Lumia Saga: DPS Mage Stats Build, Skills, and Talents Guide

Here's a guide and tips on how to build up Mage's stats, skills and talents in the action adventure MMORG mobile game app Lumia Saga.

Mage is a ranged type character that uses magic attacks and spells to deal high DPS and AoE damages to enemies. Mages are kinda squishy though, because they lack survivability but can still be played solo. To unlock their full potential, play with teams!

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Lumia Saga: DPS Mage Stats Build, Skills, and Talents
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   - For this Mage build, your focus is to deal high DPS by spamming skills non-stop, without running out of Energy. Note that you need to balance Energy Gain and Skill Usage to maintain high DPS, refer to the Talents and Skill Builds for more info.

Stats Build:

   - Refer here when upgrading other stat sources like Gems, Runes, Pets, Adventurer Abilities, Tech Tree, Enhancements, Outfits and more.

Stats to Focus On:

   - ATK = To increase base damage (also depends on your upgrades from other sources).
   - CRIT = To increase crit rate and damages.
   - Penetrate = Nice stat to increase damage against high DEF enemies.

   - Energy Reduction = To reduce Energy requirement of skills.
   - DODGE = To help increase survivability. Not really good for early game, but gets better as you level up higher. Really helpful to lessen damages from heavy ranged attacks and stand your ground!

   - CRIT Trauma = To increase critical damage.
   - HIT and Accuracy = Additional stats mainly for PVP. HIT to decrease DODGE rate, and Accuracy to decrease BLOCK rate.
   - Resilience and CRIT Defense = Resilience to decrease CRIT rate, and CRIT Defense to reduce CRIT Trauma of incoming attacks.
   - HP Recovery = Get as alternative to LIFE/DEF stats. Ranged characters will get hit less anyway (PVE), so HP Recovery can be used effectively, instead of relying to your healer for every light damages that you get. For PVP, Mages got mobility advantage (depends on player skill), use that to recover some HP over time.

Other Info:

   - LIFEPHY.DEF, and MAG.DEF = Depends on your upgrades from other sources.
   - HASTE = No need to get haste for this build, because you'll be spamming skills most of the time. You only need few hits to help recover Energy and some extra damages.
   - CD Speed-up = Main skills used for this build only have 1~2 seconds CD anyways, so returns aren't great especially if Energy gain can't keep up. Only good for late game if you know what you are doing, otherwise just don't get it for now.

   - Note: Stats not included above are also ok, if you think it's best for your character, just take note that too much diversification would also result some stats to fall short.
   - PVP would also depend on the meta game, so adjust some of your stats if needed especially for late game.

DPS Mage Stats Build

  - To help you find and get specific stats from Magic Cores for your gears, refer to the recommended stats per gear below. Note that not all stats are available in every gear (design for game balancing). Even lower grade Magic Cores will sometimes generate orange stats, so farm, synthesize or buy them too.
   - Refine and replace existing random attributes with higher ones as you go.


   - Focus on: ATKCRITPenetrate, and CRIT Trauma

Jewelries (Ring, ACC, and Necklace)

   - Focus on: CRITHIT and Penetrate
   - 4th Stat: ATKResilience, or Accuracy EFF.
   - Optional: In case some of your attacks are still getting blocked in PVP, get some Accuracy EFF., also a nice stat to reduce BLOCK EFF.
   - Optional: If your character is struggling from Critical attacks in PVP, get some Resilience (get at least 4 Resilience stats to get 10% at Lvl 50+).
   - Alternatively, you can get Resilience and Accuracy EFF. from other sources instead.


   - Focus on: CRITPenetrateDODGE and Accuracy
   - 4th Stat: Penetrate or CRIT Defense
   - Dodge will start to proc better once you reach at least Lvl 50+ Magic Core stats.
   - Optional: If you are still getting some critical attacks in PVP, get CRIT Defense, to decrease CRIT Trauma of enemies.
   - Alternatively, you can get CRIT Defense from other sources instead.

