Brawl Stars: Best Brawlers to Play for Showdown Thousand Lakes Map

Here's some quick tips and guide on how to survive and win Brawl Star's Showdown event mode (Thousand Lakes Map), in the fast-paced multiplayer online battle arena mobile game app for Android and iOS players.

Before anything else, also refer to our guide here for basic info on Showdown, I will no longer explain some of them on this guide. Link here: Brawl Stars: How To Survive, Win, and Farm Trophies in Showdown
Brawl Stars: Best Brawlers to Play for Showdown Thousand Lakes Map

Solo Showdown Map List:

   - Cavern Churn
   - Dune Drift
   - Hot Maze
   - Skull Creek
   - Stormy Plains

Solo Showdown (Thousand Lakes Map)

Quick Map Details:

Spawn Points

   - 8 are fairly placed near the corners while the other 2 will get easy access to the center area, which would sometimes spawn lots of boxes.

Boxes and Power Cubes

   - Fairly scattered across the map giving everybody a chance to get some Power Cubes. Good for brawlers that takes a lot of hits just to break boxes.
   - Memorize their locations to help you decide where to go early on. Watch the "Map Preview" right from the start to check the locations of the boxes.

Other Map Details

   - Obstacles are few, bushes are still great to use as a hiding place early on, but as the poison clouds closes in, there won't be enough, so brawl your way to the center area!
   - Notable objects here are those Cactus plants, use them to shield yourself from most attacks!

   - Team-Ups: Team-ups are somewhat common here which would make the match too long and annoying sometimes, so be careful. I won't recommend it, but if you want to team up, be careful as well.

Suggested Brawlers for Farming Trophies

Camper Mode (High HP or Survivability)

Brawl Stars - BullBrawl Stars - El PrimoBrawl Stars - FrankBrawl Stars - PamBrawl Stars - PocoBrawl Stars - Nita
   - Examples: Bull, El Primo, Frank, Pam, Poco (with ready Heal)Nita (with bear ready, best if Star Power unlocked) or other similar high HP brawlers.
   - Recommended Power Lvl: At least 6 or 7 for 380+ Trophies.

Your Aim (Quick Tips and Strategies)

   - Grab Power Cubes that you can and use all available bushes nearest to you (especially those at the sides early on) to keep yourself hidden.
   - Good hiding locations: Try to control any of those big patches of bushes, or hide in those straight line bushes outside of the center waters (you also have a wall fence protecting you from attackers located at the center which is good).

   - Survive until those poison clouds is about to reach those waters surrounding the center area.
   - Next, position yourself at the very corner in between those 2 cactus plants and use them as shield.

   - The one remaining at the center will likely get sandwiched, and would focus more on those that would enter the area. Hopefully, you won't get attacked by ranged Brawlers from the center while you are still standing between those 2 cactus plants (this is where teamers gets a bit annoying).

   - TIP: Allow yourself get trapped by the poison clouds to let everyone enter the center area first, forcing them to brawl each other, it's ok to take some hits from the poison cloud as long that you enter last (advantage of having high HP).
   - Defeat everyone while they have low HP.

   - For BullEl Primo including Darryl for example, you can use their Super to cross towards the center with minimal damages from the poison cloud, just time it well.

   - Your chances of getting top 3 using this method is pretty good, as long that you survive. Much easier if there are less campers like yourself to quickly thin out survivors early on, or if there are less than 3 teamers.
   - If you are losing more than winning because of these things, try to wait it out for a while to reshuffle competing players.

   - Poco is actually good to use and also a good counter against Shelly (just give him enough space). Kinda hard and challenging if there are lots of long-ranged brawlers though.

Aggressive Mode (Ranged Brawlers)

Brawl Stars - ColtBrawl Stars - BrockBrawl Stars - BarleyBrawl Stars - SpikeBrawl Stars - LeonBrawl Stars - GeneBrawl Stars - Shelly
   - Ranged brawlers are also great here like Colt, Brock, Barley, Dynamike, Spike, Leon, Gene, and more including Shelly. Any ranged brawler will do as long that you can play them well and get 1st~5th place to farm trophies.
   - Recommended Power Lvl: At least 6 or 7 for 380+ Trophies.

Brawl Stars - PiperBrawl Stars - Crow
   - Piper and Crow are also great here because they can jump from those corners to the center area to avoid getting hits from the poison clouds. Best if you can let yourself trapped from the corner, then enter last if possible to let them fight first!

Brawl Stars - JessieBrawl Stars - Penny
   - Jessie and Penny's Super can be maximized here too!
   - Best if you can build up their Power Cubes to increase their stats, then control the center area later on with your turrets.

Your Aim (Quick Tips and Strategies)

   - Break boxes that you can and defeat enemies to build up your Power Cubes. Charge up your Super but don't harass them too much or they might chase you non-stop, unless you are confident that you can win against.

   - Avoid getting sandwiched or trapped, transfer quickly to a not so crowded area if needed.

   - Map Control: Control the area you are in to force other Brawlers to move away and disrupt other campers or players. Ambush players to trap them, or attack and sandwich brawlers that are being attacked.

   - Once those poison clouds closes in, either stay near the corners while nuking other Brawlers, before going in to the center area, or go near the center and defend your position (best if you were able to build up your Power Cubes).
   - Continue and accurately use your attacks to defeat incoming enemies.

Auto and Manual Aiming (Quick Tips)

   - Playing range brawlers needs player skill to aim well and hit your attacks, practice first if you like.

   - Never use auto aim from a far location trying to attack a moving target, it will likely miss. Use manual aiming and adjust your target line to where they are going (also depends on bullet speed).
   - TIP: For Colt that can do multiple hits per attack, it is best to also match the movement of your target after firing an attack, this would help land all hits.

   - Use manual aiming when scouting bushes as well, and move while shooting to cover more space. Recommended for attacks that dishes multiple bullets like Colt.
   - For single bullet attacks, use fast multiple attacks to scout bushes thoroughly (ex: Brock).
   - Note that hiding enemies can dodge your attacks if they are predictable, attack the same spot if needed.

   - Auto-aim is good for those that are running away from you, they usually run in a straight line. Also use if they are near and have no time to aim, or if they are running towards you.

Thousand Lakes Special Events:

Showdown and Meteor Shower

   - Meteor Shower is favorable to Campers because it would make the match much faster, just hope that luck is on your side that it won't hit your location while hidden.

   - It can also be a double edged sword for aggressive ranged Brawlers because it can disrupt their gameplay. Example: Getting hit would seriously put your squishy Brawler in trouble, but at the same time these can happen to your enemies giving you an easier time to nuke them out with just few hits.

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