Vanguard ZERO: Royal Paladin MLB/Garmore Deck Build and Guide

Here's a quick guide and tips for Royal Paladin Majesty Lord Blaster (MLB) and Garmore Deck users in the RPG mobile card game Vanguard ZERO. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).

Majesty is the embodiment of the combined power of two Blasters! By applying Blade and Dark to the soul, you can unleash it's true power! Collect the Blasters with Gancelot and Brave, then maximize the use of Majesty's skills!

Royal Paladin Majesty (MLB)/Garmore Deck

Notable Info

   - Crit Vanguard = Can do 2 or more damage per attack.
   - Field Control = Can retire units controlled by the opponent.
   - Good Defense = You can call more Intercept Cards from your Hand or Deck!
   - Higher Trigger Chance = Getting non-Trigger cards and/or adding Trigger cards can increase your chance to get more Triggers!
   - Recyclable Triggers = If you have cards that can recycle a card back to your deck.
Vanguard ZERO: Royal Paladin Majesty (MLB) Deck Build and Guide

First Vanguard and Sentinel Cards (PG)

Libergal FVRoyal Paladin PG
   - Libergal (FV) = To try your luck searching MLB (G3) from your deck's top 5 cards (CB1). Also good for getting other Grade 3 units like Alfred (G3), Gancelot (G3), or Palamedes (G3).
   - Flash Shield, Iseult (G1) = Add at least x2, but aim for x3 or x4.

Recommended Cards (Must Have)

Blaster Blade G2Blaster Dark G2Star Call Trumpeter (G2)MLB G3Gancelot G3Snogal G1Garmore G3
   - Blaster Blade (G2) = Add x4, needed for MLBs' (G3) skill.
   - Blaster Dark (G2) = Add x4, a Shadow Paladin card, also needed for MLBs' (G3) skill. You can get 1 free card after completing Chapter 11 Ride 52.
   - Star Call Trumpeter (G2) = Add x3~x4, CB2 to call a Grade 2 or less "Blaster" card from your deck.
   - Majesty Lord Blaster (G3) = Aim for x4, your main Vanguard for this build. 10,000 base Power Vanguard (+2000 Power if Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark are in your Soul). When this unit attacks, put a Blaster Blade (G2) and Blaster Dark (G2) into your Soul to get Critical +1 ("permanent"), and it gets +10,000 Power until the end of turn.
   - Solitary Knight, Gancelot (G3) = Add x3 or x4, excellent Heal Trigger carrier and will be used to get Blaster Blade (G2) from your deck.

   - Snogal (G1) = Add x4, if you have 3 dogs in play for example, they can increase their Power to 9000. Use them to Intercept attacks later on.
   - Fang of Light, Garmore (G3) = Add x3~x4, your sub Vanguard for this build. 10,000 base Power Vanguard (+1000 for each Snogal (G1) in play, also to call and enable Snogal (G1) to Intercept attacks when needed!

Suggested Cards To Add (Budget Cards)

Grade 1 Cards

   - Knight of Friendship, Kay (G1) = Add x2~x3, can reach 10,000 Power if you have a "Blaster" Vanguard, nice option if you need high Power attackers (front only) to compensate your low Power columns because of your Grade 2 units.
   - Lake Maiden, Lien (G1) = Add x2~x3, nice card to filter cards in hand, to try and get certain cards that you need.
   - Miru Biru (G1) = Limit to x1~x2, also a good alternative or addition to Lake Maiden, Lien (G1), can Boost but with lower Power.

Grade 2 Cards

   - Beast Knight, Garmore (G2) = Limit to x1~x2 if you want to add, to call Snogal (G1), add more if you don't have enough Garmore (G3) cards.
   - Knight of Loyalty, Bedivere (G2) = Limit to x1~x2, can reach 12,000 Power if you have a "Blaster" Vanguard.
   - Knight of Silence, Gallatin (G2) = Add if you need more cards, nice base Power and Defense.

Grade 3 Cards

   - Alfred Early (G3) = Limit to x1~x2, optional card used as Vanguard early on in-case you rode Blaster Blade (G2), you can call that unit out from your Soul and use it for MLB's (G3) skill next turn (place Blaster Blade (G2) to the back row).
   - Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes (G3) = Limit to x2, nice 13,000 Power if you have 2 or more Grade 3 cards in play.

   - NOTE: Feel free to try other cards not listed here, and add any Grade 3 cards you have available, just make sure to follow the recommended Trigger Set below.

RRR and Other Cards (If Available)

   - King of Knights, Alfred (G3) = Add x1~x2, used to call a Grade 2 or less card from your deck when needed (CB3). Also used as backup Vanguard in-case you are unable to get MLB (G3).

   - NOTE: Feel free to try other cards not listed here, and add any Grade 3 cards you have available, just make sure to follow the recommended Trigger Set below.

