Farlight 84: Battle and Move Tips for Beginners

Here are some tips on how to improve your movement, positioning, and chances of winning fights in the fast-Paced Hero Battle Royale - Farlight 84.

Refer below to learn which weapons are best to use based on range, how to use covers, which items to prioritize during fights, how to identify sound/footsteps/other icons, how to use Jetpacks and other Hero move techs.
Farlight 84: Battle and Move Tips for Beginners

Learn Which Weapons Are Best

   - Learning which weapons to use based on the distance of the enemy from you is really important in this game, or else you'll get easily outplayed. Practice in the Training Grounds and familiarize yourself with the different weapons in the game.

Links To Weapon Tier Lists and Info:

Quick Tips When Using Weapons

Improve Your Aim

   - You can go to the Training Grounds and practice your aim, or check our separate guide below to help improve your aim:
    >  How To Improve Your Aim (PC)

How To Do A Quick Weapon Switch While Firing?

   - For PC users, while firing a weapon you can use your mouse wheel to switch weapons, this would allow you to switch and continuously fire 2 weapons without lags in between. 

How To Reload Faster?

   - Fire your weapons without using all ammo (reaching 0 ammo), reload when you have at least 1 ammo remaining to get faster reload speed compared when you have 0 ammo (might not work on some weapons).

Positioning and Battle Tips For Beginners

Always Take Cover!

   - First basic move for beginners to master is to learn how to look for cover! A lot of players are not doing this basic move, they just keeps on running towards the open, firing, revealing their location and letting enemies take him or her down in just few seconds...

   - Move inside buildings or beside walls so you can quickly take cover if you got spotted. Also crouch to take cover behind crates, boxes, roadblocks, or short walls for example.
   - Trees are the worst cover to use, try to find bigger rocks, vehicles, or something better if you are out in the open.
Farlight 84 Peek Behind Cover

Peek Behind Cover

   - While near a door, entrance, window, or somewhere near a wall... always use your camera to peek (to check your surroundings) without revealing your hero's location.
   - This basic trick would let you fire first before your opponent (surprise shots), or help you check enemies while recovering Shields or HP.

   - In case you can't check certain areas while doing this, you may reveal yourself but only for a quick second (short jiggle moves will do).
Farlight 84 Fire Behind Cover

Outplay Using Cover

   - TIP: Also learn how to fire while using a cover, try to hit the enemy then quickly hide once they are about to fire (repeat). If done right, this basic trick would let you conserve your Ammo, Shields, and HP giving you better chance to win fights, especially when fighting multiple enemies.

   - Deathmatch and Warm-up Modes are great practice grounds for this.

Move To A Higher Ground

   - Higher grounds would give you easier way to check enemies and better chance to land hits before your enemy can see your location, but still be careful though especially from Snipers, still use a cover if possible.
   - Recommended for Sniper Rifle users.

Learn When To Change Locations

   - Once your enemy knows your location, it's best to move to a different location to keep them guessing, especially when they are running towards you or focusing their attack towards your location.

Keep Your Shields and HP Full

   - Med Kits = To recover HP. Prioritize over Shields if you are within the Danger Zone. 
   - Shield Restorer = Best used while in combat for a quick boost to shield (best use if you have Blue Shields or higher).
   - Shield Recharger = Takes longer to recover, best used during long range fights and after winning battles.

Prioritize Shields Over Heal When Fighting

   - If you need to quickly restore HP or Shield while fighting, always prioritize restoring Shields first before HP. This method would sometimes save you from tight battles, or help you quickly get back into battle to help your teammates when needed.

Grab Shields While Fighting!

   - Recommended for experienced players.
   - If you have a depleted Shield, you can also go and grab a Shield from loot boxes (so try to remember the locations while in battle), if done right... this method can save your life when fighting squads.

   - Some players accuse other players of cheating because of this method (they thought their target has low HP but their target still managed to kill them first)... but this is actually what pro players are doing ( paired with high DPS weapons.. it is actually doable).

Learn When To Retreat

   - Retreating isn't really bad especially if you or your team is in a disadvantage in terms of Damage (Hero Lvl) and Shield Lvls for example. This is why some teams are using Scouts, Detection Skills, or Sniper Rifles to check enemy Shields and Lvls, to avoid squads that they can't defeat yet instead of just randomly pushing, only to get wiped out due to bad calls.

Sound and Footstep Guide

Farlight 84 Footsteps Guide
Learning Footsteps

   - Refer to our separate guide for more info, check link below:
   -  >  Footsteps Guide (How To Understand)

Other Sound and Notable Icons in Battle

Sound of Enemy Firing and Nearby Vehicles

   - Same with footsteps (refer to colors) but for Guns and Vehicles, white icons may appear if they are around 60m to 90m away from you.
Farlight 84 Stealth and Revive Icons

Stealth Icons (Player or Vehicle)

   - Appears above your Hero's head, it means someone is using stealth around 40m~1m away from you. Best use detection skills to reveal their location, unless you have a good eye (can see a blurry figure).
   - Also similar to vehicles with stealth.

Revive Icons

   - If an enemy is reviving someone near your location, you can see a heart shaped icon even through walls.

Jetpacks and Hero Movements

Use Jetpacks and Fly:

   - To dodge (or reduce damage).
   - To dodge while reloading your weapon.
   - To quickly move and take cover.
   - To chase a target, or to quickly move closer to your target.
   - To escape enemies and hide.
   - To move faster, or to move towards higher places or floors.
Farlight 84 Use Jetpacks To Dodge
   - If possible, save your jetpacks for battles unless you are sure that there are no enemies around.
   - Cooldowns varies depending on the level of your Horizontal and Vertical Devices, so timing can only be learned through experience (you'll eventually get used to it as you play more).

   - Vertical flights are very useful to counter close ranged surprise attacks, fly towards the back of your enemy or to get a quick cover.

Basic Hero Movements While Fighting

   - IMPORTANT NOTE: For beginner's, only practice these next move techs once you are confident enough with your aiming and mastered all basic moves above. You can also do your own move techs, just make sure not to trade too much accuracy for fancy movements.

The Rule and Aim

   - The rule is to never stand still while shooting targets in close range, because your enemies would be able to easily outplay you. Remember that this is best used at close range when you don't have time to take cover, and while the enemy is shooting at you.
   - The aim is to reduce the damages taken, and as an alternative move if you can't use your jetpacks.

The Jiggle Move

   - The most basic hero movement in the game, just move to the left for 1 or 2 seconds then to the right (repeat). Take note though that this move tech only works in close range (within 8 meters).
   - Recommended for beginners, start with this one.

Jump Spamming

   - The right way to do this is to jump to the right then jump back to the left (repeat), mix it up to be more unpredictable.
   - This is better than the jiggle move especially against players with good headshot aim.

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That's it guys, thank you for checking our Battle and Move Tips for Beginners Guide for the fast-Paced Hero Battle Royale (MOBA Game) - Farlight 84.