Brawl Stars: Best Brawlers to Play for Showdown Skull Creek Map

Here's some quick tips and guide on how to survive and win Brawl Star's Showdown event mode (Skull Creek Map), in the fast-paced multiplayer online battle arena mobile game app for Android and iOS players.

Before anything else, also refer to our guide here for basic info on Showdown, I will no longer explain some of them on this guide. Link here: Brawl Stars: How To Survive, Win, and Farm Trophies in Showdown
Brawl Stars: Best Brawlers to Play for Showdown Skull Creek Map

Solo Showdown Map List:

   - Cavern Churn
   - Dune Drift
   - Hot Maze
   - Skull Creek
   - Stormy Plains

Solo Showdown (Skull Creek Map)

Quick Map Details:

Spawn Points

   - Spawn points are fairly located near the corners and sides of the map.

Boxes and Power Cubes

   - Lots of them can be found at the center and it's surrounding areas!
   - Depending on spawn points, and how enemies will move, you might need to fight for Power Cubes. I would highly recommend Brawlers that can break boxes fast here, because this is match for Power Cubes and upgrades.

   - Memorize their locations to help you decide where to go early on. Watch the "Map Preview" right from the start to check the locations of the boxes.

Other Map Details

   - Map has fairly thick bushes perfect for ambushes, lots of obstacles during mid to end stage of the match, and obstacle plants that can be used to shield from most attacks especially those ranged ones.
Brawl Stars - Showdown Scorched Stone
   - Team-Ups: Team-ups are rampant here which would make the whole match so toxic that it is no longer ideal for solo players. Example: More than 2 Throwers teaming up together~lol. If this happens a lot, better avoid playing this map for now.

Suggested Brawlers for Farming Trophies

Camper Mode (Fast Breakers and Ambushers)

Brawl Stars - ShellyBrawl Stars - ColtBrawl Stars - BullBrawl Stars - El PrimoBrawl Stars - Leon
   - Examples: Shelly, Colt, Bull, El Primo, Leon, and similar Brawlers.
   - Recommended Power Lvl: At least 6 or 7 for 380+ Trophies.

   - Getting 10th or 9th place here isn't common unless you are too aggressive and careless. Also, if you find your matches too long because of campers, try to play again after a couple of minutes to reshuffle competing players.

Your Aim (Quick Tips and Strategies)

   - Grab Power Cubes using your fast breaking attacks, the more you can grab the better because this map is all about Upgrades and Power Cubes (aim for at least 2 depending on your spawn point and available boxes). The stronger you are, the more likely that they will stay away from you.

   - If you need to fight for Power Cubes, be careful and don't get damaged a lot or get ambushed. Always check enemy movements and possible escape routes just in case. If possible, avoid staying at the center early on even if you have high Power Cubes.

   - Once you are done or most of the boxes are gone, quickly go to a safe area, preferably corners or at the lower area of the map. Wait for ambush opportunities (for more Power Cubes) while hiding, or wait until there are only around 6 survivors left, before going a bit aggressive.

   - Note: If there are too many Throwers, better stay hidden and let them do some of the killing.

Camper Mode (Range+HP)

Brawl Stars - FrankBrawl Stars - Pam
   - Examples: Frank, Pam, and similar Brawlers.
   - Recommended Power Lvl: At least 6 or 7 for 380+ Trophies.

   - Here's some example Brawlers that you might also want to use.
   - Same strategy above.
   - Having a range and decent HP is an advantage. Plus, they would usually go and kill off low HP Brawlers first, once those poison clouds closes in to the center.

Camper Mode (Move Speed and Anti-Throwers)

   - Examples: Darryl (best with Star Power), Mortis, and similar Brawlers.
   - Recommended Power Lvl: At least 6 or 7 for 380+ Trophies.

   - Brawlers that can ambush Throwers without relying on charging Super using normal attacks. This map is full of Throwers, and if played right, these 2 can reach top 5 just by eliminating Throwers even against teamers.
   - Same strategy above, but focus more on squishy Brawlers like Throwers.

Aggressive Mode (Throwers)

Brawl Stars - Barley
   - This map can also be controlled by Throwers like Barley and Dynamike because of their advantage to throw attacks over obstacles, and most especially because of those team-ups!
   - Recommended Power Lvl: At least 6 or 7 for 380+ Trophies.

Your Aim (Quick Tips and Strategies)

   - Grab Power Cubes that you can and try to charge up your Super early on by harassing other Brawlers near those boxes.

   - Map Control: Control the area you are in to force other Brawlers to move away and disrupt other campers or players. Ambush players to trap them, or attack and sandwich brawlers that are being attacked.

   - Avoid getting sandwiched or trapped, transfer quickly to a not so crowded area if needed. Defeat high HP brawlers if possible because they might pose a threat later on.

   - Never use manual aiming to fight moving targets, especially melee Brawlers. Drop your attacks right behind you when being chased.
   - If you see or hear a Leon using his Super, start spamming attacks on possible paths he might take to get to you.

   - Once those poison clouds closes in to the center, use those obstacles to your advantage. Do not let anyone come near you, throw your bombs in between you and your enemy to fend them off, or to damage and kill them if they come nearer.
   - You have lower HP so they might target you first, so pick your fights well and quickly lower someone else HP.

Aggressive Mode (Range and Move Speed)

Brawl Stars - CrowBrawl Stars - Leon
   - Examples: Crow, Leon, and similar Brawlers.
   - Recommended Power Lvl: At least 6 or 7 for 380+ Trophies.

   - Most Brawlers that you will encounter here are Melee Tanks and Throwers, so using a Brawler with nice range and move speed is also good here, use it to escape/dodge or harass Melee Brawlers and Throwers like Dynamike and Barley.

Other Notes:

   - Darryl and Mortis are also ok here to counter Throwers but they require high Power Lvl and player skill to use, plus you have Leon to deal with for example.

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