Example Deck Builds

   - NOTE: For cards that you don't have, just use the guide above to add filler cards to your deck for now, but if you want to add cards to the existing ones, feel free to do so. Also note that new cards might become available in the future, so feel free to test them out as well.
Vanguard ZERO: Royal Paladin MLB/Garmore Deck Build and Guide
 (*Use as reference, feel free to remove/add cards.)
(*Replace x1 Garmore (G2) and x1 Star Call Trumpeter (G2) with x2 Bedivere (G2) if you like.)
(*Replace x1 Gancelot (G3) with x1 King of Knights, Alfred (G3) if you like, then set him as Heal Trigger.)

Trigger Sets

Rank Fight Trigger Set

   - Critical Trigger (x0), Draw Trigger (x9), Stand Trigger (x0), and Heal Trigger (x4)
   - Refer to the build above (screenshot) for example Triggers Set for specific cards.

   - It is best to set your Heal Triggers to your Gancelot (G3) to put them back into your deck in case you have them in hand, and to get Blaster Blade (G2).

For Non Rank Fight Battles

   - NOTE: Feel free to experiment with other Trigger Sets according to your preference. Add more Critical Triggers and/or Stand Triggers if you want to use this deck for certain events, like non Rank Fights that would require you to finish the battle asap.

Royal Paladin Battle Strategies

Mulligan (Starting Cards)

   - Lake Maiden, Lien (G1) or Kay (G1) = Keep x1 to ensure a Grade 1 Vanguard.
   - Blaster Dark (G2) = Keep x1, and keep any Grade 2 card to avoid riding this if possible.
   - Blaster Blade (G2) or Solitary Knight, Gancelot (G3) = Keep x1.
   - Majesty Lord Blaster (G3) = Keep x1 to ensure a Grade 3 ride.

   - Flash Shield, Iseult (G1) = Keep at least x1.

Basic Battle Strategies

   - Activate Majesty Lord Blaster's (G3) skill asap by placing 1 Blaster Blade (G2) and Blaster Dark (G2) as rear guards, use 1 or both units to attack first then let MLB (G3) attack to activate his skill effect!

   - TIP: If you will put 2 Blasters in the front row, your defense might suffer during your opponent's turn, so try to place 1 Intercept card in front and your 2 Blasters in 1 column (or 1 behind your Vanguard). Try to land at least 1 attack to the Vanguard before using skill to effectively use MLB's (G3) high Power buff.

   - Use your FV, Star Call Trumpeter (G2), and Gancelot (G3), and other Grade 3 cards to get the cards you need from your deck. Also learn how to use Lake Maiden, Lien (G1) to filter cards you don't need in hand to find Sentinel Cards (PG) and other cards you need like MLB (G3) or any Blaster Cards.

   - In case you can't get MLB (G3) early on because your FV got sniped or due to bad luck, ride your sub Vanguard Garmore (G3) if you like. Switch Garmore (G3) and MLB (G3) depending on the situation and if you have enough cards to play.

   - Also use Garmore (G3) as rear guard to call your Snogals (G1) to setup 2 or 3 attacks that might be able to break through those Sentinel Cards (PG) for example.

Counter Blasts

Libergal FVBlaster Blade G2Star Call Trumpeter (G2)
   - Libergal (FV) = CB1 to try your luck searching a Grade 3 card (top 5 cards).
   - Blaster Blade (G2) = CB2 to mainly retire 1 of your opponent's Grade 2 Intercept card, to open up more attack opportunities.
   - Star Call Trumpeter (G2) = CB2 to call a Grade 2 or less "Blaster" card from your deck.

   - Note: Also consider other card effects that requires Counter Blasts if needed.

How To Build 21,000+ Power Columns

Vanguard + Booster

   - Majesty Lord Blaster (G3) = Can reach 22,000 without a Booster (until the end of turn), then becomes a 12,000 base Power Vanguard that can reach 20,000 Power with 8,000 Booster. After using skill, you might need to rely on Triggers to reach 21,000+ Power, if not used as 1st attacker (vs Vanguard).
   - 9,000 Power Snogal (G1) + MLB (G3) = 21,000 total Power (with 3 dogs in play).
   - Marron (G1) + MLB (G3) = 20,000 Power (25,000 Power with +5,000 "Trigger Check" buff).

   - Garmore (G3) = 10,000 base Power Vanguard (+1000 for each Snogal (G1) and Brugal (G0).
   - 9,000 Power Snogal (G1) + Garmore (G3) = 22,000 total Power (with 3 dogs in play).

Rear Guards + Booster

   - Snogal (G1) = 7000 base Power Booster, can reach 8,000~9,000 Power if there are 1~2 more Snogal (G1) dogs in play.
   - Snogal (G1) + Bedivere (G3) = 20,000~21,000 total Power.
   - Snogal (G1) + Palamedes (G3) = 21,000~22,000 total Power.

   - NOTE: Other cards not included here are also OK to use but some are very situational or unsustainable, use them if you like. Also adjust the numbers above depending on your Booster's Power.

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