Ultimate Ninjutsus, also known as Golden Skills are exclusive skills for Golden Ninjas. Unlike other skills, Ultimate Skills can only be learned by using special items found from in-game features.

       Ultimate Ninjutsus varies per ninja and all of them are purely based from the original characters found in the anime series - Naruto. Refer below to learn more!

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- Activating Ultimate Ninjutsu Skills -

The Requirements
     - Any Lvl 40 Golden Ninja
     - 1 Ultimate Ninjutsu Token
     - Get Ultimate Ninjutsu Tokens from Hinata's Storage Box, Arena Credit Shop or from
Pockie Ninja II: Social future events.
     - Go to your "My Ninjas" window and pick a Lvl 40 Golden Ninja. Note: Other Gold
Ninjas’ Ultimate Ninjutsu will be gradually available in the later version of the game.

     - Hit the "Activate" button below the Ultimate Ninjutsu to unlock.
     - This will be the 4th ninjutsu skill of Golden Ninjas along with the first 3 skills.
     - Congratulations! You now have a fully skilled Golden Ninja!

List Of Ultimate Ninjutsu Skills
     - To see a list of Golden Ninjas with their Ultimate Ninjutsu Skills, refer to this
link: Pockie Ninja II Social: Ultimate Ninjutsus (Golden Skills) of Golden Ninjas

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