Accessories (Waist, Shoes and Gloves)

   - Focus on: Energy ReductionDODGEAccuracy, and HP Recovery
   - HP Recovery = Refer above (stats section) why I recommend Mages to get this.

Quick Stats Summary Lvl 50+

   - With the Stats above and Talents below (plus other basic light upgrades), you should have the following stats (minimum targets) around Lvl 50+, increase them as you go higher and unlock new tier of Magic Cores or Enhancements.

   - CRIT = 25%+ (increase more with Gems, without Crit Talent)
   - CRIT Trauma = 160%+
   - Penetrate = 30%+ (if with Crushing Ice talent, increase more with Gems)
   - Energy Reduction = 20%+ (with Reduction Talent)
   - DODGE = 15%+
   - HIT = 110%+
   - Accuracy = 10%+
   - HP Recovery = 7500+ HP
   - Resilience = 10%+ (if chosen, adjust depending on CRIT of players in PVP. Reduce at least 1/3, or more if you want)
   - Accuracy EFF. = 20%+ (if chosen)
   - CRIT Defense = 10%+ (if chosen)
   - *LIFE, ATK, PHY.DEF, and MAG.DEF = Depends on your upgrades from other sources like Gems, Runes, Pets, Adventurer Abilities, Tech Tree, Enhancements, Outfits and more.

   - TIP: Once you are able to get all the stats you need in some of the gears above, you can now start selling unverified Magic Cores in the Store > Trading to get Gold!

DPS Mage Talents Build

Talents To Get:

   - Please note that these are just suggestions, you are free to mix and match according to your play-style or preference (including PVP). Just remember that you need to balance your Energy gain and Skill usage to maintain high DPS.
   - Test them by entering Team Instances and Bosses that you can solo for example.

   - This is an all-around Talent build for both PVP and PVE, just switch your Skills instead according to what you need (easier).
Lumia Saga: DPS Mage Talents Build
   - Lvl 30: Incinerate = Extra Critical Damage bonus for your normal attacks.
   - Lvl 30: Call Thunder = Get this Talent if you still got low CRIT rate.

   - Lvl 35: Crushing Ice = Mainly for PVP, but also great for PVE for extra damage, and since you are just gonna use and spam Combo Fireballs anyway (less normal attacks).
   - Lvl 35: Thermal Power = This will potentially solve your Energy problem, however if you can't push your Energy back to 300+ because of low or average Crit rate, then it's kinda not ok. Why? because Mage can naturally regenerate 50 Energy per second, so you only need few hits to gain Energy and cast Combo Fireballs non-stop (without Thermal Power).
Lumia Saga: DPS Mage Talents Build
   - TIP: Thermal Power will trigger when normal attacks or any skill damage crits!

   - NOTE: Once you are able to gain enough Crit rate and Energy Reduction stats, try Thermal Power again by fighting a Boss and consuming Energy until below 200, then check if you can re-gain enough Energy to cast 1 Combo Fireball and 1 Scatter Thunder Ball (multiple times), that's the best time to switch!
   - Still consider Crushing Ice talent for PVP though, especially against high Resilience players (Thermal Power is highly dependent on crits, so it might trigger less).

   - Lvl 40: Infernal = This is a must have, because it would make Combo Fireballs as your normal attacks! Yes, we need to sacrifice the CRIT+10% stat, but don't worry you can still get high Crit from other sources.

   - Lvl 45: Reduction = With Infernal and Reduction Talent + Energy Reduction Stats, you can reduce your Combo Fireballs' Energy requirement down to around 120 Energy at Lvl 50+, even lower as you go higher and get more stats.

   - Lvl 50: Frost = Mainly for PVP, to push away chasers while attacking them like a gun turret!
   - Lvl 50: Solidify = Also great for Team PVP, especially if you have ranged allies.

Mage Skills Build

Ideal Battle Style: Semi Auto

   - Just use your range and as much as possible, avoid taking damages, go to the sides of the Boss to avoid direct attacks for example. Manually dodge strong AoE and ranged attacks, learn attack patterns.

   - NOTE: Set the correct auto cast trigger conditions to help you spam skills! Please note that in-order for this build to work, you must follow the recommended parameters below.

