Farlight 84: Footsteps Guide (How To Understand)

Here are some tips on how to understand and use footstep icons to your advantage during fights in the fast-Paced Hero Battle Royale - Farlight 84.

Refer below to learn how to locate your enemies using footsteps, and how to use these information to setup traps for your enemies while hiding your footsteps!

Farlight 84 Footsteps Guide

How To Understand Footsteps

Colors and Estimated Range

   - White Footsteps = Around 40m~20m  away from you.
   - Pink Footsteps = Around 20m~10m away from you.
   - Red Footsteps = Around 10m~1m away from you.

   - Their exact location however is not shown, so if you can't see them around your area even if you have Red Footsteps on your screen, they are probably just below or above you (check 1 floor below/above your location, or the roof).
   - Note that enemies that are way above your exact location, might show white footsteps or none at all even if they are directly above you (new game update).

   - Sometimes, you can hear a different footstep sound if they are upstairs (inside a building), compared to when they are on ground.
   - Use detection skills to help you find their exact locations.

Basic Move Guide

   - If you want to chase someone or look for them, prioritize Red Ones first. Keep the footstep icon to the north side of your screen until you can see your target.

   - If you want to move or run away to hide, keep those footstep icons to the south side of your screen until it's gone, or until you think you have a good hiding spot. Avoid running towards the open though, always find a place with a cover.

Use This Information To Your Advantage!

   - TIP: When fighting multiple enemies alone, if possible, avoid 2 or more red footsteps around you (that's a potential 2vs1 scenario which is not good), it's best to move to a better location with a cover, or quickly move away after taking 1 enemy down.

   - Ideal scenario is 1 red footstep and 1 white footstep, this way you can focus first on the red one. In case you have 2 white footsteps, focus on the 1st enemy you encounter then quickly take cover to check the other one.

   - One other way is to hide well after killing 1 enemy, then wait for the other person to revive his or her teammate, giving you a chance to jump in for a surprise shot and another potential kill!

How To Hide Your Own Footsteps

Farlight 84 Crouch to Hide Footsteps

Standstill or Crouch

   - Standstill or crouch while moving to hide your footsteps, very useful when trying to hide from enemies, while healing or restoring shields.

   - If you want to camp and wait for them to come closer before attacking, make sure to hide your footsteps. Same way when you just want to hide (maybe to revive your teammates later, when evading enemies, or while waiting for your jetpack to cooldown).

   - TIP: You can also hear footsteps and vehicles before their icons appear on your screen, use this chance to hide your footsteps. If you have footsteps while you are moving or running, it is most likely that your enemy has spotted your footsteps as well.

Other Notes

   - NOTE: Using Jetpacks and while swimming would also reveal footstep icons to your enemies.
   - Using Stealth would hide your footsteps.
   - Yong's Ultimate Skill can now jam footstep detection of enemies.
   - Ember's Ultimate Skill can disable footstep detection of enemies.

How To Set Up Traps!

Footstep Trap

   - Set it up in a building.
   - Reveal yourself to the enemies, shoot then hide or pretend like you are a bot (just run aimlessly then go back inside the building), try to lure 1 or 2 enemies.
   - Let your other teammates hide and just crouch to hide their footsteps while the enemy is approaching.
   - Keep moving, revealing your footsteps until they enter the building, near your teammates.
   - Surprise and force them into a 1v4 or 2v4 battle!

   - NOTE: Works great against aggressive players who wants to go solo or duo. This trap won't work against bots though or if your enemies used a detection skill to reveal your teammates. Good luck! ^^

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