Farlight 84: Battle Royale Tips For Beginners

If you want to learn how to play Battle Royale in the fast-Paced Hero MOBA Game - Farlight 84, here are some tips and guides to get you started.

Refer below on how to become a Jetmaster and land on areas depending on your squad's preference. Once you reach the target area, start gathering weapons, shield armors, and supplies. Work with your teammates to defeat your opponents and win!

Farlight 84 Battle Royale Tips and Guide

Farlight 84: Battle Royale For Beginners!

Are You The Jetmaster?

  - For beginner's, if you are the Jetmaster, you can pass it for now to one of your high Lvl and/or high Ranking teammates to let him or her decide where to go (default PC Key = J, press and hold then select a teammate).
   - You can also check your MAP for suggestions from your teammates.

Use the Unfollow Option When Landing

   - TIP:  Once you are near the landing point, press unfollow (J) to land somewhere else but still close to your squad, this would avoid looting the items for your teammate and giving you a better chance to get what you need.

Safe Areas To Land?

   - Aggressive squads would likely land asap and usually on areas with lots of Chest Modules (XP and supplies) or Stationary Modules that gives Shield XP, so most of the time, you'll find more clashes in these areas than other places (red areas below).
   - This also includes high-value resource areas (purple area that appears on the map).

   - The areas near the end of the dropships' line path are sometimes crowded because of newbie Jetmasters that doesn't know what to do or just AFK, but these areas can also be a safe place to land (just outside the red area, near the end of the line).
Farlight 84: Safe Areas To Land as Jetmaster

If Your Squad Wants To Play It A Bit Safe:

   - Land on areas where your team can find some Stationary Modules that gives Shield XP but far from your dropships' line path (farthest areas, check green areas above). Your team might still encounter enemy squads here though, around 33% chance.

If Your Squad Wants To Play It Extra Safe:

   - Land on areas that doesn't have any Stationary Shield Modules (Shield icons on Map), preferably those areas that are very far from your dropships' line path (green areas above). If you are playing Battle Royale Quads, land on a bigger area where your squad can get enough supplies, or toward smaller areas by landing separately to get more loots then quickly group up and move to other locations.

   - While dropping, check if other squads are also going towards that same area or if a squad already landed before your team for example (you can still do a last minute call and land into a different area instead).

What To Do After You Land?

Open Chest Modules

Farlight 84: Chest Modules Capsuler XP
   - Chest Modules with floating yellow or blue chest icons, open to get some nice stuff!
   - These modules also contains Growth XP to level up your hero and gain bonus Damage, HP, Movement Speed, or Skill Enhancements.
   - Growth XP can also be obtained from killed enemies.

Grab Some Weapons

   - It would depend on your hero, playstyle, or preference, if you want to fight in:
   - Close Range  = Usually Shotguns and SMGs.
   - Mid Range = Usually SMGs and Assault Rifles.
   - Long Range = Usually Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles.

   - Try them all out in the Training Grounds. For beginners I would recommend:
   - x2 Assault Rifles.
   - x1 Sniper Rifle and x1 Assault Rifle.
   - x1 Assault Rifle and x1 SMG.
   - x1 Sniper Rifle and x1 SMG (for experienced players).
   - x2 SMGs (for experienced players).

   - I would also recommend familiarizing yourself with all the weapons and use whatever you can find especially during early game. Switch weapons anytime you want, depending on the situation.
   - Some heroes would also get extra bonuses if you will use certain weapons.

What are the Best Weapons To Use?

Get a Shield and Upgrade It As Soon As Possible!

   - Shields can really help you a lot in battle, so quickly grab a Lvl 1 (Gray Shield) or Lvl 2 (Green Shield) early on, then upgrade it asap to Lvl 3 (Blue Shield) or Lvl 4 (Purple Shield) by getting Shield XP scattered around, or by defeating enemies.
Farlight 84: Stationary Shield XP Modules
   - Also aim for those Stationary Modules that are scattered around the Map to get more Shield XP (use vehicles to roam faster if needed).
   - Note that these areas would most likely get visited by other squads if they are within their reach to upgrade their Shields as well, so be careful.

   - Some enemies, chest modules, and Airdrops may also carry high Lvl Shields, so try to get them as well. Upgrade to Orange Shield then Red Shield later on to increase your survivability.

   - Lastly, always keep your HP and Shields full at all times.

Collect Ammos, Mods, and Other Items

   - While moving or battling, also grab other stuff like Med Kits, Shield Rechargers/Restorers, Ammos, Cooldown Devices, and Weapon Mods.

Tips For Weapon Mods or Attachments:

   - You can carry up to 5 different mods, so even if you don't have the weapon for them, still grab them manually to keep them for later, especially those high Lvl ones. For example, if your plan is to use a Sniper Rifle, then grab a x4 or x8 Scope early on and keep it until you can get a Sniper Rifle.
Farlight 84: MOBA Game Weapons and Mods
   - Auto loot doesn't work on Scopes (only for empty slots), so if you want to change your Assault Rifle's Scope from x2 to x4 for example, then you need to manually loot and change it from your inventory.
   - It is also ok to carry a 3rd Scope just in case you want to switch weapons or Scopes later on, or if a teammate needs it.

Optimize Your Weapons and Mods

   - Also, if you are using two Assault Rifles for example, you might want to transfer your higher Lvl Scope Mod to your preferred Assault Rifle (usually the one with less recoil) to increase it's potential for long range attacks.

   - Try to get at least x2 Magazine Mods to increase ammo size and damage output of your weapons, especially early game.
   - Optional: Prioritize your primary weapon's mods. Open your inventory and move your stronger mods to your main weapon (the one that you'll use more in your current situation) to maximize it's potential. For close range weapons like Shotguns and SMGs, they really don't need high Stability, so aside from Magazines and Scopes, you might want to use your other Mods for your mid to long range weapons.

   - The best way to get higher Lvl Mods is by defeating enemies, even a single enemy Bot would sometimes carry good stuff!

Help and Work with Your Teammates

  - Work together and defeat your opponents. Rescue or revive your allies when needed (make sure it's safe first). 

   - You are given 1 free respawn early in the game, then you need to be rescued or revived by your allies if your enemy managed to take you down again. When reviving, the countdown timer will pause, but if the timer reaches 0, that player can no longer be revived.

Things To Avoid

   - If one of your allies is killed, do not get their items... because they can still respawn and take back their items (same when reviving allies). Also when an enemy killed one of your allies and and took their items, just kill that enemy and let your ally get his or her items back (especially for strong allies).
   - Take their items only if the player quits... or the player moved to a far away location...

   - In case you or your team is in a disadvantage and can't defeat the enemy squad (ex: outnumbered), it is sometimes better to move away or hide well for now instead of pushing, then just go back to revive your allies if needed once the area is clear, to avoid early elimination.

The Danger Zone or Ring

Farlight 84 MOBA Game Danger Zone
   - Always move towards the Safe Zone before or after the countdown starts, this would give your squad more advantage over those that are running and shooting while they are inside the Danger Zone.

   - The first and second Zone movements are still manageable, so try to revive your teammates if they are down within the Danger Zone. For the next Zone movements, the damage over time is greater so be careful.

   - Avoid getting sandwiched by 2 enemy squads though, always check the surrounding areas first before moving in. Good luck! ^^

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That's it guys, thank you for checking our Battle Royale Tips For Beginners Guide for the fast-Paced Hero Battle Royale (MOBA Game) - Farlight 84.