Fireball Tech

   - Mage's normal attacks got low base damage and DPS (unless Incenerate talent is learned and crits most of the time). Mainly used to regain Energy + extra damages while spamming skills.

Mage Skills Set-up: PVP/PVE

Lumia Saga: DPS Mage Skills Build
   - Combo Fireballs = Auto-cast (Energy is higher than 0%).
   - Your main high DPS skill, as explained above, reduce Energy requirement and increase Energy gain to spam this skill non-stop once Energy reaches below 200. Best used against single targets and PVP.

   - Scatter Thunder Ball = Manual or Auto-cast (Energy is higher than 20%~39%).
   - Adjust depending on Energy Reduction (Combo Fireball's Energy requirement + Scatter Thunder Ball's energy requirement, then divide by 10, -1)

   - Your main In-line AoE DPS skill, this is a really good skill vs mobs and large monsters/Bosses because it can hit multiple times! Use this as your burst damage right from the start, then spam Combo Fireballs once your Energy is below 200. Great for Team PVP as well.

   - Thunderspell = Auto-cast.
   - Excellent burst damage with no energy cost, best paired with your sustained DPS to achieve higher overall DPS!

   - Frost Nova = Manual or Auto-cast (Target is less than 3 meters).
   - Defensive type skill (knock back/freeze effect), also ok for additional damages and since it doesn't require Energy to cast.

Element Seal:

Lumia Saga: DPS Mage Skills Build
   - Replace Frost Nova above, if you want to use for PVE (cast manually for timing).
   - Flame Seal or Thunderous Imprint = low DPS, decent DoT, and requires Energy. Better focus on using the main skills above, but these are ok to use though while idle and have 100% Energy, like before entering event battles (ex: When hunting Rare Elites before they spawn, or right before a PVP fight.
   - Flame Seal is best used against mobs and stationary targets.
   - Thunderous Imprint is best used against single and moving targets (decent additional skill for PVP).

   - Frost Seal = Decent for PVP, especially if you need more defensive type skills, requires Energy though every 20 seconds which might disrupt your DPS or burst damage, so better use manually and time it well if you want to use this skill.

Skill Books

Blink and Ice Barrier

   - 2 Defensive Type skills that can be learned after obtaining their Skill Books, tap "Source" in-game to check how to get them. Experiment together with your existing skills, and use if you like.
   - TIP: Save your Gold to buy these items from the Store > Trading if you can't get them from drops.


   - Choose 1 or 2 defensive type skill/s together with any 2 or 3 main skills above for PVP. Try them out if you have them, and use according to your preference.

Ice Barrier

   - Ice Barrier + Warm Up talent can restore your HP, but you'll lose the knock back or freeze effect of your Frost Nova. You won't need this if you have HP Recovery though, you can restore almost the same amount every 25~30 seconds.

Quick Team PVP Tips

   - Remember that if you are using auto combat mode, your skills will not auto cast once you manually move your character.
   - Use your range, stay out of enemies' view.
   - As much as possible, don't run too much, barrage them with attacks and use your defensive skills once needed. If you think your Mage is gonna go down, spam your attacks to reduce enemy HP for your allies.
   - Energy will recover once you re-spawn, use this opportunity to unleash your nukes again.
   - Use your Rune Skill wisely, use it right away then start charging again.

   - If a player decides to chase you non-stop, just run while using your skills, until he/she gives up, even better if your teammates can take care of the others while one of their damage dealer is chasing you. Also try running towards your tanky allies because sometimes their auto attack will switch to them.

Other Info

   - Please note that these are just suggestions, you are free to mix and match according to your play-style or preference (including PVP). Just remember that you need to balance your Energy gain and Skill usage to maintain high DPS.

   - NOTE: Due to the current PVP matching system, it's better to wait until your Lvl is high enough to get better chances of winning, but at least do some PVP tasks to get rewards.

That's it guys, thank you for checking our Lumia Saga: DPS Mage Stats Build, Skills, and Talents Guide for the action adventure MMORG mobile game - Lumia Saga. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).

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