Marvel: Avengers Alliance: PVP Guide

       To participate in PVP, you need to have at least one Challenge Point. Challenge Points regenerates overtime and can be obtained from gifts, visits and more. Build your elite team of Heroes and challenge other players to three vs three battles.

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- Player Versus Player -

How to Unlock PVP Mode
     - Complete the "Unlock PVP" task to open the PVP room.

     - A way of measuring a player's relative performance in PVP. When a player wins a PVP
match, their rating increases, while the loser's rating decreases by an equal amount.

       The number of heroes, their levels, your friends, and the items in your PVP Bonus contribute
your team's strength. refer below to learn more.

Offensive and Defensive PVP Bonus
     - Transform items into an Offensive or Defensive bonus for PVP by permanently socketing
them. You can still replace earlier items by selecting a new item and clicking it into an existing PVP Bonus item. Similar to Iso-8 socketing rule, replaced items in the PVP Bonus page will also disappear!

     - To unlock more PVP Bonus Page, level up your agent and research the following:
     - PVP Bonus Expansion I - Agent Lvl 25
     - PVP Bonus Expansion II - Agent Lvl 60
     - PVP Bonus Expansion III - Agent Lvl 100
     - PVP Bonus Expansion IV - Agent Lvl 150

     - At earlier levels, socket Supply items like grenades to get an early boost!
     - If you don't mind spending some Gold, the Chrono Boost in the Store (Supplies) costs 2
Gold with 299 PVP Bonus on ATK and DEF.
     - To unlock more powerful items for PVP Bonus, research all items you can afford!

Hero Bonus
     - Recruit Heroes and increase their levels to increase this bonus.

Ally Bonus
     - Invite friends to become your allies to increase this bonus.

PVP Rewards
     - 5 XP, Item Drops and Fame.

- PVP Strategies -
     It is really important to learn how to gain the upper hand by familiarizing yourself on the
different Hero classes. Refer here for more info: Hero Classes Guide

     - It is also important to scan your enemies for weapon or Hero specific buffs and debuffs. This
will help you plan your attacks and strategies for that Hero.
Deploy and Anticipate
     - Since you can't see your opponent's Heroes before the fight, it is really hard to build up a
specific team to counter your enemies. The best way is to deploy heroes that will cover each other's weaknesses and to anticipate common Heroes used around your level.

     - Example, at early levels, most players have free Heroes on their team, getting Hawkeye is a
good move to easily counter Blasters like Iron Man (common encountered hero). She-Hulk is also one of the common free Heroes in the PVP room.

Increase Your Win Rates!
     - Aside from the methods and strategies mentioned above, don't forget to level up your Agent
and Heroes to unlock weapon slots, Hero abilities, Iso-8 slots and more. Socketed Iso-8 items can give your Heroes specific stats and random bonuses while attacking!

Limited Time Uniforms
     - Some uniforms have the ability: "Avengers Assemble" that will give teams coordinated
Attacks or Defense. This is a huge advantage for your team if you have them before they expire!
     - Check your Special Operations for limited time Heroes too!

AI? or Real Players?
     - Although it is called Player vs Player, you will still be battling AI controlled teams!

       Experiment, have fun, and rise through the ranks to dominate the Leaderboards!

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