Run Forrest Run: How to Get High Scores Over 1 Million!

To get high scores in the endless fast-paced action and arcade running game - Run Forrest Run, all you need to do is simply run as long as you can while dodging all tricky obstacles along the way. Sadly though, not everyone can do it, especially when the pace gets too fast, so I made a simple guide to show gamers how to score more with their current run limits.

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- Upgrade Boosts, Score Multipliers, and Yourself! -

Upgrading Boosts
   - Boosts are your safe havens, because they can make you invincible for a limited time, also your Score boosters, because they can protect you while raking up points, or even double up your Score Multiplier for a limited time.
   - I recommend that you at least get the sample late game upgrades below after reaching around x50 Score Multiplier (from completing mission sets).
   - Once you get more Chocolates, upgrade and max Lawn Mower and Hang Glider next, no need to upgrade Shrimp Net beyond Lvl 2.

The Score Multiplier
   - My best Score so far is 1 Million+ with my default Forrest runner (sample screenshot above). I know that there are so many gamers out there who can go beyond my score and yes, it's really possible. Let me show you how and maybe you'll surpass me too in no time!

   - At first, it is just normal to Score about 10,000 ~ 25,000 Points. This is due to your low Score Multiplier. Multipliers are used to increase the gain rate of your Scores, so focus first on your Mission Sets to get the highest Multiplier possible. For more info on how to quickly finish your Missions, go here: FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategies

   - Example:
   - If you have a Multiplier of x1 and you ran 100 meters, your Points = 100.
   - If you have a Multiplier of x30 and you ran 100 meters, your Points = 3000!

   - The point is, Score Multipliers doesn't really increase your Score though, but rather it reduces the length or time needed to reach a certain Score Points. Reaching a milestone would also mean that you are increasing the pace of the game, example: Reaching 300,000 Points, things will start to get a lot faster!

Self Performance
   - The most important thing is to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and improve your decision making, reaction time and more. Practice, run a lot and learn how to dodge all those tricky patterns.

   - Look ahead to see what is coming in your way. This is really helpful specially when multiple or consecutive obstacles are coming. Stay on top of vehicles to get a better view of what's coming!

   - [Jump] + [Left] or  [Jump] + [Right] = Dash while in mid-air. Learn this to quickly dash around tight places, to switch lanes faster before you land, to stay on top of vehicles, or to dodge obstacles at the last second!

   - Master the [Jump] + [Roll] = Cancels Jump then instantly Roll. Highly recommended to control where you want to land while in mid-air, and it will greatly help you  prepare for an upcoming obstacle.

- Single Use Items: The Key Items! -

   - When you reach a good score, let's say around 200,000 or 300,000 Points, start using your Helmets! Helmets can greatly help you prolong your runs, giving you more opportunities to improve your Scores to over 1 Million!
   - Yup this is the key item, the more you have, the better, because if you think you're good enough, your Score will just depend on how many Helmets you currently have.

   - Important Note: After using or crashing a Helmet, there is a slight delay before you can strap another one, so do your best not to get any crashes during this time! Good Luck!
   - For more info about Helmets, go here: FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategies

+4 Multiplier!
   - This is also a must have item if you want to set a high score, don't forget to activate it at the start of your run to give permanent +4 to your current Multiplier.
   - To activate: Start a run then tap on the "+4" icon at the lower left corner.

Flying Head Start
   - Nice but still an optional item for late game. It can boost your starting location, plus you will get a permanent Helmet that will save you from 1 hit.
   - To activate: Start a run then tap on the "rocket" icon at the lower left corner.

- So, Let's Wrap It Up! -

   - I really don't know the max Score Multiplier, I heard it's even beyond x100, but just let me use my current one: x56 as an example for this guide.

   - By completing Mission Sets, I reached x56 Multiplier.
   - Starting runs with +4 Multiplier, will give me x60 Multiplier.
   - Picking up a "Double-Up" power-up will increase my Multiplier to x120 for a limited time.
   - Key Items: Lots of Helmets!
   - Recommended Helmet to Equip: "Big Game". Equip them whenever you like, the duration of "Big Game" helmet is long anyway, and can you protect twice.

   - After reaching 300,000 Points, the rest is up to your performance, Good Luck! ^^

Other Notable Tips While Running
   - You may start from any Zone you like, and hope that you will encounter "GameDay" Zone a lot, it's easier to rake Points there.
   - Collect Coins but if things gets tough, you may ignore them to focus more on dodging obstacles. Same way when collecting Powerups, also ignore other powerups placed on uncertain or dangerous areas.
   - Be aware of the duration or cool down of your Helmets or Powerups!
   - If you crashed, you have an option to continue running. This is optional though and if you have spare Chocolates. Keep Running Costs: 1 Chocolate > 2000 Coins > 3 Chocolates > ?

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