Pockie Ninja II Social: Fast Ryo Farming Guide

       Ryo is the most basic item currency around Pockie Ninja II Social. It is used for purchasing buildings, decorations, ninjas, skill books and more.

       Normally, you can get a lot of Ryo from different features in the game, but to gain a much bigger Ryo, follow the guide below for some notable sources.

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- Notable Ryo Sources -

Continuous Login Pack
     - Log in everyday and claim you reward.
     - After Day 7, you will be able to gain 40,000 Ryo a day!
     - If you missed a day, the continuous log in pack will reset to day 1.

The Daily Active Point Feature
     - Accumulate a number of active points and claim up to 3 chests a day.
     - The 4th chest is only available if you are a VIP player or a Gold user.

     - Primary Active Chest: 2,500 Ryo
     - Medium Active Chest: 5,000 Ryo
     - Advanced Active Chest: 12,500 Ryo
     - Ultimate Active Chest: 20,000 Ryo

       Note: Continuous Login Pack and Daily Active Point Chests resets at 00:00:00 Server Time.
The Server Time is located at the upper left corner of you screen along with the Local Time.

Friends Invitation Gift
     - Click the "Invite Gift" icon near the "Online Guft" icon located at the center of the screen.
     - Successfully invite at least 35 friends to get those big Ryo bonuses!

Taxing Invaded Villages
     - For more info on how to invade: go here: How to Invade and Remove Invasions
     - To view your Invasion List, click the icon similar below.
     - Collect tax from invaded villages every after 4 hours. The more the better.

Production Buildings
     - Continue the game and follow your Production related quests. Just build and upgrade what
is asked. Expand your village space if needed (try to reach the 80,000 Ryo expansion).

     - If you have unlocked the Ramen - Production Building, it's time to remove some of your
buildings. Retrieve all Production buildings and put them all in your Bag. Do not sell them!.
     - Put at least 3 Ramen buildings on the left most part of your village to get the boosts they
need from your friends. Next, fill up the spaces with the ones in your Bag. Note: If you have a quest that requires a specific building from your bag, bring that one out into your village.

     - You can also farm Ramen Ichiraku items from your Ramen buildings to get a redeemable
production building - the "Ramen Ichiraku Series". You don't really need this one because you'll be able to unlock the Gem Mines next!

The Gem Mines - Production Buildings
     - After unlocking the Gem Mines, put all your production buildings back to your Bag.
     - Build and upgrade at least 3 to 5 Gem Mines on your village to get massive Ryos!
     - Fill up the Spaces again.
     - To lower the time of the buildings, put high leveled ninjas or ask your friends to boost them.
     - Harvest your mines and gather Gem Mine items to unlock the Diamond Mine!

The Diamond Mines - Production Buildings
     - Gather all gem items needed and redeem the "Gem Mine Series" in the "Village Exchange"
tab (redeem icon).
     - Do not build Diamond Mines right away because your fully upgraded Gem Mines are still
better. Level up until you will be able to upgrade your Diamond Mines for better results.

       Using lots of Diamond Mines with high level ninjas and boosts from friends will give you
a massive number of Ryo to spend. You will now be able to complete the Ninja Saga series and get your precious Golden Ninjas though bribing!
     - For more info, go here: Ninja Saga and Golden Ninjas

Trial Place
     - When you reach about Level 80~90, it looks like, you'll start earning about 50,000~70,000
Ryo per run here.

Game Events
     - Stay tuned for in-game event announcements! (ex: Hinata's Daily Wishes)

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