Vanguard ZERO: Kagero DOTE Deck Build #2 and Guide

Here's a quick guide and tips for Kagero Dragonic Overlord the End Deck users in the RPG mobile card game Vanguard ZERO. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).

The End is the ultimate evolution of Dragonic Overlord! When it's attack hits, it stands up with a Persona Blast so it can attack again. Combine it with Striken to deal the maximum amount of damage to your opponent!

Kagero DOTE Deck #2

Notable Info

   - Crit Vanguard = Can do 2 or more damage per attack (if Prowling Dragon, Striken (G2) is used).
   - Cross Ride Vanguard = Permanent +2000 Power when condition is met.
   - Field Control = Can retire units controlled by the opponent.
   - Multi Attacks = Can attack more than 3 times in 1 turn.
Vanguard ZERO: Kagero DOTE Deck Build #2 and Guide

First Vanguard and Sentinel Cards (PG)

Conroe FVGattling Claw Dragon FVKagero PG
   - Lizard Soldier, Conroe (FV) = CB1 to get a Grade 1 or less card from your deck to your hand.
   - Gattling Claw Dragon (FV) = Alternative FV used to snipe a Grade 0 unit early on (CB1).
   - Wyvern Guard, Barri (G1) = Add at least x2, but aim for x3 or x4.

Recommended Cards (Must Have)

Dragonic Overlord G3DOTE G3Berserk Dragon G2Kimnara G1Heatnail Salamander G1
   - Dragonic Overlord (G3) = Aim for x4, use as Vanguard early on or as a Rear Guard.
   - Dragonic Overlord the End (G3) = Aim for x4, your main Vanguard for this deck build. 11,000 base Power Vanguard (Cross Ride: If Dragonic Overlord is in your Soul: +2000 Power). When this unit's attack hits, CB2 and Persona Blast (discard a DOTE (G3) from your hand) to Stand this unit, and draw 2 cards.

   - Berserk Dragon (G2) = Limit to x2~x3, low Power but used to retire G2 or less units when needed (CB2), balance this with your other Counter Blast users.
   - Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara (G1) = Add x3, CB1 to put this unit into your Soul and retire 1 of your opponent's Grade 1 rear guards.
   - Heatnail Salamander (G1) = Add x3~x4, to retire a Grade 1 card when the attack it boosted hits a Vanguard.

Suggested Cards To Add (Budget Cards)

Grade 1 Cards

   - Flame of Hope, Aermo (G1) = Limit to x1, also a good alternative or addition to Dragon Monk, Gojo (G1), can Boost but with lower Power.
   - Flame of Promise, Aermo (G1) = Limit to x2, SB1 to increase Power to 10,000 if conditions are met (when boosting an "Overlord" card). Works great with Kimnara (G1) and can be used to boost rear guard "Overlord" like DO (G3).

Grade 2 Cards

   - NOTE: For this build, it is better to add high base Power Grade 2 units to increase your column's Power without relying too much on Boosters, because your Grade 1 units will mainly focus on retiring your opponent's Boosters.

   - Burning Horn Dragon (G2) = Add x2~x3, can reach 12,000 Power if you have an "Overlord" Vanguard.
   - Dragon Knight, Nehalem (G2) = Add x3~x4, Nice base Power and Defense.
   - Prowling Dragon, Striken (G2) = Add x4, ideal Grade 2 Vanguard if used, to add +5000 Power and Critical+1 to your Grade 3 Vanguard next turn (until the end of that turn).
   - Bellicosity Dragon (G2) = Limit to x2 if you want this card, low Power but used to "Counter Charge" to use more "Counter Blasts".
   - Genie Soldat (G2) = Limit to x1~x2 if you want to add, high Power unit but got Restraint (retire enemy unit to remove), it's good if done right but sometimes it's hard to remove restraint if you don't have the cards needed or available targets.

Grade 3 Cards

   - Demonic Dragon Berserker, Yaksha (G3) = Limit to x1~x2 if you want to add this card, hard to execute but really good if done correctly with Striken (G2) and Kimnara (G1). Low Power so not good if you missed your chance.
   - Dragonic Executioner (G3) = Add as filler if you need more cards.
   - Dual Axe Archdragon (G3) = Add x2~x4, nice 13,000 Power if your opponent has 2 or less rear guards.

   - NOTE: Feel free to try other cards not listed here, and add any Grade 3 cards you have available, just make sure to follow the recommended Trigger Set below.

