Pixels: Where To Store Items - Storage and Inventory Guide

Here are some tips on how to store your items to free up space from your bag in the building platform, simulation, and adventure game - Pixels (https://www.pixels.xyz).

Refer below to learn where you can find Storage Boxes, other ways to store items, and some tips on how to optimize your inventory in-game.
Pixels The Drunken Goose Location

Where To Store Items?

The Drunken Goose

   - Located south west of Terravilla. Go inside and find the Storage Box (12 Slots), drag your item from bag and place it inside the slots.
Pixels Storage at Drunken Goose
   - TIP: You can instantly transport to this location by using this link HERE. Use it as well in case you get "stuck" somewhere or when entering an area where it just keeps on loading... just don't forget to change it next time to your original game link or else you'll keep respawning here.
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The Post Office

Pixels The Post Office Location
   - Located at the south side of Terravilla. Go inside and find the Storage Box (12 Slots), drag your item from bag and place it inside the slots.
Pixels Storage Inside The Post Office

Free Items (24 Hours Cooldown)

   - TIP: While you are here, pick up some random free items by clicking the long table in front of Priya, check again every after 24 hours.

   - x12 Popberry Seeds
   - x6 Fertilizer
   - x5 Cooking Mix
   - x1 Energy Drink
   - x1 Chicken
   - x1 Drill
   - x1 Soil
   - x1 Farm Charm Crystal
   - and more.

Your Mailbox

   - Yes, you can use it as a temporary storage. Some items that you will get in-game would go straight to your Mailbox, so only collect what you need and keep the other items inside your Mailbox.

   - NOTE: Sometimes, some of your items here might disappear, if this happens, just claim some items until the old ones pops back. Try to remember the items you have in case you need them for later.
   - Still double check the items though, if they have a timer (number of Days allowed until they disappear from your Mailbox). Some may have a limit on the number of items you can hold in your mailbox, so make sure to review and manage your collected rewards accordingly.

Beginner's Speck or Land

   - You can also use your Land as storage by placing some of your items like "Decors" (ex: bushes, flowers, etc.) to free up space from your inventory.

   - The Beginner's Speck can be purchased under the "Land and Travel" icon (upper left corner of your game screen). Only activate if needed because you'll get 2 items (Mover and Remover) that would take up space in your inventory (unless you sell them, then buy later if needed).

Craft Small Storage Chests (6 Slots)

Pixels 6 Slot Storage Chest
   - Requires Woodworking Skill Lvl 3 to craft them.
   - Recipe: 20 Crafting Mix, 1 Glue, and 88 Plank.
   - Place it on your land, then use it to store some of your items.

   - For more information refer to our separate guide below:
   -  >  How To Get or Craft Storage Chests

Using Pets As Storage

   - Among the many perks of pets in Pixels is the additional storage they offer. Different pets possess varying levels of strength, enabling them to carry different amounts of items. To access this storage, it is crucial to keep your pet happy and content, fostering a harmonious bond between you and your faithful companion.
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Other Item Optimization Tips

Extra Inventory

   - You can get an extra inventory (+6 Backpack Slots) if you are a Land Owner or a VIP Player.

   - TIP: This is optional but for players that can access the Marketplace, you can register your items there at a high price, this way you can have more space in your bag (you can register or take them out for free at the moment).

How To Remove Items?

   - For unwanted items, you can use the "Trash Can" to delete items from your inventory. These "Trash Cans" can be found around Terravilla, or other maps. I would recommend keeping them though just in case you'll need them for quests later on, and looks like using the "Trash Can" would require 50 Energy!?

   - You may also sell or trade them in the Shop, Marketplace, or to other players if you like.
That's it guys, thank you for checking our Where To Store Items - Storage and Inventory Guide for the building platform, simulation, and adventure PC browser game - Pixels.