Vanguard ZERO: Tachikaze Deck Builds and Guides

Here's a list of Tachikaze decks and guides that you can use as reference in the Card Battle RPG mobile card game Vanguard ZERO. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).

NOTE: Please note that these are just suggestions and are not the only way to play these decks or clans. Feel free to add/remove cards according to your preference or available cards. Good luck! ^^

Tachikaze Deck List and Guides

Vanguard ZERO: Tachikaze Raptor Deck Build and Guide

Raptor Deck Builds

Main Vanguards
Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel (G3)
Sub Vanguards
- Higher Trigger Chance
- Multi Attacks
*NOTE: The Deck list above is ordered by prioritizing newly released cards or decks first.
*New deck builds and guides will be included once we gather enough info (Global Version), check back here for more updates!

Basic and Budget Deck Builds

Basic Decks

   - Suitable for "Free To Play" players early game who wants to play test decks and/or complete certain missions just by using a simple deck with Common and Rare cards.

Budget Decks

   - Decks that can be played without using Triple R (RRR) cards, but feel free to add your available RRR cards by replacing some cards if you like.
   - NOTE: Check the "Budget Deck Build" section included when checking the guides.

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