubes and/or Power Lvl Upgrades (depending on type of Brawlers too).

   - TIP: Try to control a quarter (1/4) of the map from where you are, harass enemies that comes in your area to force them to go to other areas. If you can't control it or there are too many Brawlers fighting within your area, quickly go to a safe area then start again.
   - This is highly recommended for Throwers like Barley and Dynamike.

Other FAQs and Tips

Showdown Special Events

   - There are limited Special Events that is similar with Showdown but with extra features like taking damage overtime, healing mushrooms that appears randomly around the map, and more.

   - Take advantage of these extra effects to use your suitable Brawlers. For example, using Throwers or long ranged type Brawlers are pretty easy to Rank up (not necessary to get Rank #1) under "Showdown+Life Drain+Life Leech" event because they can harass and attack much easier.

How Does Duo Showdown Works?

   - Similar with Solo Showdown but you play with a partner (total of 5 pairs).
   - If one got killed, the other must survive until his or her partner re-spawns, but if both players got killed, they will both lose the match.
   - Getting killed would also mean that you'll lose Power Cubes, so if your partner can't get them, better run towards those poisonous clouds and get killed.

   - This is great if you can find a partner and use characters that works well together (ex: Tank and Nuker/DPS Brawlers).

   - Trophy farming is also great here as long that your team play and character synergies are good.

Why Some Players Are Spinning Non-stop?

   - If you see players that are rotating or spinning around, it's a signal that they want to team-up with you or any players nearby. This is ok depending on the situation, but if they are asking for team-up just because they want to get wins by leeching (lots of them do this from the very beginning), or because they are about to die...nah.

Showdown Team-Ups

   - In-case you want to team-up, also rotate to accept, but please do manual aiming because you might hit him or her with quickfire ~ lol, and avoid getting close together because there is chance that he/she will betray you. Yup, some players would ask for team-up just to kill you once you enter his melee range, or once your HP goes too low for example.

   - I won't really recommend doing team-ups because most of the time they would just use you as a shield and stay right behind you ~ lol. Good luck and have fun guys!

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