RRR and Other Cards (If Available)

Dragonic Waterfall G3Seal Dragon Blockade G3
   - Dragonic Waterfall (G3) = Add x1~x4, 11,000 base Power that can reach 14,000 Power when attacking a Vanguard. Possible sub Vanguard or use as Rear Guard, ride only if your DOTE (G3) is just an 11,000 Vanguard and have no Booster available.
   - Seal Dragon Blockade (G3) = Limit to x1~x2, optional sub Vanguard, can also use when your opponent got 1 Life left and tries to block you with 1 or 2 Intercept Cards. Drop as your Vanguard then fire 3 attacks to break through their Sentinel Cards (PG).

   - NOTE: Feel free to try other cards not listed here, and add any Grade 3 cards you have available, just make sure to follow the recommended Trigger Set below.

Example Deck Builds

   - NOTE: For cards that you don't have, just use the guide above to add filler cards to your deck for now, but if you want to add cards to the existing ones, feel free to do so. Also note that new cards might become available in the future, so feel free to test them out as well.
Vanguard ZERO: Kagero DOTE Deck Build #2 and Guide
 (*Use as reference, feel free to remove/add cards.)
(*Replace x1 Nehalem (G2) with x1 Burning Horn Dragon (G2) if you like.)

Trigger Sets

Rank Fight Trigger Set

   - Critical Trigger (x0), Draw Trigger (x9), Stand Trigger (x0), and Heal Trigger (x4)
   - Refer to the build above (screenshot) for example Triggers Set for specific cards.
   - Do not set Heal Triggers to your DO (G3) and DOTE (G3).

For Non Rank Fight Battles

   - NOTE: Feel free to experiment with other Trigger Sets according to your preference. Add more Critical Triggers and/or Stand Triggers if you want to use this deck for certain events, like non Rank Fights that would require you to finish the battle asap.

Kagero Battle Strategies

Mulligan (Starting Cards)

   - Any Grade 1 Card (G1) = Keep x1 or x2 to ensure a Grade 1 Vanguard.
   - Prowling Dragon, Striken (G2) = Keep x1 if you have this card otherwise get any G2 card. Ride as your Grade 2 Vanguard, also to avoid mistakes, try to secure a Grade 3 card early on.
   - Dragonic Overlord (G3) = Keep x1, if you didn't get DOTE (G3).
   - Dragonic Overlord the End (G3) = Keep x1, or x2 especially if you have Striken (G2) above.

   - Wyvern Guard, Barri (G1) = Keep at least x1.

Basic Battle Strategies

   - This build will focus more on disabling your opponent's Boosters, to force the battle to only play with front units! So use cards with high Power to force your opponent to use Boosters, if done right, you can conserve your Sentinel Cards (PG), because sometimes they can't even hit your 13,000 base Vanguard.
Kimnara G1Heatnail Salamander G1Berserk Dragon G2
   - Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara (G1) and Heatnail Salamander (G1)
   - Use them to retire Grade 1 units, best if you also know how your opponent's deck works to disrupt their plans, halt them from building 21,000+ columns, stop them from filtering cards, and more.
   - If you have them both, use Heatnail Salamander (G1) to save Counter Blasts for other cards.

   - Berserk Dragon (G2)
   - Use this unit to retire Intercepts, or to retire a Grade 0 unit especially when your opponent's Vanguard got lower Power than your Vanguard, and they are relying on their Grade 0 unit just to increase Power.
   - If you are using Gattling Claw Dragon (FV), you can use this as alternative.

How To Use DO (G3) and DOTE (G3)

Dragonic Overlord G3DOTE G3
   - First you need to decide which Grade 3 Vanguard to ride. Riding DO (G3) first then DOTE (G3) would activate Cross Ride (permanent +2000 Power to DOTE (G3), so you'll get a 13,000 Vanguard, but still consider the situation before doing it).
   - A 13,000 Power Vanguard would force your opponent to adjust their combos to 13k/18k/23k, and use Boosters!

   - For Example:
   - If you are up against decks that can dish out damages fast, then better skip DO (G3) and go straight with DOTE (G3). Remember that DOTE (G3) is your safe choice.
   - If you still got low Damage or have the upper hand, then ride DO (G3) first, best if you also have DOTE (G3) in hand.
   - Ride DO (G3) if you have no other choice though, or if you have x2 DO (G3) in hand.

Persona Blast

   - Dragonic Overlord the End (G3) = Aside from CB2, discard another DOTE (G3) card in hand to activate skill. What you really want here are the 2 Draws and another Twin Drive (more chance to Trigger Draws and Heals), so make sure to land this unit's attack. Remember this, the more Intercept Cards and Sentinel cards (PG) you can get, the higher your chance of winning!
   - If you want to attack a Vanguard twice, place a decent Booster behind your Vanguard.
   - Attack a rear guard first, before activating Persona Blast if needed, to avoid getting blocked by a Sentinel Card (PG) when your opponent's Damage is 5, or else this unit's skill won't activate.

