Fantashooting 2: FAQ, Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides List

Fantashooting 2 is an action RPG third person shooting game presented by Harmony Technology Co., Ltd. Available on Android - Google Play and iOS - App Store.

Pick your Mage or Shooter and embark on an exciting adventure through the mysterious Forest of Training. Craft unique weapons and equip your favorite skills, get ready to defend yourself from massive monster attacks!
Fantashooting 2: General In-Depth Guides -

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Ocean of Trees
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Fantashooting 2: FAQ Tips, Tricks, and Strategies -

Fantashooting 2 Friend Code: pBdAc5
   - Enter this Code to get free 900 Gold at the start of the game.

Create an Account then Bind Your Game
   - This is to save your game progress to their server, in case you lose or reset your device.

Shepherd Sam (Wands) or Ranger Jenny (Arrows) ?
   - Both are good, Sam's Magic Hound is awesome vs an isolated enemy or boss, I just prefer Ranger Jenny a little because of her skill set. Shower Arrows can trap enemies and her Evasion is a nice bonus.
   - If you want to use Ranger Jenny as your starting Hero, go to the Preparation screen then tap on your current Hero, unlock Ranger Jenny then select her as your Hero.

Free Diamonds
   - Attendance Rewards
   - Completing 3 Stars per Stage
   - Special Missions
   - Note: Save your Diamonds for later use.

How to Get More Energy
   - It regenerates 1 Energy every 2 minutes.
   - Energy is fully restored after leveling your Apprentice Level.
   - Using the Send/Request feature to receive Energy from Friends.

Invite Friends: Send/Request Energy
   - To add friends, select any Stage to view the World Rankings, then browse and tap on the nicknames that you want to Invite. To get more friends, level up your Apprentice Level to unlock more slots.
   - Use the Send/Request Energy feature once a day.
   - Accept Energy from friends only if you have little Energy left.

   - Check your friends list and delete inactive friends that didn't login for over a day or two. Replace them with active friends.

Getting 3 Stars per Stage
   - You will receive 1 Diamond per Stars you complete.
   - If you didn't get 3 Stars, move on to unlock better farming stages, upgrade your weapons and/or skills then come back later if you want.
   - To get 3 Stars, complete the stage as quickly as possible, sweep the horde and defeat the boss. Getting hit will only affect your final score, as long that you did it quick, you'll still get 3 Stars.

   - If you are having difficulty, farm any stage you want and upgrade your Weapons and/or Special Skill. Check the walkthrough guide for suggested stages to farm Gold.

Preparation: Bookmarking Skills
   - Scroll to the right to see more options other than Stamina.
   - Resetting skill bookmarks will consume 20 Diamonds, so make sure to get what you really need.
   - The first skill slot will generate 200% effect, I suggest you get Focus: Cool-down rate increase by 40% for skills.

   - For the 2nd slot, I suggest you skip it to focus your Gold to your Unique Weapon instead, especially early to mid game. Unlock this only for your late game Hero or Heroes.
   - Main Hero for late game: Use Diamonds to give 200% effect to all bookmark skills you need for that Hero, use and choose your bookmark skills wisely!

Preparation: Skills and Weapon Upgrading
   - Just focus on your Unique Weapon and Skill. For more info refer to the walkthrough guides.
   - For the Elemental Weapons, it is best to just craft their core items, but don't upgrade them until you reach late game. Just craft what you really need, I suggest the Frozen Arrow or Ice Wand as your support weapon, no need to upgrade, just use it to slow your enemies (early to mid game).

Preparation: Support and Enhancement
   - Do not use any Support or Enhancement items, save your Gold and Diamonds for better use.
   - It's ok to use these items late game, if you have extra Gold Coins.

   - Missions require a certain Apprentice Level to play.
   - Accumulate Scores by successfully completing missions, then at the end of the day, you will be rewarded with various items, Gold, or Diamonds depending on your total score for the mission.

Loading Screen Assorted Tips:
   - Players that starts with a friendship code can get a reward of 900 gold for both players.
   - Make good use of your character's special skills to defeat foes with ease.
   - Remember, always upgrade your weapons & special skills.
   - When challenging a mission, clearing it without receiving damage will reward more scores.
   - Use the Dash ability to avoid getting surrounded.
   - Take advantage of the speed difference between your foes.

   - Potion of Knowledge increases special skills attack power by 20%.
   - Potion of Fury can strengthen your attack power by 40%.
   - Potion of Vigor (Stamina) allows you to Dash without loosing Stamina.

   - Spider Web can trap your enemies.
   - Dummy (Human Scarecrow) is the best helper to get rid of enemies.
   - Small Monster Buster can destroy small monsters nearby.

   - Every weapon has it's unique fighting style and game experience.

   - Fire wand can deal a great amount of damage in a short period of time.
   - Lightning wand can deal triple damage to a single target, then chain up to nearby foes.
   - Ice wand can slow down enemies in a large area.
   - Wind wand can deal heavy damage on one or many enemies over time.
   - Light wand can damage all foes with it's blast, the closer the target, the heavier the damage.
   - Dark wand can call down a rain of Shadow Arrows upon the enemies.

   - Explosion arrow can cause explosion within a wide area.
   - Piercing arrow can pierce the enemy like a lightning.
   - Frozen arrow can deal good damage and slow down enemies.
   - Homing arrow can seek & destroy enemies with ease.
   - Spread arrow can deal heavy damage in close quarter combats.
   - Black Hole Cannon can slow & kill all enemy in an effective area.

   - Purchases made by gamer is the best commendation for game developer.
   - If you like this game, please tell your friends.

FAQ Section

   - How to Purchase Weapons?
   - Under the main map menu, click on Preparation, then click on Weapon A or Weapon B empty slot, you will be at the weapon shop menu.

   - How to Purchase Items?
   - Under the main map menu, click on Preparation, then click on Support or Item Enhancement empty slot, you will be at the item shop menu.

   - Why Can’t I Produce Weapon Even Though I Have Enough Gold Coins?
   - Click on Weapon you want to make, on the left hand side there will be a description of the weapon, click the screen again to switch to required material screen. Please complete challenges to obtain required materials.

   - How Do I Switch Character/Hero?
   - Under the main map menu, click Preparation, click character icon/avatar, you will be at character selection menu.

   - Why Can’t I Equip My Weapon?
   - Weapons have level requirement. If the character’s level is not enough, please raise the level of the character to the required level.

   - How Do I Get Into Stage/Dungeon/Chapter?
   - Under the main map menu, click on stage/dungeon/chapter/ by selecting it. Click again to see information and then click start to begin.

   - I Can't Purchase Item/Hero and/or I am Having Connectivity Issues!
   - Message from Devs: Dear Player, thank you for your interest and continuous support! If there is any problem please email to our customer service center "". We will check it as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

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