Vanguard ZERO: Nova Grappler Blau Deck Build and Guide

Here's a quick guide and tips for Nova Grappler Blau Deck users in the RPG mobile card game Vanguard ZERO. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).

You can ride "Blau" by using the skill of Blaujunger and Blaupanzer to stabilize Blau to Grade 3. When Stren Blaukluger hits the opponent's Vanguard, one can Stand the Boosting unit and him/herself with the skill. You may thus collect Triggers and fully attack!

Nova Grappler Blau Deck

Notable Info

   - Budget Deck = Can be played even without RRR cards.
   - Multi Attacks = Can attack more than 3 times in 1 turn.
   - 16,000+ RG Columns = Easy to build 17,000 Power columns.
   - 21,000+ RG Columns = You can build a 21,000~23,000 Power column as long as you have the specific cards in place and conditions are met.
Vanguard ZERO: Nova Grappler Blau Deck Build and Guide

First Vanguard and Sentinel Cards (PG)

Blau FVNova Grappler PGBeast Deity, Solar Falcon (G1)
   - Blaujunger (FV) = Higher chance to ride Blaukluger (G2).
   - Twin Blader (G1) and/or Beast Deity, Solar Falcon (G1) = Add x4.

Recommended Cards (Must Have)

Blau G1Blau G2Blau G3
   - Toolkit Boy (G1) = Add x3~x4, to use "Counter Charge 1" when used to boost a Vanguard (attack must also hit), a great Booster for your Stern Blaukluger (G3). Get more as reserves against certain decks.
   - Blaupanzer (G1) = Add x4, recommended as Grade 1 Vanguard if possible to activate your FV's skill effect and get Blaukluger (G2) from your deck, or place to a rear guard circle to get Stern Blaukluger (G3) from your deck.
   - Blaukluger (G2) = Add x2~x4, recommended as Grade 2 Vanguard if possible in case you need the "Counter Charge" early on, and to add +1000 Power to your Stern Blaukluger (G3) later on.
   - Stern Blaukluger (G3) = Aim for x4, your main Vanguard for this deck build. 10,000 base Power Vanguard (permanent +1000 if Blaukluger (G2) is in your Soul). When this unit's attack hits a Vanguard, CB2 and discard 2 cards to stand all of your units in the middle column, and draw a card (this unit loses "Twin Drive!!" until end of turn).

Suggested Cards To Add (Budget Cards)

Grade 1 Cards

   - Clay-doll Mechanic (G1) = Limit to x1~x2, when placed "Counter Charge 1", optional support card.
   - Tough Boy (G1) = Add x1~x3, nice base Power and Defense.

Grade 2 Cards

   - NOTE: For this build, it is better to add high base Power Grade 2 units to increase your column's Power without relying too much on Boosters, and to give you more options when discarding cards.

   - Eisenkugel (G2) = Add x4, nice base Power and Defense (12,000 Power) if conditions are met. Reduce this though if you don't have enough Stern Blaukluger (G3).
   - King of Sword (G2) = Add x1~x4, nice base Power and Defense.
   - Magician Girl, Kirara (G2) = Limit to x1~x3, when attack hits, CB2 to draw a card.
   - Death Army Lady (G2) = Add x2~x3, stands when your Drive Check reveals a Grade 3. Optional card that works well when your opponent's Damage is 5, to try and break through their Sentinel Cards (PG).
   - Hungry Dumpty (G2) = Optional card, when placed "Counter Charge 1".
   - Transraizer (G2) = Optional card, can be useful for stalling while earning some cards early on if you are lucky, low Power though and requires Boosters to attack.

Grade 3 Cards

   - Death Metal Droid (G3) = Add x1~x3, nice filler card with 13,000 Power (CB1).
   - Muscle Hercules (G3) = Add up to x4, when placed "Counter Charge 1", good support card for this build.
   - Gold Rutile (G3) = Can be your sub Vanguard if you don't have enough Stern Blaukluger (G3) cards, or other better choice like Asura Kaiser (G3). Not recommended to use if your opponent got 5 Damages though (can't utilize skill).
   - Lion Heat (G3) = Optional card similar to Gold Rutile (R3), but works better as a rear guard.

   - NOTE: Feel free to try other cards not listed here, and add any Grade 3 cards you have available, just make sure to follow the recommended Trigger Set below.

RRR and Other Cards (If Available)

Brutal Jack G2Asura Kaiser G3Cosmo Lord (G3)
   - Brutal Jack (G2) = Add x1~x3, nice base Power and Defense.
   - Asura Kaiser (G3) = Add x2~x3, your sub Vanguard if you don't have Stern Blaukluger (G3) in hand, or when your opponent got 1 Life left to try and break through their Sentinel Cards (PG).
   - Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmo Lord (G3) = Alternative card to your Death Metal Droid (G3). 11,000 Base Power (Rest 1 of your rear-guards to get +3000 Power until end of turn).

   - NOTE: Using non Blau Vanguard would decrease Eisenkugel's (G2) Power, so make sure to use them first or save them until you ride Stern Blaukluger (G3) again.

