The Trail: FAQs, Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guides List

The Trail is an Android and iOS mobile game, the newest simulation game from Peter Molyneux and Kongregate. Download on the App Store and Google Play.

Join the pioneers on a vast journey across country unknown. Set forth to reach the town of Eden Falls - explore, craft, collect, trade, discover, and eventually settle and build.
The Trail: FAQs, Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guides List
-  The Trail: Tips and Walkthrough Guides -

- Follow the Tutorials
- Journey to Eden Falls
- Green Coast Region to Sequoia Region

- Hoarding and Crafting Food Tips
- Conserving Stamina Tips
- Journey Beyond Eden Falls
- Sequoia Region to Pinecone Valley Region

- Tips and Tricks for Quests
- Journey Beyond the Swamp
- Woodland Walk Region to Deadman Dunes Region

- Tips and Tricks for Quests
- Upgrading Stamina Boost from Food
- Green Maze Regions and Beyond

-  The Trail: Earning Chits and Gold Guides -

- How to Gain More Chits
- How To Win Top Trader and Gain More Gifts
- Recommended Camp Sites

- How to Gain More Chits Through Crafting
- Recommended Toys and Hats to Craft
- Recommended Camp Sites

- Warehouse: How It Works
- How to Gain More Chits and Gold (for Town Upgrades)
- Recommended Items to Sell
-  The Trail: Other Useful Tips and Guides -

- How to Avoid Red Color Hearts (Fast Stamina Drain)
- Recommended Food to Craft
- Understanding Weight Limit

- How To Craft House Upgrade Materials
- Recommended Locations To Farm or Buy
- How To Obtain Planks For Lvl 5+ House

- Recommended Furnitures to Purchase
- Furnitures and Their Stat Effects
- How To Test Your Furniture's Size or Space

- Overview on Town Buildings
- Recommended Buildings To Get
- Important Buildings For Upgrading House

- FAQs and Tips Before and After Moving
- When is the Best Time to Move?
- What Will Happen To My House and Upgrades?

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