Marvel: Avengers Alliance: How to Get More Command Points

       Command Points are used for recruiting new Heroes in the Team Management screen. The primary way of obtaining Command Points is Gold, but since not everyone can afford Gold for getting CP, below are some ways and strategies on how to get free CP.

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     - If you can't get CPs from enemies anymore, this is because Playdom M:AA nerfed
or removed the drop rates of CPs after the July 2012 Game Update!.
     - CP farming from here on will become harder specially for new players.
     - For alternative methods, do the usual methods or see Roulettes info below.

     - Note: Elektra CP Farming is no longer available in the game and in this guide!

- Free Command Points -

Basic Methods
     - Every time you defeat a Mission or an Epic Boss, you will have a chance to get 1, 3,
or 5 Command Points from roulettes.
     - Getting a 5 Star Mastery per Mission will give you free 5 Command Points.
     - Remote Ops rarely gives Command Points too.

Claim Daily Reward NEW!
     - Log in every day to claim 2x, 20x or 50x Command Points!

- CP Farming (Roulettes) -

Notable Roulette Runs
     - Both [Chapter 3 - Mission 5] and [Chapter 4 - Mission 4] takes about 90 Energy
per run. 2 roulette spin chances from Boss and Epic Boss for a maximum of 15 CPs.

     - If you just want to quickly reach the roulette, [Chapter 7 - Mission 3] will only take
a total of 30 Energy per run. 1 roulette spin chance from Boss for a maximum of 5 CPs.

     - More Chapters and Missions will come, so if you think you are comfortable with
your CP farming strategy, then go for it! Good Luck! ^^

- Season 2 Command Points: Progress Rewards -

Chapter Progress
     - Complete all tasks, deploys, heroic battles, incursions, epic bosses and
challenge modes in a Chapter to complete it. Completing a Chapter will grant awesome rewards!

Epic Boss Progress

     - Find and defeat all of the Epic Bosses in the chapter. While there used to
generally only be one per chapter in Season 1, Season 2 chapters will have more than one. Look at the mission icons to see which missions feature an Epic Boss.

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