Vanguard ZERO: Beginner's Quick Battle Tips

Here's a quick guide and tips for new players while doing card battles in the RPG mobile card game Vanguard ZERO. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).

Refer below to learn some important in-game battle features that are often overlooked like how to use "Mulligan", how to check back the field, and how to track all Trigger and Sentinel cards.

Use these to your advantage while you are in battle. Good luck! ^^

Battle Tips: Field Features

Vanguard ZERO: Beginner's Quick Battle Tips

Exchange Card ("Mulligan")

   - At the start of a Fight, one may exchange cards in the current hand once.
   - By returning a number of unwanted cards from the hand to the bottom of the deck, one can draw the same number of cards.
   - After that, the deck will be shuffled.

   - Example: Before the battle starts, if you have lots of Grade 3 cards, better drag those cards up to the first row to change them.

   - Grade 1 and 2 Cards = At least x1 each to ensure a Grade 1 and Grade 2 ride (depending on your deck, it's best to try to get specific cards to execute your strategy from the start).
   - Grade 3 Cards = Keep x1 card to ensure a Grade 3 ride (usually keep your main Vanguard).
   - Sentinel Cards (PG) = Keep at least x1 card.

How To Check The Playing Field?

   - This is one of the overlooked features while battling (and also a very useful tip), one reason why some players are accidentally making mistakes (like spending Counter Blasts to stand a rear guard but in the end it's Power is not enough to land a hit to the enemy Vanguard).
Vanguard ZERO: Battle Tip Checking Playing Field
   - When you get this similar screen every time you need to complete a card's effect, you can click or tap the "yellow eye icon" to check the playing field. Use this to help you double check things before executing your strategies.
   - Example: When using "Stand" effects, adding "Power", selecting cards to "Retire" and more.

Tracking Triggers and Sentinels Cards (PG)

   - You can open the "Trigger/Sentinel icons" while battling to check your enemy's or your own Trigger Info, this way you don't need to check every corner of the entire playing field just to check if how many Heal Triggers you have left for example.
Vanguard ZERO: Battle Tip Trigger Info

Upper Area (Red Background)

   - This is the Trigger Info of your enemy (/x means that the max amount is unknown).
   - Refer Above Pic: You can check here that your opponent already drawn 7 Draw Triggers, 1 Stand Trigger, 4 Heal Triggers, and used 1 Sentinel Card.
   - Example: Now, that you know that your opponent used all of his/her 4 Heal Triggers, you can attack without worrying that your opponent might be able to steal your win with a Heal Trigger.

Lower Area (Blue Background)

   - This area is your own Trigger Info (max amount depends on your deck's Trigger Set).
   - Refer Above Pic: You can check here that you have already drawn 4 Draw Triggers, 2 Stand Triggers, 2 Heal Triggers, and used 2 Sentinel Cards.
   - You can also check here that you already have 2 Heal Triggers left and no more Sentinel Cards to use, for example.

   - NOTE: Trigger and Sentinel Cards that are on hand will not be counted above, you or your opponent must use them first or place them to the playing field (any zone, circle, or area).
   - TIP: The max Trigger Cards that both players can use is 13, so for example (refer above pic), you can check that you opponent got 1 Trigger Card left to use. Use this info to your advantage!

Other Quick Battle Tips

Follow The 5k Rule!

   - Every time you deal damage to your enemy's Vanguard, it's Power will increase by +5,000 assuming he/she wasn't able to draw any Grade 3 Trigger card during Damage Check. Use this rule to setup combos and to minimize dealing failed attacks.

Example (Basic):

   - If your opponent's Vanguard = 10,000 Power.
   - Your first attacker/column should be at least 10,000 Total Power.
   - Your second attacker/column should be at least 15,000 Total Power.
   - Your third attacker/column should be at least 20,000 Total Power.

But Also Remember:

   - Drive Check (Offense) = Drawing any Trigger card would let you increase +5,000 Power to one of your selected units.
   - Damage Check (Defense) = Drawing any Trigger card while in battle would increase +10,000 Power to your Vanguard, +5,000 if no trigger (the default Damage Shield bonus effect that takes place every time your Vanguard takes a damage).
   - If Sentinel Card is Used = Vanguard will not receive a +5,000 Power Damage Shield bonus.

Hand Limit

   - The maximum number of cards in hand is 9.
   - When a 10th card is added to the hand, it will be put in the Drop Zone instead.

Time Limit

   - There is a time limit for PVP battles such as Rank Fights.
   - When exceeding a fixed number of Time-Outs, the game will end in a loss for that player.

Another Way To Lose Battles: "Deck Outs"

   - If your deck run out of cards, you will automatically lose the battle.
   - This is a helpful tip to consider, especially for players playing or playing against decks that would require cards to be moved from the deck into the Drop Zone or Soul.

VP Farmers (Players That Would Let You Win)

   - While playing Rank Fights, you'll sometimes encounter players that would let you win the battle, it's not really effective but it's one way to farm some VP.
   - NOTE: For Rank Fights, both players will get the VP Points, win or lose depending on the total damage dealt after the battle, the loser will also get some Rank penalty.

   - Just keep attacking and try to land more attacks per turn to quickly end the battle.

If You Need More Help

   - Go to "Home" > "Menu" > "Help". All information about the game can be found here, take your time to read and understand them all. Good Luck! ^^

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That's it guys, thank you for checking our Beginner's Quick Battle Tips for the Card Battle RPG mobile game - Vanguard ZERO. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).