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Heroes Charge is a thrilling action RPG multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game presented by uCool. Available on Android - Google Play and iOS - App Store. Build a company of heroes to protect your people from an old enemy, and to prove your worth in the arena!
Heroes Charge: General In-Depth Guides -

Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
- For Beginners or Newbies
- Things To Do If You Get Stuck
- The Best Way To Spend Gems
- PvP Arena and More

Heroes Skills List and Skill Prioritization
- Skills To Prioritize per Hero

Legendary Skills List
- New Lvl 90 Legendary Skills
- Available Heroes with Legendary Skills

General Team Building Guide
- Different Types of Heroes
- Hero Positioning and Team Formats
- Heroes Selection Guide

Arena - Hero Selection Guide
- Suggested Heroes per Level Range
- With Legendary Skills and Ratings

Guild Raids - Hero Selection Guide
- Quick info on Bosses
- Suggested Heroes per Boss Stage
- Sample Team Compositions and their Estimated Total Damages

How to Complete Crusades
- Intro to Crusades for Beginners
- In-depth Crusade Analysis
- Recommended Normal and Hard Crusade Heroes NEW!

- Rewards, Events and Other Freebies
- Guilds and Crusades
- Arena, Midas and more

More in-depth guides for this game coming soon!

Heroes Charge Gameplay Trailer -


Heroes Charge: Official FAQs -

How Can I Level Up My Team Level?
   - Go to the Daily Activities tab and finish as many challenges as you can.
   - Each of them rewards you with Team Level EXP.

I'm Stuck on a Stage/Chapter, What Do I Do?
   - Focus on improving your Heroes of their levels, equipment, skills, enhancements, etc.

I Promoted My Hero But Lost All The Gear! What Happened?
   - After Hero Promotion, all the gear will be consumed to enchant the hero.

Why Can't I Upgrade My Skills Any Higher?
   - The Skill Level cannot be higher that the Hero Level. Please upgrade your Hero Level first.

What Are the Bonuses My Heroes Can Gain from Certain Stats?
   - 1 Strength = +18 HP and +0.14 PHY Def
   - 1 Agility = +0.4 PHY Atk, +0.07 PHY Def, and +0.4 Crit Rate
   - 1 Intelligence = +2.4 MAG Dmg, and 0.1 MAG Resistance

   - Main Hero's Stat (STR/AGI/ or INT) + AGI*0.4 =  PHY Atk.

   - Bonus Stats from Gears Only:
   - HP Regen, Energy Regen, and MAG Crit Rate.

I'm Out of Coins, What Can I Do?
   - You can do  Campaign, Dwarf Arsenal and Time Rift and then sell Items you've looted from them!

Why Am I Not Gaining EXP for my Heroes?
   - You Hero Level cannot be higher than your Team Level. Please upgrade your Team Level first.

How Can I Gain More EXP for my Heroes?
   - Winning battles in the Campaign gains you Hero EXP. You can also use EXP Potions obtained from chest rewards.

How Can I Recruit More Heroes?
   - The first Gold Chest rewards you a Hero, and you also have a chance to get Hero Soul Stones. On top of that, you can summon Heroes once you get enough Hero Soul Stones by completing Elite Chapters.

I Just Received a Hero, Why Did I Get Soul Stones instead of the Hero?
   - That's because you had recruited the Hero. So the Hero you received turned into Hero Soul Stones used for Hero Evolution.

Should I Evolve My Heroes When They're Still at Lower Levels?
   - It doesn't make a difference on the hero's final power whether you evolve them at lower of higher levels.

I'm Seeing Opponents in the Arena that have 400 power, yet I can't defeat them. Why?
   - They're most likely NPC's with the wrong power value displayed.

How Come the Amount of Gems I Receive from the Arena Rankings Varies so Much?
   - The higher your rank, the better the rewards.

Do VIP Players Have Benefits?
   - Yes, the higher a player's VIP level is, the more benefits they will get!

Which Hero is the Best?
   - This is really a question with no certain answer. It's the combination of your Heroes that matters.

My Hero Skills Did Not Deal Much Damage on NPC, How Come?
   - Please upgrade your Skill Level and make it more powerful.

I Completed a Stage and I'm seeing a Star on It, What's That?
   - Stars suggest how well you completed the stage. If you have full 3 Stars in the stage, you can auto-fight to grind for a particular Item, Coins, or EXP.
   - If you are a VIP player, you can unlock Raid feature.

I Forgot to Claim My Daily Stamina. What Can Be Done?
   - Unclaimed Stamina will not be reimbursed. It's important to log in and claim your stamina bonus.

Does Enchant Max Feature Cost My Items?
   - No, this feature costs Gems only. It doesn't consume any of your gear or Coins.

Why Don't My Heroes Regenerate HP During Battles?
   - Heroes ' HP is regenerated after each round of the Battle.

*FAQ Source: Credits and Thanks to uCool for the Official FAQ! ^^

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