Zombie Roadkill 3D: FAQ, Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides List

Zombie Roadkill 3D is an action and arcade first person shooter and racing game presented by Italy Games. Available on Android - Google Play.

Customize your vehicle with machine guns and heavy weapons, and defend yourself from waves of zombies by shooting at them or by crashing them with your heavily armored vehicle. Play now and drive through the zombie apocalypse to survive!
Zombie Roadkill 3D: General In-Depth Guides -
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Zombie Roadkill 3D: Quick Walkthrough Guide -

   - Machine Guns: Upgrade all stats, they are cheap anyways. Either buy the next weapon tier, or the newest one. If zombies during a race can't be killed using your Fire button (Machine Gun), it's a sign that you need to upgrade.

   - Heavy Weapons: Upgrade all stats, they are cheap anyways. Buy them all if you want to complete all stages with 3 Stars later.

   - Vehicles: Just upgrade Durability, others are optional. Durability will increase your "life" bar or defense. If zombies can crash your vehicle, or if your life isn't enough to hold zombie attacks, it's time to upgrade your vehicle.

Game Progress:
   - Just blitz through the stages, it's ok to get 1 or 2 Stars, just keep on completing stages until you hit a wall. This method will unlock better stages where you can farm more Cash.
   - If you need more Stars to unlock the new set of stages, replay uncompleted stages and try to get more Stars. Once unlocked, blitz through them again.

Farming Cash:
   - If you hit a wall, example: Stage 26, stop blitzing and start farming Cash.
   - Replay the nearest racing stage and farm there, they are less complicated and faster to complete.
   - Ignore the missions, concentrate on getting more Cash by slaying zombies along the way. Just crash, shoot, scrape or throw them away.
   - Pick up those crates too for some extra cash.

   - Buy new weapons and/or vehicle then upgrade them. It's up to you if which available weapon to buy, just make sure to upgrade them first.

Farming Cash from the Roulette 
   - You can get 1 free spin per complete 3 Stars stage.

   - Set the item you like to get at the top most position (12 o'clock).
   - Next, swipe the roulette from the top most area (12 o'clock) until the bottom most area (6 o'clock).
   - By doing this, the chance of getting the item you set above is higher.
   - Try to get the 8,000 or 3,000 Cash.

Zombie Roadkill 3D: FAQ Tips, Tricks, and Strategies -

How to Reset the Game?
   - Start the game, then select the Settings icon at the upper left corner. Select "Reset Progress" to restart the game from the very beginning.

Shooting Stages
   - Red Dots on Radar: Enemies are getting too close, focus on them first. Red arrow/s means zombies are approaching, prioritize the closest and fast moving zombies.
   - To adjust sensitivity, play any shooting stage then pause the game, adjust the sensitivity bar the way you like.
   - Hit exploding barrels to hit all zombies nearby.
   - If the area is clear, reload both of your weapons.

Racing Stages
   - When firing, try to minimize your steering to keep a steady shooting.
   - To select other steering control preference, play any racing stage then pause the game.

Lazer Cleaver Tip
   - When using the Lazer Cleaver, effectiveness is increased when fired in small bursts (tapping the fire button) as opposed to a continuous beam.

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