Vanguard ZERO: Nova Grappler Basic Deck (C&R Cards)

Here's some tips and guide on how to build Nova Grappler decks early game using Common (C) and Rare (R) Cards (except FV and Sentinel Cards) in the card battle RPG mobile game Vanguard ZERO.

Nova Grappler is probably one of the decent decks you can build with just Common and Rare cards. With this deck, you can complete most fights early game like Story Modes, Character Fights (also vs higher difficulties) and Rank Fights up to certain Ranks.

Nova Grappler Basic Deck

Notable Info

   - Gold Rutile (G3) = 10,000 base Power Vanguard, can reach 17,000~18,000 Power with 7,000~8,000 Booster.
   - 16,000+ RG Columns = Easy to build 17,000 Power columns.
   - 21,000+ RG Columns = You can build a 21,000 Power column as long as you have the specific cards in place and conditions are met.

   - Budget Deck = Can be played well even without RR and RRR cards.
   - Multi Attacks = Can attack more than 3 times in 1 turn.

Card Crafting Tips and Guide

   - Just keep drawing cards to get more Rare (R) and Common (C) cards from the Gacha Shop.
   - Craft Common (C) cards that you don't have to unlock and use them right away.
   - Refer to the link below for more info, would also cover how to farm and deconstruct crafting materials, plus best way to use your Gems!
   -  >  Farming Materials and Crafting Cards Tips and Guide
Vanguard ZERO: Nova Grappler C and R Cards Deck

First Vanguard and Sentinel Cards (PG)

Battleraizer (FV)Twin Blader (G1)
   - Battleraizer (FV) = Nice FV, to add 1 extra Stand Trigger to your deck!
   - Twin Blader (G1) = Add at least x2, aim for x4. Really important cards if you want to play Rank Fights, just replace some Grade 1 cards as you get more.

Suggested C and R Cards To Add

Grade 1 Cards

   - Battering Minotaur (G1) = x2~x4, nice unit that can reach 10k Power when used to attack.
   - Queen of Heart (G1) = x2~x4, to boost King of Sword (G2).
   - Toolkit Boy (G1) = Limit to x1 or x2, gives "Counter Charge", nice support for your Vanguard, balance with "Counter Blast" cards.
   - Tough Boy (G1) = Add x4, nice base Power and Defense.

Grade 2 Cards

   - Hungry Dumpty (G2) = Limit to x1~x3, gives "Counter Charge", balance with "Counter Blast" cards.
   - King of Sword (G2) = Add x4, nice base Power and Defense.
   - Kungfu Kid, Bolta (G2) = Add x2~x3, can reach 11,000 Power with skill.
   - Transraizer (G2) = Add x4, chance to get more rear guards from your deck.

Grade 3 Cards

Gold Rutile G3Lion Heat G3
   - Gold Rutile (G3) = Aim for x4, Your main Vanguard to focus on, use this to "Stand" your rear guard units or to "Counter Charge".
   - Lion Heat (G3) = Aim for x4, Sub Vanguard and a nice companion unit (rear guard) for your Gold Rutile (G3).
   - Death Metal Droid (G3) = Add as filler if you need more cards. This can really sometimes do clutch attacks when needed.
   - Brutal Joker (G3) = Add as filler if you need more cards, can Power up when needed.

   - NOTE: Feel free to try other cards not listed here, and add any Grade 3 cards you have available, just make sure to follow the recommended Trigger Set below.

Example Deck Builds

Early Game Basic Deck (C and R Cards)

   - NOTE: For cards that you don't have, just use the guide above to add filler cards to your deck for now, but if you want to add cards to the existing ones, feel free to do so. Also note that new cards might become available in the future, so feel free to test them out as well.
Vanguard ZERO: Nova Grappler Early Game (F2P) Deck
 (*Use as reference, feel free to remove/add cards)
(*Replace some Grade 1 cards as you get more Sentinel Cards (PG): Twin Blader (G1).)

Trigger Sets

Rank Fight Trigger Set

   - Critical Trigger (x0), Draw Trigger (x9), Stand Trigger (x0), and Heal Trigger (x4)
   - Critical Trigger (x0), Draw Trigger (x7), Stand Trigger (x2), and Heal Trigger (x4)
   - Refer to the build above (screenshot) for example Triggers Set for specific cards.
   - Battleraizer (FV) can add 1 extra Stand Trigger to your deck, to help thin out enemy rear guards or Sentinel cards.

For Non Rank Fight Battles

   - Critical Trigger (x3), Draw Trigger (x6), Stand Trigger (x0), and Heal Trigger (x4)
   - Critical Trigger (x0), Draw Trigger (x7), Stand Trigger (x2), and Heal Trigger (x4)
   - NOTE: Feel free to experiment with other Trigger Sets according to your preference. Add more Critical Triggers and/or Stand Triggers if you want to use this deck for certain events, like non Rank Fights that would require you to finish the battle asap.

   - Check the link below and refer to the "Trigger Sets" section of the guide if you need more info regarding Triggers and other Trigger Set examples.
   -  >  Beginner's Quick Tips and Guide

Nova Grappler Battle Strategies

Mulligan (Starting Cards)

   - Any Grade 1 Cards = Keep at least x2 Grade 1 cards.
   - Any Grade 2 Cards = Keep at least x2 Grade 2 cards.
   - Gold Rutile (G3) = Keep x1, to ensure a Grade 3 ride.

   - Twin Blader (G1) = Keep at least x1, if you have this card.

Basic Battle Strategies

   - Keep landing attacks to your opponent's Vanguard while defending with Grade 2 Intercept cards, and also try to clear some rear guards to reduce their attack potential.
   - Use Transraizer (G2) to call out more cards.
   - Learn how to use your main Vanguards, and use your "Boosters" wisely to keep landing follow-up attacks when needed.

   - NOTE: You can't use Gold Rutile's (G3) and Lion Heat's (G3) skill if it gets deflected by a Sentinel Card (PG), most likely when your opponent got 1 Life left. This is where Stand Triggers are helpful, to break through their Sentinel Cards (PG) to end the battle.

Counter Blasts

Gold Rutile G3Lion Heat G3
   - Mostly used to activate Gold Rutile's (G3) and Lion Heat's (G3) skill.
   - Use cards that gives "Counter Charge" to use more "Counter Blasts".
   - NOTE: Also consider other card effects that requires Counter Blasts if needed.

How To Build 21,000+ Power Columns

Vanguard + Booster

   - You need to rely on your Triggers to reach 21,000+ Power with 7,000~8,000 Booster.
   - 7,000~8,000 Booster + 10,000 Vanguard = 17,000~18,000 Power, if you are able to get 1 Trigger (+5000), that's 22,000~23,000 Power.

Rear Guards + Booster

   - Tough Boy (G1) = 8000 base Power, you need to boost a Rear Guard that can reach at least 13,000 Power like:
   - Death Metal Droid (G3) = 13,000 Power, CB1 to reach 21,000 Power.
   - Any Rear Guard with at least 8,000 Power + 5,000 Power from "Trigger Check" (can reach 21,000 Power).

   - NOTE: Other cards not included here are also OK to use but very situational or unsustainable, use them if needed.

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That's it guys, thank you for checking our Nova Grappler Basic Basic Deck Build and Guide for the Card Battle RPG mobile game - Vanguard ZERO. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).