   - NOTE: Feel free to try other cards not listed here, and add any Grade 3 cards you have available, just make sure to follow the recommended Trigger Set below.

Example Deck Builds

   - NOTE: For cards that you don't have, just use the guide above to add filler cards to your deck for now, but if you want to add cards to the existing ones, feel free to do so. Also note that new cards might become available in the future, so feel free to test them out as well.

Vanguard ZERO Nova Grappler Blau Budget Deck
 (*Example Budget Deck (No RRR Cards), Use as reference, feel free to remove/add cards.)

Vanguard ZERO Nova Grappler Blau  Deck Build
(*Use as reference, feel free to remove/add cards. Sentinel Cards ("Perfect Guards") have different activation conditions, add x4 depending on your preference.)
(*Replace Death Metal Droid (G3) with  Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmo Lord (G3) if you like.)

Trigger Sets

Rank Fight Trigger Set

   - Critical Trigger (x0), Draw Trigger (x9), Stand Trigger (x0), and Heal Trigger (x4)
   - Refer to the build above (screenshot) for example Triggers Set for specific cards.
   - Do not set Heal Triggers to your Stern Blaukluger (G3).

For Non Rank Fight Battles

   - NOTE: Feel free to experiment with other Trigger Sets according to your preference. Add more Critical Triggers and/or Stand Triggers if you want to use this deck for certain events, like non Rank Fights that would require you to finish the battle asap.

Nova Grappler Battle Strategies

Mulligan (Starting Cards)

   - Blaupanzer (G1) = Keep x1 or x2, one as Grade 1 Vanguard, the other one to get Stern Blaukluger (G3) unless you have the card during Mulligan.
   - Blaukluger (G2) = Keep x1, if you didn't get any Blaupanzer (G1).
   - Stern Blaukluger (G3) = Keep x1.

   - Toolkit Boy (G1) = Keep x1.
   - Sentinel Card (G1) = Keep at least x1.

Basic Battle Strategies

   - Focus on riding all Blaus until you can ride Stern Blaukluger (G3).
   - Use your Grade 2 cards to Intercept attacks while earning some cards in your hand early on. Eisenkugel (G2) and other high Power Grade 2 cards will force your opponent to use Boosters, also use them to control how many Damages you want to take for your Stern Blaukluger's (G3) skill next turn.
   - Focus more on using your center column for attacking the Vanguard, so make sure to clear all Interceptors!

Counter Blasts

Brutal Jack G2Kirara G2Blau G3
   - Brutal Jack (G2) + Blaukluger (G2) = Works great early on because you can quickly recover the CB used. If you have Toolkit Boy (G1), you can place 1 more Brutal Jack (G2).

   - Magician Girl, Kirara (G2) + Blaukluger (G2) = Drawing a card for CB2 is ok, just don't overdo it or only if needed. Best during the early stage of the battle to give you chance to recover those CB with Heal Triggers or by using Toolkit Boy's (G1) skill.

   - Stern Blaukluger (G3) = When this unit's attack hits a Vanguard, CB2 and discard 2 cards from your hand to Stand all of your units in the middle column, then draw a card.
   - Use this skill as soon as possible. Clear all Intercept cards and try to land at least 2 attacks if your Vanguard's Power is still higher (3 attacks is possible if you are lucky during your Trigger Check).
   - Discard cards that you don't need like extra copies of Blau (G1), Toolkit Boy (G1), Stern Blaukluger's (G3) and other cards that you don't need.

   - NOTE: If your opponent's Damage is 5, you might not be able to use this skill because of those Sentinel Cards (PG), so at this point, you can use your sub Vanguard like Asura Kaiser (G3) to try and break through their Sentinel Cards with Stand effects.
   - NOTE: Also consider other card effects that requires Counter Blasts if needed.

How To Build 21,000+ Power Columns

Vanguard + Booster

   - Stern Blaukluger (G3) = 11,000 Power if you have Blaukluger (G2) in your Soul.
   - Toolkit Boy (G1) + Stern Blaukluger (G3) = 18,000 total Power (23,000 Power with +5,000 "Trigger Check" buff).
   - If you used Stern Blaukluger's (G3) as your first attack vs a 13,000 Vanguard, you can definitely fire another follow-up attack with just 1 Trigger.

Rear Guards + Booster

   - Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmo Lord (G3) = 11,000 base Power, rest a Rear Guard to get +3000 Power until the end of turn.
   - Cosmo Lord (G3) + Any Booster with 6,000~7,000 Power = 23,000~24,000 total Power (if 2 Rear Guards are used).

   - Tough Boy (G1) = 8000 Power Booster.
   - Tough Boy (G1) + Cosmo Lord (G3) = 21,000 total Power (if 1 Rear Guard is used).
   - Tough Boy (G1) + Death Metal Droid (G3) = 21,000 total Power (CB1).
   - Tough Boy (G1) + Any Rear Guard with 9,000~11,000 Power = 17,000~19,000 total Power (22,000~24,000 Power with +5,000 "Trigger Check" buff).

   - NOTE: Other cards not included here are also OK to use but some are very situational or unsustainable, use them if you like. Also adjust the numbers above depending on your Booster's Power.

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