Marvel: Avengers Alliance: Power Level on Weapons

       Power Levels on weapons determines the ideal maximum level of your Agent for that specific weapon. You may still use that weapon even at higher levels but it will generate some penalties, refer below to learn more. This is also a good way to learn when to start looking for new weapons.

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Effects of Power Level
     - Weapons' Total Damage dramatically increases as you reach the weapon's Power Level.
After that, it will stop because it has reached the cap. It would still increase though but it will be dependent to your Agent's stats per level.

     - Note that Hit / Critical are also dependent to your Agent's stats.

Here's an Example

- Lvl 4 Agent
- 2 Levels lower than Katana's Power Level

- Lvl 6 Agent
- Same Level with Katana's Power Level

- Lvl 8 Agent
- 2 Levels higher than Katana's Power Level

- Lvl 16 Agent
- 10 Levels higher than Katana's Power Level
- Although it is still usable up to this level, the Stamina
requirement is too high for it's damage return! It's time to get a new weapon.

- Lvl 16 Agent
- Same Level with S.A. "Ambush" Power Level
- Now this is better because you will only spend 38
Stamina for a reasonable damage output.

Excelsior Weapons
     - Unlike other weapons, Excelsior weapons grows in power based on Agent's level.

Weapons with Buff or Debuff
     - Some weapons are still usable and very valuable to discard. Keep them for your strategies.

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