Zombie Road Racing: FAQ, Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

Zombie Road Racing is a fast-paced physics-based racing game presented by TerranDroid. Available on Android - Google Play.

Drive your vehicle through forests, deserts, ice lands, highways, mines, and space while crashing the zombie apocalypse along the way. Earn cash, upgrade your ride, and buy more powerful ones.
Zombie Road Racing: General In-Depth Guides -
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Zombie Road Racing: Controls -

Basic Controls
   - While accelerating, your front wheels will definitely shoot up, to prevent this, tap on your Brake to lower it down. Well, yeah it's frustrating at first but just continue and practice, it is actually easy once you get used to it.

Climbing Hills
   - Use your Brake also while climbing hills to prevent your vehicle from flipping away, and make sure that you only accelerate if your rear wheels are on the ground.
   - Sometimes it is best to rest or stop your vehicle first then clear the zombies before climbing up to get more power.
   - Upgrade your Engine to help you out reach the hill tops.

While In Air
   - While in air, alternately tap on "-->" and "<--" to balance your vehicle. This will give you more chance to get perfect landings.

   - Backflip Tap and hold "-->" to do a backflip.
   - Frontflip Tap and hold "<--"  to do a frontflip. Needs more air time than a backflip.
   - Make sure that you have enough air time to successfully do these stunts though.

Game Over
   - Your run ends, if your driver get's injured, so it's ok to roll your vehicle as long that you driver is safe. It's also game over if you run out of fuel, so keep in mind where you can get them.

Zombie Road Racing: Quick Walkthrough Guide -

How To Get More Coins
   - To make this game easier, unlock the Highway Stage early on, this is where you can farm lots of Coins because of the double Gold power-up. It's also the easiest stage to play in the game.

Forest Stage:

Upgrade Engine to 6 Bars.
   - To help you reach further and get past steep locations. Engine upgrades will also let you fly longer and further. Practice

Farm 250,000 Coins to Open the Highway Stage.
   - The further you get, the more Coins you will get from zombies.
   - You can also get some Coins by staying "in air", doing backflips or frontflips, or by preforming perfect landings, don't focus on it too much though, crashing zombies is still better.

The 1250m Mark
   - Once you reach the 1250m mark, be careful not to get stuck around here, always put your front wheels higher. You can also try to move on top of those hills to clear this area.
   - Engine 6 should be able to help you get out of here in case you get stuck in between, but only if your front wheel is higher though.
   - Beyond here, Coins dropped by zombies will increase more, focus on getting Gas and crashing on zombies.

   - Try to reach 3000m to unlock the Gobi stage. If you did, play any stage you like until you reach 250k Coins.
   - Note: Once your each 4000m, the terrain will just loop from the start.

Highway Stage:
   - By far in my opinion, the easiest stage in the game.
   - Zombies will drop x2 Gold power-ups, which will make this stage a nice farming area!
   - Farm your Coins here to buy any vehicle, upgrade, or stage that you like.
   - Reaching 2000m will give you an easy 40,000 Coins, even more as you go on.

Recommended Vehicles:

Balanced Vehicles
   - Your first free vehicle (blue jeep) is ok overall for all stages, except for the Mines.
   - Try and upgrade the other vehicles if you like.

Heavy Vehicles
   - Doesn't get a lot of "air time", but they can surely get lots of Fuel on the ground.
   - Recommended Stage: Mine

2 Wheeled Vehicles (Motorcycles)
   - Useful for completing achievements related to Backflips and/or Frontflips.
   - Recommended Stage: Arctic, Gobi, or any stage that will make your vehicle fly high.
   - Hard to keep them alive because they jump too high, thus missing a lot of Fuels on the ground.

Recommended Upgrades:
   - Engine: the most notable and noticeable upgrade, sadly the others doesn't really help a lot even when maxed.
   - Upgrade your Engine by half then evenly upgrade the others the way you like.
   - If you think your vehicle is way too fast that it starts to skip some Fuels, stop for now.

Zombie Road Racing: FAQ Tips, Tricks, and Strategies -

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