Counter Blasts

Conroe FVGattling Claw Dragon FVDOTE G3Dragonic Overlord G3Kimnara G1Berserk Dragon G2
   - Conroe (FV) or Gattling Claw Dragon (FV) = CB1 to use, try to recover CB as well. If you have 2 Sentinel Cards (PG), try getting other Grade 1 cards if needed.
   - Dragonic Overlord the End (G3) = Use DOTE's (G3) re-stand skill (CB2) unless you don't have DOTE (G3) in hand (situational), you are sure you can't get any DOTE (G3) cards anymore, or if you don't need to draw more cards.
   - Dragonic Overlord (G3) = CB3 to stand this unit when it hits a Rear Guard (+5000 Power, loses Twin Drive), use as a Rear Guard to break through your opponent's defense (best used vs 2 Intercept cards) when needed and to setup a 20,000+ Power column.

   - Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara (G1) = CB1 to put this unit into your Soul and retire 1 of your opponent's Grade 1 rear guards.
   - Berserk Dragon (G2) = CB2 to mainly retire 1 of your opponent's Grade 2 or less unit.

   - Note: Also consider other card effects that requires Counter Blasts if needed.

How To Use Prowling Dragon, Striken

Striken G2Dragonic Overlord G3DOTE G3
   - Prowling Dragon, Striken (G2) = Ideally, your Grade 2 Vanguard. It has "Restraint" but when rode upon, your Grade 3 Vanguard gets +5000 Power and Critical +1 until end of turn. To avoid mistakes, secure a Grade 3 card early on.
   - With this unit, your opponent won't be able to get free CBs, so it's good against decks that relies on CB asap to activate skill effects. This can also help negate those cheap shot Heal Triggers early on, then to pressure your opponent with some Crits.

Option 1:
   - Ride any Grade 1 unit > Striken (G2) > DO (G3) or DOTE (G3) > Attack.
   - Your opponent might try to counter this with 2 Intercepts, so be prepared before your 3rd turn.
   - During your 2nd turn, try to land 1 Damage if you have enough cards for next turn, or at least try to clear Intercepts.

   - TIP: Since your Grade 3 Vanguard will get 16,000 Power, you just need a 5,000 Booster to reach 21,000 Power, so you can safely use this as your 2nd attacker (vs 11,000 base Power Vanguard).

Option 2:
   - Ride any Grade 1 unit > Striken (G2) > DOTE (G3) > Attack > Re-Stand > Attack.
   - If done right, you can swing your Critical buff twice!
   - In case you are unable to clear all Intercepts, still use DOTE (G3) to attack 1 Intercept, and the Vanguard for the 2 Draws and Trigger Checks.

   - TIP: If you attack a Vanguard with 11,000 base Power for example, their Vanguard's Power could go to 21k/26k/31k depending on how many Triggers your opponent can get. So if you want to swing another attack, you need a 5,000 Booster at least to reach 21,000 Power, above that would require you to rely on Triggers or Boosters that can reach 10,000 Power.

How To Build 21,000+ Power Columns

Vanguard + Booster

   - Flame of Promise, Aermo (G1) = SB1 to increase Power to 10,000 if conditions are met (when boosting an "Overlord" card). Only limit to 2 per game though to avoid removing DO (G3), unless you used Kimnara's (G1) skill and went to Soul
   - Flame of Promise, Aermo (G1) + DO (G3) = 21,000 total Power.
   - Flame of Promise, Aermo (G1) + DOTE (G3) = 21,000 total Power (23,000 Power with Cross Ride).

Rear Guards + Booster

   - Flame of Promise, Aermo (G1) = SB1 to increase Power to 10,000 if conditions are met (when boosting an "Overlord" card). Only limit to 2 per game though to avoid removing DO (G3), unless you used Kimnara's (G1) skill and went to Soul.
   - Flame of Promise, Aermo (G1) + DO (G3) = 21,000 total Power.
   - Flame of Promise, Aermo (G1) + DOTE (G3) = 21,000 total Power.

   - NOTE: Other cards not included here are also OK to use but some are very situational or unsustainable, use them if you like. Also adjust the numbers above depending on your Booster's Power.

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That's it guys, thank you for checking our Kagero DOTE Deck Build and Guide for the Card Battle RPG mobile game - Vanguard ZERO. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).