Trolls vs Vikings: FAQ, Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

Trolls vs Vikings is a very addictive action RPG defense game presented by Megapop Games. Available on Android - Google Play, iOS - App Store, and Windows Phone Store. Embark on an amazing journey across a fun and mythical world, where peaceful Trolls and magical creatures face Vikings and their Gods!

Refer to the walkthrough strategy guide below to learn how to coordinate a defense against the Viking onslaught in a super fun tower defense game.
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Basic Tips and Reminders
   - Gather all Moonstones dropped, to summon more units.
   - Gather all Gold chunks dropped by enemies.
   - Save your Gold for later use, no need to buy anything except for the "Magic Starter Kit".

Formation Guide:
   - Example Formation: | Hacks | Busters | = means all tiles on the 1st column should be occupied by Hacks only, then all Busters on the 2nd column.
   - Example Formation: | Hacks and Zaps | Punks | = means on the 1st column, place at least 3 Hacks and 2 Zaps, then all Punks on the 2nd column.
   - 2nd Formation: do this after you complete the 1st Formation.

Strategy for Summoning Units (Steps and In-Order)
   - Always summon 2 Hacks then 1 Buster first.
   - Intercept an enemy using your Buster, but make sure to let your Buster fully heal first ("avoid getting hits and wait until he closes his mouth") before attacking another one.
   - Summon 1 more Hack then 1 Zap.

   - Summon any units you need next: Busters ("then line them up later"), Zaps (summon at least 2 asap), or start a line up of Punks. Continue until you complete the formation given below.

   - Other Notes:
   - Always remember, only summon 3 Hacks, 4 is ok but more than that would cost you more Gold.
   - Busters are your real front-liners, because Rocks aren't that sturdy. Rocks + Busters is the best defensive combination.
   - In case one of your Busters went down, quickly place another Buster on that same spot.
   - Note: You can interchange 2 Busters to take down a tough enemy.
   - Zap are the best easy summon-nukers in the game, very useful to weaken tough vikings.

Dreamwoods Stages
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Boss - Eric the Red
Intro to Formations Guide
Strategy for Summoning Units

Hollow Grove Stages
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Boss - Thor the " Rolling Thunder"


Troll Peaks and Gate of Asgard Stages
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Boss - Odin "Allfather"

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