Pixels: Beginner's Quests - Quick Walkthrough Guide

Here are some tips on how to complete all Beginner's Quests (Quick Walkthrough Guide) in the building platform, simulation, and adventure game - Pixels (https://www.pixels.xyz).

NOTE: The first quest that you can complete is "Barney's Farm Tutorial", just follow Barney's instructions until he sends you to Terravilla.
Pixels: Beginner's Quests - Quick Walkthrough Guide

Beginner's Quests

Ranger Dale

   - Once you are done with the tutorial and got teleported inside the P.L.O.T. Building, just talk to Ranger Dale to complete the quest.

Choose Your Avatar

   - You can now change your avatar here. Open the Player Info window by clicking the Player button located at the upper left corner of your screen. You can customize your Avatar here according to your preferences. 

The Buck's Galore

Pixels: How To Farm Fast Berries with Seeds - Beginner's Guide
   - Exit the building then go directly to the right side area until you can find The Buck's Galore. Go inside the building and talk to Hazel to complete this quest.

Axeing For Help

   - Exit the building and go to the south-west area until you can find Jack and Jill near some trees. Talk to Jill then use your Axe to cut the 2 trees with a red "X" mark. Also cut those tree stumps to get more soft woods and XP.
   - Talk to Jill again to complete this quest.

Sticks and Planks

   - Go to the eastern side of Terravilla and find Stan Stolar near some trees and a Woodworking Bench.
   - Create 8 Sticks by clicking the Woodworking Bench, then select "Stick" under Recipes (talk to Stan Stolar once done).
   - Open the Woodworking Bench, select "Wooden Stool", then click "Create" (talk to Stan Stolar once done).
   - Go to the western side of Terravilla (just go straight to the left) to find Old Man Gurney, talk to him and give the "Wooden Stool". Go back to Stan Stolar to complete this quest.

Cooking With Karen

   - You can find Karen inside a small house at the northernmost area of Terravilla.
Pixels Karen House Terravilla
   - Click on the Softwood in your inventory and click it on the Woodburning Stove just once to start cooking. Click on the Woodburning Stove, and choose Popberry Pie from the recipes and select "Create". Talk to Karen to complete this quest.
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Beginner Speck Quests

Honor Bound

Pixels - My Speck of Land
  - How To Trigger Quest: The Beginner Speck can be purchased under the "Land and Travel" icon (upper left corner of your game screen), check under Land Options. Once purchased with berries, the quest would appear.

   - Go to the Decor Store, just below The Buck's Galore, and find Honor.
   - Go to your Speck and place all the Decors from your inventory to your land, go back to Honor to complete this quest.

Even More Boxes

   - Head to The Buck’s Galore and talk to Hazel. Next, go ahead and buy the Mover and Remover items from her store, then talk to Hazel again.
   - Go back to your Speck, and use your Mover and Remover to move/remove items around your land. Once done, head back to Honor to complete the quest. 
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Farmer Quests

Sunshine and Grainbows

   - How To Trigger Quest: Reach Farming Skill Lvl 5.

   - Go to the north west corner of Terravilla, and find Fitz, complete his "Sunshine and Grainbows" quest by planting the seeds he gave you (you can find some plots at the northernmost area of Terravilla, or plant them on any land). Once you’ve harvested the Grainbows, go back to Fitz.

Flour Powder

   - You can find Karen inside a small house at the northernmost area of Terravilla (just to the right side of Fitz). Once inside, Karen would ask you if you can grind the Grainbows into Flour. To complete her quest, you need to find a Land with a Windmill and use it to make Flour.
Pixels Windmill
   - TIP: If you want to look for farms with a Windmill, try to use this useful tool: Pixels Lookup. Next, go to the P.L.O.T. Building near the center of Terravilla (just the other side of "The Buck's Galore") and use the Infiniportal inside to enter specific lands using farm numbers.

   - That's it guys, you are now done with your Beginner Quests! Once you are able to earn more Berries, go ahead and start the "Wine Not? Quest" series.
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That's it guys, thank you for checking our Beginner's Quests - Quick Walkthrough Guide for the building platform, simulation, and adventure PC browser game - Pixels.