Pockie Ninja II Social: How to Get More Skill Books

       Unique Skill Books comes in two types: Primary Unique Skills that can be easily obtained and Ultimate Unique Skills that are harder to get but contains powerful skill effects. To learn how to get these skill books, refer to the guide below.

       Here are some basic and advanced methods that you can use to gain more Skill Books for your ninjas in Pockie Ninja II Social.

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- How to Get Skill Books -

The Scroll House
     - The most basic way for getting Skill Books.
     - Can be unlocked by completing a tutorial quest early game.
     - Normally, you can get Primary Unique Skills from the Scroll
House, but if you want to get those Ultimate Unique Skills, you will have to upgrade your Skill House to reduce the refreshing time and raise the odds of Ultimate Unique Skills.
     - If you can afford 250,000 Ryo, unlock the second slot to get 2 skills every after cool-down.

Through Quests
     - At the start of the game, you will be given some free skill books to use after completing a
quest. Rasengan, Sickle Weasel and Lightning Cutter.

Lucky Draw from Story Mode
     - Challenge completed plots to enter Lucky Draws (chance to get a Skill Book).

Redeem Skill Pages
     - Click the Redeem icon then go to the "Harvest Exchange" tab to view all redeemable skills.
     - You need to complete a set of pages to redeem and get 1 skill book.
     - How to Get Skill Pages
     - Available from the "Free Gift" window. Send your friends some pages to get some back.
     - Assign harvesters in the Story Mode section for a chance to get skill pages.
     - Lucky Draw from the Story Mode.
     - Random item from "Chest Skill Bags". Get them from the Arena (Lucky Draw).

Skill Book Synthesis
     - Go to your Bag > Synthesize Item option > Skill Book Synthesis.
     - Choose and synthesize 6 Primary Skill Books to get 1 random Ultimate Unique Skill Book.
     - Note: You can't use Ultimate Skill Books and any 2 same name skill books for synthesis.

Mall and Events
     - Go to the Mall and under the "Skill" option (recommended for Gold users).
     - Stay tuned while playing for in-game event announcements.

- Fastest Method to Get Skill Books -

       The fastest way to get Unique Skill Books is by manipulating the "Scroll House".
     - Upgrade Scroll House to reduce the refreshing time. Here's a sample Level 7 Scroll House.
     - Too bad we can't build more Scroll Houses, but at least we have an alternative option.

The Skill Patches
     Skill Patches are used in the Scroll House to instantly
refresh a cooling down skill slot.
- Click the "Complete Now" option to use a Skill Patch.

- At the start of the game, you will be given 10 free Skill
Patches to use. Save them up until you have a decent upgraded Scroll House.

How to Get Skill Patches
       There are many ways to get it but here are some notable methods.
     - Online Gift Box: Claim all rewards until the cool-down hits 6 hours. From here on, you
will be able to claim 1 Skill Patch.
     - Redeem Gold Mine Series: Claimed under the "Village Exchange" tab (redeem icon).
     - Progress through the game and unlock the Gold Mine - Production Building.
     - Go to the Mall > Production Tab > Hit Next Page > Purchase Gold Mine.
     - Note: Gold Mine requires at least one Lvl 1 Grillroom - Production Building on your village.
     - Build and harvest 3 to 5 Gold Mines to increase your chances of getting Block pieces.
     - For better results, put them at the left most area to get boosts from your friends.
     - Upgrade them to Level 6 and ask your friends to boost your Gold Mines. This way, you
will be able to gain lots of Skill Patches for your Scroll House!

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