Farlight 84: Best Sniper Rifles - Tier List (How To Use)

This guide focuses on ranking Sniper Rifles in Farlight 84 - Close Range to Long Range using all data gathered in-game. The aim is to help you decide which weapons or combos to use depending on your Hero, role, playstyle, experience playing the game, and more.

Refer below to learn more on how to enhance your game experience in Farlight 84, a fast-Paced Hero Battle Royale (MOBA Game).

Farlight 84: Best Sniper Rifles - Tier List (How To Use)

(NOTE: Tier List is only based on DPS/Range, not on their overall performance.)

Weapons Tier List/Rankings:

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Sniper Rifles Tier List - Info

   - Sniper Rifles are excellent weapons in terms of damage, range and utility, these are deadly weapons when used correctly, especially in the hands of a skilled player!

First Shot Advantage

   - 1st surprise shot deals a good damage, before revealing your location. Most of the time, targets won't react right away, so you can potentially hit more, this is why you should always aim for headshots if possible.

Increase Base Damage

   - Increase the base damage of your Sniper Rifle by leveling up your Hero as fast as possible.
   - You can also use Phantom (passive skill) for bonus headshot damage that can potentially increase the Tiers of Sniper Rifles!

Using Sniper Rifles As Utility Weapons

   - Sniper Rifles can be used for breaking Shields or for lowering the HP of your enemies while your team is rushing in or pushing.
   - To down at least 1 enemy before pushing, to force the enemy team to fight with 1 less member.
   - To provide cover to your teammates while moving in/out or when reviving.

Hip Fires vs Quick Scoping with Sniper Rifles

   - It is NOT recommended to use Hip Fires (without aiming or using Scopes) when using Sniper Rifles because there is a good chance that your hits would not register any damage!
   - NOTE: Always use aim or Scopes (adjust them if needed depending on the target's location).

How To Use Quick Scope?

   - If you want to use your Sniper Rifle at close range or mid range but you are using 8x or 4x Scope for example, then one way to properly hit your target is by using Quick Scoping.

   - TIP: First is to move your crosshair towards the target (if you are aiming for the head, just move it a little bit to the right side of the head), then quickly use "Scope > Fire > Release Scope" so that it would look like you are just using hip fires.
   - Test it in the Training Grounds, aim and scopes might vary depending on your settings.

Higher Tier Sniper Rifles - Quick Notes

Bar-95 = Ammo Size Rating (5 Shots+)

Farlight 84 Bar-95 Tier List Low DPS
   - Attachments (4) = Muzzle Break, Magazine, Scope, and Stock.

   - TIP: It's best to limit your shots to x1 Headshot or x1 Body shot then quickly switch to your other weapon for a potential kill, it's faster than using a 2nd shot of Bar-95 due to delays (unless your other weapon can't effectively hit the target).
   - Combo with Jupiter-6 for example (long range), but be careful at close range.
   - If you want to use close range weapons with Bar-95, I would recommend using Phantom (higher chance to 1 hit kill certain targets), just go near your teammates if you need backup for close range fights.

   - Doing this in close range or even mid range is doable but very tricky though (requires high player skill). Refer to the "How To Use Quick Scope" section for more info.

Avoid When Using Bar-95

   - After your 1st shot, if possible DO NOT fire a 2nd shot if your enemy is already openly hitting you (especially in close and mid range) because the delays in-between shots are really long, giving your enemy higher chance of winning.
   - Also note that the DPS of the 2nd shot and the shots after that are really low (if spammed), unless you can do 2 headshots in a row!

   - Exemptions (May Use More Than 1 Shot If):
   - Your targets are ignoring you (like bots), they can't hit you back, or can't properly hit you.
   - You have a good cover, or can quickly get a cover.
   - Your other weapon can't reach the target.

Defender = Ammo Size Rating (10 Shots+)

Farlight 84 Defender Tier List DPS
   - Attachments (4) = Muzzle Break, Magazine, Scope, and Stock.

   - Defender is considered OP because you can use it like an assault rifle with higher DPS and longer reach. However, after the recent nerf, it's shots became weaker, lowered to match the DPS of Assault Rifles.

   - TIP: Defender's first 3 body shots in a row (per target) are now under B+ Tier after nerf (in long range, on par with Jupiter-6 and Invader), then it would gradually go down the more shots you fire in a row (B+ to C Tier every 2-3 shots). It is still good though, especially outside assault rifles' effective range.
   - To get a higher DPS, it's best to try and get a headshot on your 1st shot (or 1 of your first 3 shots).

   - For close range, your 1st shot must be a headshot (or 1 of your first 3 shots), or else you would only be dealing a decent B Tier DPS. It's ok but the problem is that, there are way too many high DPS close range weapons in the game.
   - Doing this in close range or even mid range is doable but very tricky though and risky (requires high player skill). Refer to the "How To Use Quick Scope" section for more info.

Which One Is Better? Defender? or Bar-95?

   - Bar-95 is a 1 tap style gun that requires a second weapon to finish the job if needed (requires high player skill). On the other hand, the Defender is much more flexible and can be used as a Sniper Rifle/Assault Rifle, so it's ok to pair it with any weapon.
   - Right now, I would recommend the Defender more than Bar-95 for most heroes and players.

Mid Tier Sniper Rifles - Quick Notes

Stellar Wind = Ammo Size Rating (12 Shots+)

Farlight 84 Stellar Wind Tier List DPS
   - Attachments (4) = Muzzle Break, Magazine, Scope, and Stock.
   - A mid tier alternative to Defender, same concept, lesser DPS across all ranges. Decent for close range fights thanks to it's recent S13 update buff to damage.

Weapons Tier List Notes

Tier List Main Focuses:

   - This Tier List mainly focuses on DPS (Damage Per Second) on certain RangesNot based on their overall performance or popularity, but based on actual data collected in-game to avoid bias. We made this to help you decide which weapons to use, not weapons that you absolutely must use.

   - Use the Training Grounds to check ranges. For 160m = move back just above the first stairs (flat square areas) then hit 120m targets. For 200m = move all the way back under the "welcome" sign board, look for the white line.

   - Mainly for Battle Royale = Other game modes are a bit different.
   - Mainly for 1v1 Fights =  If you are up against multiple enemies, rely on skills, teammates, or run/hide and heal/reload then take them one at a time (greatly depends on player skill).

Did Not Consider (in Tier List Ratings):

   - Hero and Hero Skills = To make the list simple and easy to understand or compare, check info section for details if available.
   - Reloads = Reloads are tricky because it could make any weapon "OP" depending on the time frame used, so we did not consider it on our Tier List to avoid bias. There are a lot of workarounds if you need to reload while in combat.
   - Ammo Size = If 2 weapons are the same in terms of Tier (DPS), you can choose the weapon with more Ammo Size if you like, other players would prefer lower Ammo but better range, stability/ accuracy, weapon feature availability, or because of other reasons (player preference).

Some Requirements:

   - Use Weapon depending on range = If fighting at close range, use your SMG first before Assault Rifles for example. I would recommend familiarizing yourself with all the weapons in-game, especially for beginners.
   - Learn how to adjust Scopes = Depends on weapon and target's location, also when to use hip fires (without using Scopes).

   - Aim and recoil control must be at decent level = Would also recommend at least learning how to quickly switch weapons right before you run out of bullets (use 2 weapons, unless your other weapon is kinda bad at that range).
   - Player Skill = Using these weapons doesn't guarantee a win, it would still depend on player skill (ex: aiming, recoil control, movements, and game sense), Hero Lvl, Shields Lvl, and more.

   - *Feel free to use any weapons you like, good luck! =)

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